Spreading the Disease



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January 14th, 2005 | 53 replies

Release Date: 1985 | Tracklist

Anthrax Were:
Scott Ian - Rythm+Lead Guitar
Dan Spitz - Lead+Rythm Guitar
Joe Belladonna - Vocals
Charile Benante - Drums
Frank Bello - Bass

Anthrax is widely accepted as one of the "Big Four" bands of thrash metal(Slayer,Metallica and Megadeth are the other three). Anthrax is unique because they had a talented singer, they were the only one of the big four with more than 4 members,and they were from New York. These 3 things make Anthrax a different band. The fact that they had no members multitasking(ex. playing guitar and singing) meant that they could each focus on their own musicianship). The most obvious case is singer Joe Belladonna, who has a skilled voice unlike the rough growl or scream of the other big four. Anthrax,being from New York and not from the Bay Area also gave them a different sound.

This Album starts with "A.I.R.",which begins with slow riffing building up to the beggining of speed which is marked by drummer Charlies quick drum beats, Dan Spitz then plays a few quick lead fills before Joe Belladonna satarts to sing between quick guitar riffs. The chorus is catchy and shows off Joes voice.The song then slows down again, and riffing starts then Joe starts chanting,and Scott Ian provides solid rythm parts for Dan Spitz to solo over. The solo is moderate speed but it works well. Charlie's drums start up again before kicking into the last verse.

"Lone Justice" starts off with bassist Frank Bello and drummer Charlie Benante playing a rythm section intro, the guitars soon pick up and Joe starts his soaring vocals about sheriffs and justice and whatnot.The verse riff in this song is fast and catchy, and the hooks in the chorus are backed up by shouted vocals from the band. Dan Spitz then launches into a solo that is undescribable at the start but then works into a melodic piece and continues playing quick runs into the final chorus,the song ends with Joe Belladonnas high pitched singing.

"Madhouse" begins with an amusing conversation between a nurse and an inmate.Scott Ian's Intro lead fits the intro rythm riff perfectly, Joe Belladonna then begins his vocals from the perspective of an inmate in a madhouse.Some people will remember this song from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,particularily the catchy chorus(Its a madhouse,or so they claim,It's a madhouse,Oh, Am I insane) The palm muted riffs in the background are great.The solo by Dan Spitz starts off by sounding like his guitar has a stutter, he then starts down low and works his way back up to the highend where he employs bends and other lead guitar techniques.The song ends the same way it started,amazing.

The next song "S.S.C./Stand or Fall" is no 4th track ballad like some other thrash albums(cough metallica).It starts off slow enough though with a classical style acoustic riff.Then it dives right in to good oldskool thrashing,Dan Spitz rips some good lead licks before launching into a solo that works its way up high.The drums in this song are nothing special and neither are the vocals.The chorus is not as catchy either with the band just shouting stand or fall repeatedly,which gets a little annoying)

"The Enemy" starts off similarly to Lone Justice with interplay between Charlie and Frank,Scott Ians Rythm guitar soon joins in and Joe Belladonna adds some structural vocals before Dan Spitz joins the party with some lead fills.The main riff is introduced quickly, the song then establishes a realtively slow groove for Joe to sing over.The lyrics are well written though and they chronical the Nazis before Slayer became a controversy doing so(Angel of Death) While this song has a solo there are more than enough well written,well placed lead licks from Dan that if there was no solo this song would still be one of the best on the album.

"Aftershock" starts with an almost punk guitar attack and fast paced duel bass drums.The verse riff is quick and good enough but it sounds alternate picked :angry: (I could be wrong).The chorus is good enough but is continuosly inturrupted by the rest of the band shouting hey.There are leads by both Dan and Scott,Dans is unimpressive if compared to his others on the album.Scotts sounds somewhat like a Slayer solo but slower and it ends the song with a dive bomb with the whammy bar.

"Armed and Dangerous" is track number 7, and as you start listening you think at least they took till track 7 to sell out and make a ballad,then it starts to sound heavy,but it goes back to being soft.Then in comes the distorted guitar and Joe screams and Dan plays a lead and the band continues but still not really heavy until Charlie leads them into thrash territory with some fast drumming, which leads to fast everything else. The solo is good but there are many better ones on the album.

"Medusa" starts off with a slow groove and Joe starts singing about,you guessed it Medusa. The vocals at some parts sound altered by effects and the drumming was probably one of the best parts of the song.The guitars are nothin special other than Dan's lead playing which is almost always amazing.The solo is good,nothing different which is good because Dan's playing is good and consistent.Once again be prepared by lots of backup vocals from the rest of the band.

The last song "gung ho" gets right to the point,no acoustic intros,no false power ballads just non stop double bass drums,fast riffing,and the band singing backup vocals.Dan's solo is short and sweet,he tends not to make long epic solos like other bands,but it works well in the music.Scott then plays a solo where he probably used a whammy bar more than a pick and he makes it seem as the song is ending.Then Charlie starts a military style drum roll as one of the guitarists goes Yankee Doodle Dandy on this songs ***.Then there is random cheering right before the song ends.

Rating: Good solid album,few songs are not up to par but others really shine(madhouse or the enemy)One of the best Anthrax albums,if you like thrash or metal in general take it as a 4/5 if you are just starting out on metal take it as a 3/5.You'd be better to check out Anthrax's 1986 masterpiece Among the Living or any of the other 1986 thrash masterpieces.

Overall Rating=3.5/5

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June 22nd 2004


Great Review.

Haven't heard much of Anthrax, I've got Persistence of Time and Among the Living. What are some songs to check out on this album?

June 22nd 2004


Good band

Good review


June 22nd 2004


This is a great cd, and a great review.

June 23rd 2004


i personally prefer this to Among the living, great review

June 23rd 2004


anthrax are great
nice review

June 24th 2004


[QUOTE=manuscriptreplica]Great Review.

Haven't heard much of Anthrax, I've got Persistence of Time and Among the Living. What are some songs to check out on this album?[/QUOTE]

Check out Madhouse,A.I.R.,Lone Justice and The Enemy :thumb:

June 25th 2004


Anthrax rule i as well prefer among the living to spreading the disease but there both amazing my favorites on this album are probably lone justice and madhouse :lol:

July 30th 2004


Great review. Great album, but Among the living is better , IMO.

May 10th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

this album rocks!

«lone justice» is one of the best thrash songs ever!

but what's with dissing 'Tallica's «fade to black»?

October 6th 2005


Album Rating: 4.5

great album, anthrax's finest hour.

i LOVE lone justice!

March 13th 2006


borrowed this from a mate, and i may have to buy myself a copy now, you've reminded me how good it is!!!

but what's with the medusa lyrics?

"she's staring at you... with her eyes!"

well duh! what else are ya gonna stare with?!

May 3rd 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Medusa, Lone Justice, and Madhouse are all ace songs. Not a weak song on here. Very good record, IMO Anthrax's best 4/5

May 4th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

I agree, Killer album... I cant decide between it and Among the living... ahh well Anthrax Rule!

My favorites though are: Madhouse, A.I.R and The Enamy...

Fist of Metal
June 8th 2006


This album rocks! But I like Fistful of Metal better.

May 26th 2007


Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Off

The lyrics of Medusa, especially that one line that spoon of grimbo mentioned, WERE

amusingly awkward. I thought the same thing as I heard that line, dude- what else is

she gonna stare at you with?? (Her nose? XD) Besides that, though, the album was

highly enjoyable. That was a funny example of lyricists being lazy, though. (And I

personally thought the crack on Metallica's classic "track 4 ballad" was great. "*cough*

METALLICA!*cough*" XD I like Metallica but I'm still entirely comfortable with laughing

about their far too noticeable habits. Heh.)This Message

Edited On 05.26.07This Message Edited On 05.26.07

September 9th 2012


justice! law and order!!

September 29th 2012


How come there is a Staff review here, that is not featured?

Staff Reviewer
January 11th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Excellent album with great guitar work.

Digging: Travelin Jack - Commencing Countdown

Staff Reviewer
January 11th 2013


Album Rating: 4.2

"How come there is a Staff review here, that is not featured?"

staff get enough attention as it is.

Digging: Langhorne Slim - Lost At Last, Vol 1

January 27th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

great album!!!

Digging: David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars

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