Arms Of The Abyss
The Great Dying



by jimmityjames USER (1 Reviews)
July 14th, 2014 | 2 replies

Release Date: 06/16/2014 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Heavy and slow-paced, but in the best of ways.

I saw this linked on a Doom Fanpage on Facebook and liked the name, so decided I could spare five minutes.

The first track "Abyssal Spasm" set the tone with some huge chords and crashing toms, and kept my interest for another six on top of that. This is doom on the gruntier, death metal end of the down-tempo spectrum, reminiscent of their fellow ozzies, Mournful Congregation, only without the keyboards and with some (just barely) clean vocals.

The next two, "Unbound" and "Basalt Kraken" were a bit more in the rocky, accessible doom side of things with more prominent clean guitar, although the gutturals continued the singing varied from pitchy roars to the almost comically operatic.

The album climaxes with "Fate of the Faithful", which combined the hooks from the previous two tracks with the enormous chords and drums from the first. It's a massive track at over 12 minutes but has a fair bit of variety enough to keep me listening to the end.

Lyrically it was a bit hard to make out the extinction event theme they refer to on the bandcamp site, but it does sound interesting and very different to the usual doom tropes. Hopefully they'll think to publish those.

Overall I think the first and last tracks really did it for me. The middle two were up there, but not quite equal.

I'd consider giving it 3.75 if I could, but feeling generous I'll round up to 4.

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July 14th 2014


Wtf are "ozzies?"

July 14th 2014


"This is doom on the gruntier, death metal end of the down-tempo spectrum"
So this is electronic music that somehow sounds like death metal?
"and with some (just barely) clean vocals."
How are the vocals barely clean? Either their clean or their not, or am I missing something?
"although the gutturals continued the singing varied from..."
It would make more sense to say something like this, "the singing varies..."
"Hopefully they'll think to publish those."

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