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Signs of Life



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April 16th, 2006 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Poets of the fall, a great alternative rock band from Finland that got a lot of listens, by video game fans by their hit song on Max Payne II called "Late Goodbye".

This band, really has nothing new to offer to the music industry, but there is something a bit unique about them, and I can't put my finger on what exactly it is. I can say that every song on this album has something great to be heard and will quickly pull you into their music.

If you are looking for a band in which would play solo's through-out every song, this isn't a band for you, but if you are looking for a band which brings out great melodies and rhythms in every song, this is what you should be looking for. It's all really calm music which you can just sit back and enjoy. This cd, I have had maybe a half a year and I still enjoy listening to every song occasional because there are no other bands I do listen to that sound anything like them.

Mark (vocals)- This is one talented singer, he has a great voice that soars through every song. He isn't one to scream or growl in any song, but he sings cleanly in every song and a good mind for lyrics. Even if the lyrics do seem cheesy on the cd, it's how he presents the lyrics vocally that makes it great to hear. He can hit the high notes and low notes quite well and still sound good. Songs that I took notice of his talent for writing singing- Stay,

Ollie (guitar)- I can't really say he the best guitarist in the world, but with what this guy comes up with is great, every guitar part is so melodic. His guitar playing is great, from playing something soft and soaring to something distorted and weird, but in each song, the guitars stick out as something special that flow with the voice so well.

Captain (producer/keyboard)- They keyboardist, adds a lot to almost every song on the cd, mixing all the songs with a darker atmosphere and sounds great with what you can hear. If it wasn't for this keyboardist, I doubt this cd would have sounded as great as it does.

Bass- Finally a bassist that I can hear great in every song, without trying to pull the rhythm out of a song like I have to do in most other bands I listen to. I am not a bass person though, but the bass lines you hear are great and fit well with the songs, especially "Everything Fades".

Track by Track Review-

Lift- The first single off of the album, which was also featured into a video game starts of with an intro which pulls you into the music then into a good and catchy guitar riff. From there, it just doesn't go bad, from the already good intro. It slows down and keyboards adds a bit into the background atmosphere. The song, has great lyrics, a great small solo in the end which adds a lot of energy to the closure of the song.

Overboard- A good keyboard/odd guitar opening, this song has a cool bouncy bass sound, which the drums add a bit to it, that leads into a catchy chorus where the singer leads amazingly with his voice throughout the entire song. The guitar solo near the end is yet another good thing to hear, it's nothing to fancy, it sounds good with the song.

Late Goodbye- The big hit of the album, opens up with a nice little acoustic piece while the keyboards lends dark atmosphere into the song. I love the lyrics in this song, it describes a certain mood so well that I love it, makes you imagine quite a few things in your head and that is what I like. The keyboards and acoustic guitar end up going through the song adding much to a great atmosphere. The guitar gets heavy for a short period of time, but the acoustic when used, has a great melody. The vocals just repeat themselves quite a bit, but it doesn't matter when it's as catchy as it is.

Don't mess with me- Song opens up like someone is just pissed off with the world and wants to destroy everything, but then the lyrics kick in and and acoustic guitar follows the singer all done in a very good melody. One thing about Poets of the Fall, in every song there is a catchy chorus. What stick out mostly in this song is how aggressive the drums are compared to other songs.

3 Am- This song really stands out to me, I completely hated it at first, but after a few listens it grew on me. Starts out with the vocalist singing "Whoa" a few times at the beginning of the song, then goes into a nice Bass guitar riff. The part I disliked comes in where the singer just goes completely high pitched which I disliked a lot, but now I realize that it fits in well and shows that he can throw his voice at very random times. A small guitar solo occurs halfway through the song, to keep the song from sounding repetitive.

Stay- As soon as the acoustic opens up the song with a great little riff, that leads into probably one of my favorite songs vocally because the singer uses his voice that soar high and low. The lyrics are well written and again, another song that at least makes me think of random things with it's good imagery that the song seems to have. Another great track.

Seek you Out- I can't stop complimenting how good the vocals sound, but this will be the last time mention them. The bass mostly seems to stick out mostly under the acoustic parts thrown in. The chorus, instruments get a bit heavier until you hear yet another great solo that squeals into the background.

Shallow- Opening up with a lonely guitar, but this song really doesn't hold my interest to much. This is probably the most laid back song on the album, and it has quite an odd feel to it with how the bass and guitar are played. Very mellow song.

Everything Fades- Another one of my favorite songs, which is has a really mellow soft opening, but quickly gets heavy and right into the chorus, then back into the nice soft spoken vocals and space-like guitars. The bass adds a good portion into the song, with a weird slapping sound, which then leads into another high pitched quick guitar solo, which then ends the song.

Someone Special- Another really mellow song, that sounds like something you have heard on the alternative radio a million times. A nice keyboard lends great atmosphere as the piano gets played and turns into a real nice ballad. The chorus which is slow but used "back row to the left, a little to the side, slightly out of place, look beyond the light, where you least expect there's someone special" it just sounds odd to me, but interesting. I enjoyed the humming to close the song.

Illusions and Dreams- Another great song among the album with a lot of great songs on it. Keyboards are used great as well as the acoustic guitar. It's another mellow song with great lyrics, all these songs are just great to sit back to and listen to over and over again. Vocals are what stand out in the song the most, as well they do most of the song. Guitars wail through the middle of the song again with a nice little short solo, but the use in every guitar solo on this cd are full of feeling and sound great, very simple to play if you were to try though.

Sleep- This is a great closure to the album, very very slow song with a piano going through the song. as the singer goes along well with it. The chorus mixing keyboard/piano/vocals sound great. I nice piano piece is played right after the first chorus and just adds a nice momentum to the song. After about two minutes, drums come into the mix of piano/keyboard/vocals and oddly, it adds and comes to be a great closure to the song.

In a review closure, this is a great album. I wish I could describe more easily how each song sounds, but if you are into alternative rock, you should love this album. Look out for their new album that just came up last month in Finland I am sure - titled "Carnival of Rust"

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Antoine Lemonne
December 19th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Signs of Life simply rocks. It is a superb album by a great band named '' Poets Of The Fall ''. They did an excellent job and that it is obviously sawn at their album. All album songs are cool and their lyrics have quality. I enjoy listening to them for hours.

March 9th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

It's a superb pop-rock album. POTF creates inspiring Melodies. When Signs of Life came out in 2005, it became my Favourite Album of the year. Listen to Sleep, it's Beautiful.

October 16th 2009


Album Rating: 4.0

gr8 album ... all songs are worth listening... and all are different.. they r the best conbo of melody , rhythm and rock... way to go

February 12th 2012


Sleep makes me ;__;

May 16th 2012


I Like "Late Goodbye" because it reminds me of Max Payne 2.

June 21st 2013


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

Accessible sounding but it doesn't feel manufactured, they've found a good balance

September 28th 2016


Album Rating: 3.5 | Sound Off

When the deeeeeeeeaaaal that you maade with loove is now a one way streeet

A one way streeet

October 9th 2016


Late Goodbye and Sleep are such beautiful songs. I remember rocking Late Goodbye back in 6th grade because I fell in love with it after finishing Max Payne 2.

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