The Abysmal Horizons



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August 21st, 2014 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Konkeror plow forth with their juggernaut of aural destruction

Hailing from beyond the stars (or Detroit, MI according to their bio) Konkeror have forged their name into the pillars of extreme music with their 2012 debut, The Abysmal Horizons. These demigods are on a mission to reclaim the universe, while decimating all who stand in their path with their unique blend of blackened death metal. Peppered with the perfect amount of melody, thrash, and Mesopotamian riffage, Konkeror plow forth with their juggernaut of aural destruction.

The musicianship displayed throughout is near perfect with noteworthy performances by all members. The guitar riffs are incredibly tight, varied, and interesting throughout each song. The backbone drumming is devastating on the faster tracks, and completely crushing when the tempo is taken back. The bass is simplistic, yet pertinent to the overall controlled chaos. What truly takes Konkeror to the next level in the death metal realm are the vocals and lyrics performed by Jeff Beauchamp. His ability to blend brutality with audibility is uncanny, and suits the lyrics perfectly. He seamlessly switches between a death like growl and the occasional blackened shriek. Centered around occult and metaphysical themes, the abstract depictions the lyrics portray are simultaneously intelligent and obscure. The production on this album (self-produced!) is impeccable, and compliments all of the instruments.

A mysterious Middle Eastern acoustic guitar riff opens up the album before "I, Monolithic" rips through the gate with its neck breaking death metal tour de force. Firing on all cylinders Konkeror introduce the listener to their sonic ethos both musically and lyrically. While this opener is a great example of what’s to come throughout the album, the next and slowest song on the album, "Towers," demonstrates their other half. A crushing, plodding, slab of half speed death metal obliterates the listener with enough intricacies to remain captivating. The rest of the album tosses between this dichotomy of ferocity and mid-paced heaviness, which keeps the entire album balanced and interesting. The penultimate track, "The Pillars of Creation," is one of the albums highlights. Clocking in just under 8 minutes, it effortlessly switches between slow and fast, brutal and melodic, and the atmosphere throughout is both unsettling and grandiose.

In a metal scene inundated with clones, Konkeror shine through the murk with their own unique sound. They haven’t reinvented the wheel on The Abysmal Horizons, but have perfected its design while adding enough creativity to craft an album worthy of praise.

Standout Tracks:
I, Monolithic
Beyond the Abysmal Horizons
The Pillars of Creation

Full album stream:

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August 22nd 2014


You describe the sound really well, man. Great review. Will check this out.

Staff Reviewer
August 22nd 2014


Good review, pos.

I'm jamming the album now, and indeed it sounds great.

August 22nd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Sweet album m/

August 22nd 2014


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks guys! I want to help spread the word on these dudes.

June 9th 2016


had high hopes for this based on the ratings, cover, prog death descriptor etc.

unfortunately after two listens it sounds very... sterile and restrained. granted not all death metal these days needs to be filthy incantation worship or twisted gorguts worship, but this simply didn't click with me. the riffs are weak, often feeling like revival thrash more than anything (and that is never a good thing imo) and the production is a little clean for my taste. would be a 3 if i rated it, prob.

good review though, pos'd.

Digging: Make a Change...Kill Yourself - II

June 9th 2016


Album Rating: 4.5

Thanks for the pos bro, this was my first review on this site. I really love this album, I don't know what it is about it but it just find a lot of charm in it. The production could be improved, that snare sounds super dull, and really the drums in general could be punchier.

Weak riffs? nah dude ;) but I've also been listening to Terminal Redux every day since it came out so yeah, ok, maybe a little.

Also if I could rate this a 4.3 I would.

June 9th 2016


"Weak riffs? nah dude ;) but I've also been listening to Terminal Redux every day since it came out so yeah, ok, maybe a little."

i like terminal redux but there were better metal releases in the last 2-3 years, even in the riff department alone. and many more that are better than this one.

idk, it's unfortunate. the leads and the solos are good, the song structures overall are pretty good, but it just doesn't come together for me; it feels very lifeless

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