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Come Away with Me



by The Jungler USER (183 Reviews)
April 22nd, 2006 | 25 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Personally, Iíve never been able to rest with that fact that I got into watching music videos so late in life. Not only do they serve as an outlet for new music, but most are fairly entertaining. But When I did finally begin watching videos one woman always haunted my dreams of Yellowcard and Nickelback. That little bitch Norah Jones (yes, I did watch a lot of VH1). At the time I had no idea how to comprehend Jazz music. To me it was boring and unfulfilling. I had no respect for the simplicity of a nice full acoustic bass or a calm drum beat. The talent it took someone like Miles Davis to write epics like Bitchís Brew went write over my head. I was much more into classic rock and pop-punk stuff. Little did I know a few years later I would sit down in front of my computer to begin writing a review for that very woman, Norah Jones.

Revivals of forgotten musical styles have always been a part of pop music. There has been revivals of ska, swing, punk, classic rock, garage rock and R&B to name a few, but perhaps the most annoying of all the revivals is the revival of the 1930ís staple known as Crooning. It gave birth to plenty of middle age hot flashes, including Josh Groban, Michael Buble and a whole squadron of pathetic American idol contestants. But perhaps the most talented and universally celebrated of those artists is the insurmountable Norah Jones. Not only does she combine pop, folk, soul, blues and jazz, but she does it in a contemporary fashion and looks pretty damn hot doing it. Her striking debut record, Come Away with Me may have solidified her as the coolest woman in jazz since Billie Holiday.

The album begins with Norahís massive hit, Donít Know Why. Live drums had long since fallen out of the pop spotlight by the time of this release, but Norahís single brings them back in a surprisingly beautiful fashion. The drums are played in the traditional cool jazz fashion, using brushes. Anyone who denies having heard this song probably doesnít know what he/she is talking about ďAnd I donít know why, I didnít callĒ Norah sings in the chorusís main hook.

Norahís voice is one of a small number that can appeal to many different groups of people. It has the contemporary attitude of Britney Spearsí mixed with the consistency and flavor of Sinatraís well known croon. While she has no dive-bomb solos or heart-wrenching screams like one might hope for, her voice is still considered one of the best around today. Itís original and mellow and fits in perfectly with the atmosphere her band creates for her. Acoustic bass, soft drums and Norahís jazzy piano make up the majority of the songs on Come Away with Me. For a jazz band Norahís band does what is expected of them. They back up Ms. Jonesí vocals but donít over power them. What is so striking about this record could just be the sheer volume of the vocals. They are tens of decibels above anything else, something no one really does these days. This fact gives the music a cool retro vibe and along with the new school sound quality that makes for a wonderfully clean and powerful sound.

Songs like ďLonestarĒ show Norahís jazzy vibe mixed with some alternative melodies, while songs like the albumís title track stick to very standard jazz melodies. Some may call the record boring, but so be it. For a fan of Jazz, pop or folk every song sounds different and wonderful. Some mix in foreign vibes through staccato guitars and mellow backing vocals ( Iíve Got to See You Again) while others show off strictly Norahís lyrical value over soft, slow music (Painterís Song)

Not surprisingly enough Norah was born into a family of music. Her father was sitar guru, Ravi Shankar. Ravi is widely known as the man to show the Beatles the wonders of Indian music. On ďCome AwayĒ Norah unofficially introduces the Beatlesí melodies to even higher heights (Note: I am not saying Norah is better than the Beatles, quite the opposite) her music takes influences, like I stated from many different things and is all the better for it. Overall Norahís debut record is a very cool mellow record, full of romance and mystery while remaining a cozy wholesome organism all in its own. A record for sitting beneath a tree with some one close to you or telling stories by a fire. A record for the whole family (assuming no one has ADD). As much for the mothers as it is for the sons. What ever goal Norah was trying to accomplish with her songwriting she has gotten across to me.

Over all: 3.7/5

Very eclectic
Great chill out music
Songwriting is wonderful
Striking vocals

Just a tad boring
Been heard (just not in this generation)
No real standout tracks (though some are better than others)
Bad ending.


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April 22nd 2006


Didnt she collaborate with Dave Grohl on Virginia Moon?

April 22nd 2006


This is a good review. My parents listen to this CD from time to time and I have to admit that she has talent.

Digging: Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want

April 22nd 2006


yup...she did work with dave on virginia moonThis Message Edited On 04.22.06

April 22nd 2006


I've only heard the title track, and it is wonderful. I love how smooth and relaxing the music is while she incorperats jazz and soul influences into the music. Norah Jones has a beautiful voice.
Good work on the review. The length was perfect and it was very detailed.

April 22nd 2006


She is a good artist but I couldn't listen to a full record of hers. Too boring. I don't mind slow jazz but it has to be interspersed with other styles for it to entertain me for extended periods of time.
I really like the duet she did with Ryan Adams, "Dear John".

April 22nd 2006


I love her voice.

April 22nd 2006


suprisingly a good album. Norah Jones is probably the complete opposite of most of my playlist, but for some reason, I can really get into her.

April 22nd 2006


We had to play the single for jazz God, it's horrible. I don't know what it is, but it's one of the most irritating songs I've ever heard...

Norah Jones has a ton of talent, though, especially so young. Some of her music is quite challenging, and quite interesting as well, even though I haven't heard much.

The Jungler
April 22nd 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

^^ The singles are pretty godawful. The rest of the album is MUCH better.

My jazz band has to play Funky Town...

April 22nd 2006


It was on Jacksonville City Nights. I also pretty much agree with morriss on this one.

April 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Norah Jones is awesome, im surprised this album isnt rated higher- its well good to chill out to and almost every track is good. Her second album is definitely better though

June 3rd 2006


i the her voice. it is so beautiful and soothing. i own this album and love listening to it when i just want to wind down.

January 9th 2008


I agree with most of this.

In fact, almost all of it, however, I disagree with the idea that the album has a bad ending, because 'The Long Day Is Over' is a great song.

I think the standard is kept pretty much throughout the record, although I would say that 'The Nearness Of You' isn't as re-listenable as most of the others.

I reckon that Painter Song has to be one of the best lyrically on the album, and I think that you pretty much covered everything.


January 10th 2008


good review though the cultural impact wasn't covered extensively. good job though.

April 30th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

I'm waiting for the next rainy day before I listen to this one again.

December 7th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

^ 5 months later, the rainy day has come and this is beautiful as ever.

December 18th 2009


How does this compare to her other albums? I haven't listened to her, but my parents liked her old albums and I'm thinking about getting it for them as a Christmas present (and putting it on my iPod). Is it similar?

December 18th 2009


Ugh I meant to write this on The Fall not this album.

October 10th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

I love this bitch

June 15th 2014


Album Rating: 3.5

Her voice is angelic.

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