Amarathine Redolence



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June 12th, 2014 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2007 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A fun and interesting piece of brutal music that has the potential to be great, but doesn't execute its experimentation the best.

Malodorous really is an interesting, strange, and very underrated bread of internet death-slam and grind. They're well known, sure, but are they even acknowledged for what they've tried to do as far as spicing up the scene goes" Sadly, no, they are not; even their youtube only has 644 subscribers! They've often been recognized as something that just began and died off as a fad (though they did release another album, but no one seems to pay enough attention to it, and it's not nearly as good as this, imo). But their music has so much more going on than anyone really notices. For instance: the healthy dose of deathcore that they blend without it being obnoxious; the raw and brutal vocals that just speaks "decadence"; and the interesting themes of malevolent aliens who ritualistically kill their abducted victims. Sure, aliens are not absolutely new to anything that's deathy or grind, but they have the musical style, sound effects, and vocals to really give off what their concept is.

Now, I am in no way trying to make them out to be the overlooked messiahs of death/slam/death-grind (whatever the hey you wanna call it) (I recognize that they don't always utilize their elements perfectly), but I am trying to credit them for actually trying to stand out. They're not just a bunch of cheap, brutal thrills like everyone makes them out to be; they're a good combination of brutal elements that don't always get executed very well, and they even experiment with acoustic guitar! Yes, a slam/death-grind band is actually trying out acoustic, and they even succeed with the eerie effect they go for (see the instrumental track, "Conception").

There really is not a lot to say about the album however: It's just a fun mix of death-slam and death-grind, interesting extraterrestrial themes, stupidly fast drumming (drum machine), breakdowns, and unique vocals. They succeed well in some areas and then fall a little short somewhere else, but the overall experience is just an interesting one that fans of the brutal music scene need to have. This album can definitely use work: tune the guitars a half a step lower; stop with all the random lightning-double-kick; and ease off of breakdowns in some areas. I definitely recommend you checking this out even if it wont cut it for you. This album is definitely not the greatest of this death-nature, but I list it as a favorite just because of how different it can be, and for the thought put behind it. It's as if the album is trying to say, "hey guys! We released something different in the slam-death-grind underground! You don't have to love it or anything, but just come and see what we've experimented with...please"". This could have easily been the alien-themed, ugly cousin of Disfiguring the Goddess, if the elements were more perfectly executed, but now it's just a good piece that hides in the underground. Still worth checking out even if you don't like it. Cheers.

Cool mix of death styles
Interesting vocals
Interesting themes
The deathcore doesn't get too annoying

Too many breakdowns in a couple areas
The guitar isn't low enough for some breakdowns and slams
The drum machine gets annoying
Not everything mixes 100%

Recommended Tracks-
Eyes of Abomination
Debauched Putrefaction
Digestion Of Assiduous Oviparous Embodiment
Amaranthine Redolence (feat. Cam Argon)

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June 12th 2014


Thanks man! What's ghost negging?

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