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April 10th, 2006 | 6 replies

Release Date: 1995 | Tracklist

Is it impossible today, at the real peak so far of the Bloodhound Gang's fame, to not catch one of their songs somewhere amongst the ever-buzzing media outlets around oneself? I would say no. While not the rarest occurrence, nor too common of one, you will eventually hear a Bloodhound Gang tune on the radio, from your television, in your friend's sister's car...the possibilities are all there. But what exactly made them the unique and sexually unheard of group that they are today? Why, just like all bands, their debut set the bar for them on what was to come. This album marked the beginning of not only the band itself, but what I think became the funniest and most entertaining musical project of not only their genre...but in my opinion, one of the best I've heard anywhere in a long while. It was called Use Your Fingers.

For those who are accustomed to hearing BHG frontman Jimmy Pop rapping along with the flowing rhythm of his DJ, and really enjoy it, you should find a pretty decent alternative to the Beastie Boys in this album. Theres hardly any of the usual banging guitar backing and catchy bass riffs you usually hear on recent Bloodhound Gang songs. The band was more of an experimental group at this time, using their talents with turntables and vocals to twist covers of classic songs into tracks of their own (namely "Kids In America and "One Way"). This is a rap album in all respects, and a good one too. As said before it should remind you of Beastie Boys, mainly because the singing on "Use Your Fingers" sounds like recent BB. Not only them, but Sublime has obviously made a slight impact on this group of boys, if anything.

Despite the striking vocal resemblances, catchiness, and original songs, this like all debuts does have its fair share of flaws. I've heard many complaints about the same thing, and I can agree to an extent, that this album is repetitive. Theres no denying it: Some lyrics are so worn out by the end of a song that for certain people it can take away from the listening experience. This has been known to be an unfortunate but still listen able aspect of many of the bands albums, and it doesn't exactly kill the CD in any way. As for the actual lyrics themselves, nothing genius as far as ballads or revolutionary subjects go, but of course their good. Average in almost all ways, but humorous nevertheless, and they fit together perfectly. Jimmy Pop can really rhyme when he wants to...which is usually always.

Any other factors on "Use Your Fingers" that may turn off the casual listener don't take away from the music itself, which flows nicely and isn't too long or too short, and if a certain song is bothering you it will most likely be over before it becomes a real nuisance. I can't say anything terrible about UYF because there isn't anything that negative to preach about. This debut by Bloodhound Gang is the average first effort:

Its catchy, but repetitive at times.

Many of the songs sound like each other, but its not exactly a bad thing.

Its quite an easy task to pick out each individual influence, ranging from Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill to Sublime and Cake.

Its short and sweet.

That being said, I would probably only recommend this album to those who are either interested in hearing everything this band has to offer; each and every side of the Bloodhound Gang...or to big fans of the band. Theres nothing on this record that will probably stick in your head for more than a day or two, so don't expect any memorable riffs or extremely catchy tunes like on later BHG releases. But if your looking for something quick, fun and enjoyable for the time being (kind of like a stripper), by all means dig up some of the recommended tracks.

Which are...

You're Pretty When I'm Drunk
Coo Coo Ca Choo
One Way
Go Down


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April 10th 2006


Good first review :thumb:
Bloodhound Gang are a fun band, though I don't listen to them too much.

Digging: Oso Oso - Basking in the glow

April 11th 2006


this is a pretty funny album. Good review, this cant touch one feirce beer coaster though,

April 12th 2006


Album Rating: 1.5

Very good first review, I detest this album - love the band though. IT's just such a tacky and jokey album to even really be called a proper album. OFBC, HFB and Hefty Fine Kill this album.

August 1st 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I agree, all the following albums were better, but this album was never meant to be serious. The Gang wanted it to be tacky and stupid. Dedicated fans of their newer stuff won't like it, though.

August 1st 2007


you're pretty when I'm drunk is still one of their greatest sons, IMO.

August 8th 2010


Album Rating: 3.5

"Theres nothing on this record that will probably stick in your head for more than a day or two"

'we are the knuckleheads', 'legend in my spare time', and 'you're pretty when i'm drunk' have been in my head since i first heard them 3 weeks ago :P

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