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January 14th, 2005 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

If you're too young to remember The Beach Boys, newcomers The Thrills have a handy collection of west coast beach music to help you catch up. If their name suggests another New York garage act, the record disproves such notions. And no matter that they're Irish, for these days anyone can sing about California as if they've always lived there.

1) Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far)
This song is nice, slow easy going in the verses and has a lil sad kinda touch to it. Then when the chorus kicks in it goes a lil happier and that contrast makes this song so great. I'm not sure if it's the best way to start of the album but still.. one of the best songs on there. 4.5/5

2) Big Sur
Starts of with a great intro wich sounds almost like it's played with a banjo or something. Then the vocals kick in, brilliant. The chorus is a little slower and that works perfectly too. This song really really rox :) 4.5/5

3) Don't Steal Our Sun
Starts of with some chords and then a second guitar comes in. So very nice. Some backup vocals are next and then the song really starts. The same chords as in the beginning are played throughout the whole verse. Then the pre-chorus comes and u get the feeling it's all right.. This could well be the best song on the cd 5/5

4) Deckchairs And Cigarettes
One of the slower songs on the cd. This song has a whole other feel to it then the rest of the songs. It's played with a piano and it's really soft and slow. In the chorus it almost sounds like he's about to cry. This song is great but compaired to the songs 1,2 and 3 this is kinda dissapointing i think. 3.5/5

5) One Horse Town
Back to the greatness of the first 3 tracks. It's faster, happier and in my opinion cooler. This song is really one of my favourites and it's the song that got me into The Thrills in the first place. 5/5

6) Old Friends, New Lovers
I'm not sure why but this song is totally different from the first 5. The verses are cool, the pre-chorus is great, the chorus is nothing special. This is one of the first time you hear violins in the songs. It's a cool song.. but just not really that great. 3/5

7) Say It Ain't So
Probably the fastest song on the album. It's got that happy feel to it again. It's kinda like the first songs again and i like that. I like this song.. It's cool 4/5

8) Hollywood Kids
A little slower again. That's ok though. Then in the verses it's an accoustic guitar and it's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally slow. This is one of the saddest songs on the album. With lyrics like: Oh how the sun sets on my Boulevard But leaves quite a shadow to fill. It's ok though, the song isn't as happy but the lyrics are good. 3.5/5

9) Just Travelling Through
This song is again accoustic in the verses and it has some major backup vocals. The guitars play along with the singer and then in the chorus is gets a little cooler.. just a little 3.5/5

10) Your Love Is Like Las Vegas
This song is also kinda slow but i actually DO like this one. The chorus are much more intresting then in the previous songs and the verses are a real build up to the chorus. This song has a sorta solo thingy. Thats not really specteculair but at least they tried :) :) 4.5/5

11) Till The Ties Creeps In
Starts with an intro that sounds something like an organ. This song is also a lot slower then the beginning of the cd.. unfortunatly..... This songs chorus seems to have an harmonica. The vocals in this song i do like. I like it, but not a lot. 4/5

Overal this album deserves a 4/5. If they were able to make more songs like the first 5 this album would defenitly be a 5/5 but the last few songs were kinda dissapointing. But still, if u like the surfing USA music, california style you'll probably enjoy this album too. I know i did :)

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June 21st 2006


I love this CD

Scott Herren
June 21st 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This album is pretty swell.

December 7th 2009


this band needs more love from sputnik... aka good reviews... this is the only one and its a track by track...

October 24th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

just traveling through is a great song IMO

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