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April 10th, 2014 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Potential completely misused and butchered.

After a good amount of time blowing up Youtube with covers of their favorite hip hop artists in an effort to be recognized, Karmin finally broke into the music scene in 2012 with their annoying but catchy “Brokenhearted” single. Is it any wonder that the duo caught onto the pop music scene so quickly" With a bombshell front woman, Amy Heidemann and partner/fiance Nick Noonan making mild mannered pop ballsy enough to add cheesy repetitive rap, they were a teenage girls wet dream. They even have a catchy name, combining Latin word “carmen” meaning song, and “karma”. While “Brokenhearted” received a Platinum standing in the US and went double Platinum in Australia, there may be a reason why only one song of Hello received such a rapport. That is because after listening to the entire album, you find out that it kind of sucks and it's almost angering. Angering because 1.) I cannot receive the time I spent back. 2.) Heidmann does in fact carry some pretty good vocals, seemingly wasted on the production.

Before you're fooled by “Brokenhearted” or 2013 hit “Acapella”, don't sit down with your best pair of headphones expectant of something that isn't here. Like, quality lyrics. Those seem to be missing throughout the entirety of Hello. Intro “Walking on the Moon” can tell you that much with lyrics like, “Outer-space melodies, every flavor jellybeans, make me wiggle, make me giggle, sea anemones..”. It could've been one too many Youtube plays of their cover of Lil Wayne's “6 foot 7 foot” that convinced them that just throwing rhyming words together was how you make rap. “I Told You So” exhibits the same kind of behavior, with the chorus solely made of, "I told you so, don't wanna brag but you already know, you already know". It's sickening to see the misuse of talent here because truly they have a lot of potential... if they could only just redirect it any other possible way than what came of this album. While there is a silver lining, showing a display of slightly well wording in melancholy "Coming Up Strong" and "Crash Your Party", there seems to be an overwhelming amount of synthetic drum beats, and 90's-esque boom box beats. Beats that sound like someone stole them from Xbox game Jet Set Radio Future, butchered them, and made it into a pop album.

Above all though, they seem to carry themselves very highly and cockily, notably in tracks like, "I Told You So" and "I'm Just Sayin". In what right mind on a crappy first LP would someone think it's okay to say, "Oooh, If I want it, I'm gonna get it, I'm just sayin', I'm just sayin' "" If you want appraisal for a production with tracks like this, you surely aren't "gonna get it". For someone with a high level of criticism, it is easy to reap a good laugh from second to last track, "Hello". While almost giving the impression that it could be a good song, it is very quickly shat on by the bridge in both appearances. "Hi, Konichiwa, are you a believa" Eva" Eva" Eva eva eva eva"" and later with, "Hi, konichiwa, very nice to meetcha, meetcha, meetcha, meetcha meetcha meetcha". Not only is it annoying but shows a complete lack of any quality.

All in all, it was a nice try, though not nearly up to par with something you'd expect from two music majors and a woman with killer vocals. Save your time, because listening to the entire record seems to be a complete waste of it.

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“Hi nice to meet 'cha are you a believe-ah?/eve-ah? Eve-ah? Eve-ah!? Eve-ah!? EVE-AH EVE-AH EVE-AH...

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April 10th 2014


One review at a time, you're pushing other people's reviews off the homepage.

April 10th 2014


Album Rating: 1.0

Review is solid, dunno why you insist that Heidemann has a great voice. She doesn't.

Contributing Reviewer
April 10th 2014


eurgh just listened to that "hello" song, terrible.

good review though, pos'd

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