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Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Second Chances

After a career that has lasted over 10 years, Cartel has released 4 full lengths and 2 EPs. The success of their debut Chroma has put them on the spotlight as one of the most important pop-punk acts in the year 2005. Ever since the release of Chroma, expectations for Cartel have been high, and as a result, many fans were disappointed with what came after.

Fast forward to the year 2013. With 3 albums released already, Cartel has since left the record label behind, and released their 4th full length titled Collider on their own. Although it would be near impossible for this band to create an album that parallels Chroma, this album is an indicator that they can still come very, very close.

Collider is an album that retains the nostalgic sound found within Chroma, as well as powerful sound they created in Cycles, their 3rd full length. The album is full of tight vocal harmonies, fun guitar jams, catchy choruses, and littered with common tones to create their classic nostalgic sound. The lyrics are more mature, and the instrumentation is tasteful and clever.

When I started listening to the album for the first time, I had certain expectations. I expected a repeat of Cycles or a failed recreation of Chroma. Instead, I found something far more interesting and involved. I reached the song “Mosaic”, and it dawned on me what I was really hearing. This was an album with zero fillers and a collection of songs that seamlessly flowed from one to the next.

I finished the album without disappointment, and as the song “A Thousand Suns” faded out, repeating the bridge of Uninspired (“Put all emotion aside, no matter how hard you try. Take what is buried inside. You want it, you got it, goodbye.”), I realized how important this album was to the Cartel discography. Collider is the best album to come from Cartel since Chroma, and could potentially be seen as their definitive work in later years.

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June 15th 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

First review let's go

June 16th 2014


Congrats on your first review and welcome to Sputnik!

A few things: expand on your thoughts a little more. In total, your review is only a few sentences long, and a lot of that is a summary of Cartel's past. Check out some of the staff reviews to get an idea of how you can describe your thoughts with a little more 'meat on the bones'

Overall, your grammar is fine. I personally don't like referring to myself in the first person for the entire length of a review, but many have harnessed that perspective into some wildly great and personal reviews.

I only have a little experience with Cartel. I get what you were trying to say about their sound, but to an unknowing person reading this, they probably couldn't tell you what Cartel actually sounded like.

Keep working at it! I'll give you a pos for your contribution to get you on your way, but let me know if you want me to look any future writing over for you! Good luck!

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