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April 25th, 2006 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

Izzy Stradlin is most famous for his work with the infamously fantastic rock 'n' roll band Guns 'N' Ros�s. But he is most likely not known to most people for having quite a long and creative solo career. All his cds are relatively umpromoted and he rarely tours, but regardless of lack of effort in promotion, he makes up for it in his fantastic records.

Allow me to explain how I came to get this cd , I was browsing the aisles of HMV when I noticed Izzy Stradlin 'River' for (what I did not yet realize) a bargain �5.Although never hearing any of Izzy's solo material I bought it straight away being a huge G 'N' R fan. Upon putting the cd on my computer I was surprised...

This album is pretty much a total abandonment of Izzy�s G'N'R roots but here he seems much more comfortable and in his element. The album for the most part is a light blues rock affair. With crisp acoustic chords, accompanied by ripping blues leads and Izzy's brilliant country tinged voice. The album is as I�ve mentioned before a huge departure from the G'N'R sound. Long gone are the huge productions and orchestral arrangements or UYI, or on the other hand long gone are the sleazy dirty rock 'n' roll anthems that we first loved Izzy for. As you listen to the album there is a realization that appetite was more than a decade ago, Izzy has matured and is writing some brilliant tracks...

Jump In Now 4.5/5: A brilliant opener, with a catchy chorus and some insightful lyrics this is a great Izzy tune. This isn�t sleazy rock, nor sultry blues, welcome to the missing link, a superb opener and a ripping solo to accompany it.

Head On Out 4/5: Within the first few seconds of this raw rock song, you are fully aware of what is to come. The chorus again is very catchy, and the leads at the end of each chorus are excellent.Izzy sing with some considerable passion on this track.

River 4.5/5: Woah!! If anyone where to listen to appetite and then listen to this they would not believe that the rhythm guitarist of G 'N' R had written such a country-esque song, and what a tune it is. A very upbeat song, that is perfect for a Sunday afternoon, I'm not sure which guitarist Izzy has but he sure can solo and here he provides some excellent lines.

Far below Me Now 3/5: Not too keen on this song, Izzy provides some interesting guitar work, but it is too country for my taste. Again a catchy chorus but he has written better.

What I Told you 3.5/5: Probably the heaviest song on the album, it has a real head beat feel to Izzy provides some cool lyrics and the guitar work is interesting. The synths are pretty noticeable but they do a nice job of making the music more powerful. A cool tune

Get Away 4/5: I don't know what it is but I love the opening riff. This song is very catchy I mean it�s infectious! Another good solo and the stop start pieces are cool, but can get a lil annoying, but a very good tune and a shining moment for the pianist.

Underground 4/5:I love the chorus , and the guitar work at the start is cool , the drums really shine here , Izzy seems to undersing this one , but alwell,,, some more good guitar work emulating his voice.

Shall Walk 4.5/5: WAH!!! REGGAE fear not Izzy lovers this is a very unusual and brilliant tune. I myself found this track weird at first but then realized its brilliance.Essentialy it is a slowed down reggae version of Underground, and Izzy pulls it off effortlessly. The bass work is good, and the guitar work is equally compelling. But Izzy's vocals really display some power here.

Run-In 2.5/5: What I feel is the only filler on here, and the second reggae track of the album. This just feels a little wrong for Izzy , Bob Marley maybe , Izzy , nope.Its sort of funny if guess , but compared to Jump In Now or River this is the low point of the album.

Feelin' Alright 4/5: A very country feelin' end. And a good way to end a great album. The chords and voice fade you into the end of the album. This is a great song to listen to when relaxing or driving, a much laid back and of course very good guitaring song.

In conclusion: I recommend this album to people with an open taste in music, this is not G 'N' R in anyway (try velvet revolver) this is country blues rock, sung and played by the rhythm guitarist of Guns 'N' Roses. This really is a hidden gem of the music press, so why not go out there and buy it; you have nothing to lose and perhaps a new found love of country music to gain.

Many thanks for reading, Lukai

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April 25th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks for your comments , now looking back at the review , yes i didnt go as indepth as I should , and in future i definetly will, and the Guns 'N' Ross was an honest mistake , spelling and grammar seem really important to you guys

June 9th 2011


Album Rating: 4.5

Jump In Now deserved 5

Contributing Reviewer
July 28th 2015


Nice album, title track is a beauty.

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