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April 3rd, 2014 | 2 replies

Release Date: 1998 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Melodic. Well Constructed. Well Balanced Power Metal.

1998's Southgate was Seventh Avenue's first major step. With Rainbowland Bringing unbridled aggression and tales of tales being more refined, Southgate is the balance of both, and it really sets the stage for the three records that come after. Don't let the goofy intro, "Introduce" fool you because the title track to follow packs a wallop. Its the longest
song Seventh Avenue has ever recorded, at 10 min. in length. its almost twice as long as most of the other tracks, with an all meat no filler approach that makes it a lengthy but enjoyable listen.

"Protection of Fool" juggernauts its way through the first minute or so with an excellent chorus and then gets you to sing along with the well constructed mid-section and ends with a fantastic solo. "May The Best One Win" is the strongest track in the album and it really shows what the band is capable of. "Father", "Heart In Your Hand", and "Goodbye" are excellent ballads and show that Seventh Avenue is capable of being just as thoughtful as they are aggressive and give the album a better balance, as these three aren't crammed together at the end, but instead are spread out in different places.

"Nameless Child" has great atmosphere and is somewhat set apart along side "Big City Sharks". Both are more ominous in tone than the rest of the album and demonstrate the band's ability to blend the raw power of something ike "Protection Of Fool" and a more sensitive approach like "goodbye".

On a last note the album features a very short track titled "Storm 1". As the name suggests there is a sequel (Storm 2) and another (Storm 3).

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April 3rd 2014


I just checked these guys out on spotify and damn! These guys are awesome! They remind of Blind Guardian.

On a side note; the vocalist's other band, Sinbreed, is just as awesome!

Mister Twister
December 20th 2016


Vocals on this are outstanding. Just a step below Lost Horizon, if you'll forgive the blasphemy.

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