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by Yourcuntingdaughter USER (1 Reviews)
May 2nd, 2014 | 11 replies

Release Date: 04/29/2014 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A very personal effort and a fine achievement

Everyday Robots is Albarn's finest work since his great Monkey: Journey to the West, which he wrote in 2006-07. He has certainly been doing good stuff since then, Plastic Beach, Dr. Dee and The Good, The Bad and The Queen all had great moments (Dr.Dee less so admittedly). However on Robots (which is good enough to merit a nickname) Albarn achieves a level of consistency as well as quality.
Every song on the album is great in it's own way. Some are beautiful, others are fun, some are odd in a colourful, distinctly Albarnesque style. For me, there is a peak in this album. One stand out song which allows the album to briefly soar to the heights of greatness. I'll let you the listener decide what that song is though. ;)
There was a time when I would have said that a work as good as Everyday Robots was an amazing achievement for a man in his mid forties whose 'peak' years are arguably behind him. However I no longer believe that age is a major factor in creating great music in the Western popular music tradition. I think there are several practical reasons Albarn is still able to create great music. He believes he can, he still has the desire to do so, he is not nostalgic for his past achievements, he is constantly developing as a musician and he works very hard and with great consistency.
There is one aspect of Robots which is quite remarkable: This is Albarn's first autobiographical work in over a decade. While most artists write songs about themselves or bull*** lyrics that don't mean anything, Albarn has managed to spend a decade of an amazing musical career not writing about himself. With Everyday Robots he creates a very personal reflection on his own life which actually carries weight.
Appropriately, everything on the Album (with the exception of some guest vocals and percussion) was written and recorded by Albarn himself. He was also involved in the production of all tracks.

* A previous reviewer indicated that this album was made 'in conjunction' with Brian Eno. This is not true. Eno's contribution does not extend beyond guest production on two tracks (which also feature two other producers including Albarn himself).

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May 2nd 2014


If you're not gonna walk the reader through the album, why even write this "review"?
I don't know any more going out than I did going in, and you didn't even mention one song from his new 4.0 album (according to you). Also, your name and the use of emoticons [2] reveal that this critique is probably futile.

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May 2nd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0


Eno co-produced two songs on the album. For further details:


If my name bothers you that much please let me know how to change it and I will do so.

I agree the spacing is poor. I am not used to the format on this website and this was my first

review. I spaced out the beginning sentences of each new paragraph but this was lost when the piece

was published.

All use of capitals in the review are correct.

I feel the note at the end is necessary to clear up any misconceptions about the album. This is a

solo work. Suggesting it was made 'in conjunction' with Brian Eno places it in a false context.


My intention was not to give a walk through or to go into detail about the songs. I wanted to put

the album in the context of Albarn's career and give my estimate of how good the album is given that

context. If you want to know more about the album I suggest you listen to it. My job is to tell you

if the album is worth listening to or not.

Any further criticisms are greatly appreciated.

May 2nd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

Review is iffy.

May 2nd 2014


Album Rating: 3.0

First positive review for the album and it sucks.

I really didn't want to do have to write a review for this but if somebody doesn't step up to the plate...

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May 2nd 2014


Album Rating: 4.0

First review guys, be nice. I think you need to have a look at other reviews and see how they do it, that's how I learned .

But yeah I won't pos (and won't neg since it's your first) but you need to improve on structure. Have a good introduction, a good overview of the album and then go into details on songs that deserve it and then a conclusion. Separate your paragraphs too .

Keep on writing and reading other reviews!

May 2nd 2014


Jesus, guys- this is a fairly decent first review to be fair. OP: note the criticisms the others have brought up, but don't take them personally. It's nice to finally see a positive review for this, I may have to check it out

May 2nd 2014


I get the feeling people are trashing this just because of who it is.

May 2nd 2014


Nah, this is just not a good review of the album. If it was merely a blog or something I would have said that it's probably alright, though.

May 3rd 2014


Album Rating: 3.0

Some of your soundoffs are better than this review sorry.

May 3rd 2014


No, I meant I think people are trashing the album just because of who it is. Sput seems to have taken a set against Damon Albarn.

May 3rd 2014


well, sput is pretty meme centric yeh

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