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April 8th, 2006 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Alright, another amazing Australian Powermetal band that EVERYONE should know, and if you don't you're gonna have to buy this album. Im gonna do this much the same as my LORD review (check it out).

1. Dragon Reborn:
This 6 minute epic, and second longest track on the album, starts out with a riff you won't easily forget. Hanny and Stevie's guitar work are amazing. After the first riff is a pounding double kick, with a sweet guitar section. John Cavalieres voice is so damn powerful, with some awesome lyrics and some keyboards.

Around 2:30 is a soaring power scream, then comes in the solos which blow you away, not only in their melodicness, but their imagination.

Finishes with a sweet fade out.

2. Silent Company:
Title track of the album, again, some sweet guitar riffery and melodic lines and drums that you can't help but tap your feet to. Again, Johns Voice doesn't disappoint, with some cool vocal harmonies.
The song changes a bit at around 2:25 for the solos to come in. Which are unreal. Has a cool vocal and piano/keyboard section in there aswell.

3. Six Ribbons:
Cool acoustic guitars with a soft keyboard with Johns vocals. This song wasn't written by the band, but by Jon English. Female vocals in this song aswell. Overall, great song with some soaring guitars and powerful vocals.

4. Firestorm:
Starts off with what sounds like an explosion, with keyboards starting up and then guitar mimics, then takes over. Wicked lyrics for this song.

5. New Horizons:
Drum intro, but an awesome melodic lead with a short solo over it. As per usual, awesome vocals and guitars. Drums are pretty awesome aswell. Pavel is a great drummer. Around 3:18 it slows down with a bit of acoustic guitar, then a short solo lead, up to a cool a solo.

6. Darkened room:
If you listen to New Horizons and this song, one after the other, it seems flawless, like they should be the same song, yet they are totally different. more acoustics and a fairly mellow "chugging" intro with a lead over it, which repeats itself throughout the song. Great vocals and lyrics.

7. Visionary:
A bit of a faster track from the last. Most vocals have been double tracked, and sounds great. Guitars ones again are awesome. This song has probably my favourite solos in it, from both Stevie and Hanny.

8. Never Surrender:
Great song, Again, Johns vocals don't disappoint and the guitars and drums just keep powering on, making you feel like picking up your guitar/sticks and jamming along with the track. Love this song and solos.

9. A Better Way To Die:
Longest song on the album at 7:35, with a sweet guitar intro with a cool drum beat, nothing too over the top, but fits with the guitars rythym. A bit of an intro solo with guitars. Its a bit longer than other intros of this album. Sweet riffery throughout this song and some more great solos.

Overall I give this album 7 thumbs up and 2 parallel and 1 down. But even with the one down its an awesome album made by some awesome musicians.

Check them out at if you havnt heard them.

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April 8th 2006


I think I downloaded a song from the 'Sands Of Time' and didn't think hugely of it. Then again, my musical tastes have changed a bit since then so I will give them another shot. Review was good, but if you opt for the track-by-tracks, you should aim to put quite a lot of detail into each songs description. Or give a general overview (preferred by a lot of reviewers) of the album itself. Still, twas' good read.

April 8th 2006


Alright, another amazing Australian Powermetal band that EVERYONE should know,

well, i dont know it,

April 9th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Well you should >:/

April 9th 2006


Funny story. I opened up Soulseek to check out this band based solely on the little thumbnail of the album that appears in the recent reviews bit at the top of the forums. Couldn't find any hosts, unfortunately, but they sound right up my alley. I shall redouble my efforts, and look in the record stores as well.

Good review.

April 12th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

I own this and Sands of Time. They're both brilliant, but I prefer Sands of Time.

Mister Twister
December 26th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

This album rules kinda hard. Dragon Reborn is m/

Six Ribbons is m/

Visionary is m/

Never Surrender is m/


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