The Butcher and the Butterfly



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April 8th, 2006 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Butcher and the butterfly is the third album from queen adreena but the quality is as high as ever. Queen adreena have a female vocalist which although is not unusual is not the norm either, the quality of singing that Katie Jane Garside has managed to produce consistently on the last 3 albums with queen adreena and the oneís previously with daisy chainsaw is very good. Her voice is very unique from screaming to very gentle singing she manages to combine them very naturally. Garside is known well for having a true on stage presence. When I saw them live she had a broken leg but this didnít mean her performance was tame in any way. Her singing can often sound like the releaseís of a crazy girl, I like to think this is the kind of singing Sylvia Plath would of produced had she sung her poetry.

The album continues with Crispinís excellent guitar playing which seems to be a mixture of psychedelic soloís and punk sounding riffs but all his playing remains very individual and is truly his own sound. The solo on join the dots is a good example itís a simple solo nothing pretentious the sound is very unique and sounds very untamed but is produced well to not let the distortion sound overly wild.

The drumming provided by former clash drummer Pete Howard is very good, varying between tribal drumming and some more punky beats the drumming complements the music very well playing interesting fills between Garsideís screams and Crispinís guitar. The bass is very effective and works well in the band the bass doesnít play anything complicated but this is true of all the instruments so this detracts nothing from the album.

The general vibe of this album is quite varied with the lyrics seemingly coming from a confused teenage girl, this is not to say they are immature just direct but can also be very metaphorical. They lyrics and the singing work together very well and make the album seem very personal. Thereís something distinctly British about the sound of the album and the band in general proving good music can still be made in the UK. Some highlights of the album are suck, medicine jar, join the dots and FM doll although all the tracks are excellent these may be some starting points if you want to check out this band.

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April 8th 2006


Alt/Indie? When I heard Pretty Like Drugs it sounded more hard rock. Nice review.

April 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.5

pretty like drugs does sond hard rock but i would say that song is a slight expetion and use's sounds found in hard rock but i would say the attitude of the band and the way they creat there music deffinatley puts them in the alt/indie genre

April 8th 2006


1) Grammar
2) Spelling
Apart from that a decent review.

October 14th 2006


black spring rising is pretty good.

August 3rd 2012


Album Rating: 5.0

Great Album of Queen Adreena

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