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February 11th, 2014 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: First you become famous for your art, then you become famous for being famous, then famous for being infamous.

Rock and hip-hop barely ever go hand in hand without instantly becoming nu-metal. KDNPRS (abbreviation for Kidnappers, obviously) are one of the few bands that know what they're doing and combine the two with a surpisingly good result. KDNPRS is a four-man band from Barstow, California. When I found out that the guitarist was previously in Duck, Duck, Goose, a band also from Barstow, the project immediately piqued my interest.

Volume One starts with the track ''Brewlay Brothers;'' a chill guitar accompanied by laid-back vocals open the track, wherafter the groovy bass and drums join in. This is rather misleading as the track, as well as the rest of the album, transitions to somewhat heavier later on. The musicianship is definitely there. While not exactly guitar wankery there are definitely somewhat technically edged guitar parts scattered over the album. The bass gets plenty of moments to shine and stand out and the drums are really varied throughout the songs. The second track, ''Lords Of Chill'', almost feels sludgey and is probably the heaviest song. It's a short track which transitions into what has to be my favorite song off of Volume One, ''Tainted Water''. Overall it has the best guitarwork on the album. The song fluctuates with fast paced verses transitioning into a slowed down chorus and it works really well.

''86 Shooters'' is a track on which especially the vocals stand out, they're not only rapidly fired at the listener but also feature some effects which, notably in the chorus, gives the song something special. The chant ''*** THEM ALL! *** THEM ALL!'', also featured in the chorus'' is sure to be shouted along by fans during live shows. The properly titled song ''A Break'' is just that; an extremely relaxing instrumental track that lasts no longer than one minute and nineteen seconds, which is just long enough to catch your breath inbetween the previous few tracks and what is yet to come. ''Mud Club'' is one of the heavier songs with a shouted chorus, slow paced drums and low guitars. Last but not least and closing the album is ''Dr. Fuzz'' which is a perfect example of how rock instrumentals can really work with rapped vocals. The chorus, again, features shouted vocals but this time mixed with rapping.

The overall lyrical content seems to be focused on the thoughts of and events in vocalist Michael Romero's life. Lines about what he is living like, his opinions on several subjects but also about his influences usually pass by atleast once in most of the tracks. Fans of both genres as well as one of either genres will enjoy this as neither ever really outweighs the other. The only real complaint here would be that songs can sound kind of alike at a first listen, which might put off some listeners, but other than that KDNPRS have created something fairly unique; a working combination of elements from both rock and hip-hop, something that is rarely done well.

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February 11th 2014


Video for DR. FUZZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM3AwzaXbQ4
Bandcamp http://kdnprs.bandcamp.com/

First ever review, go easy on me. Or don't. Feedback is feedback. I felt like this band deserved some more attention, really cool guys.

February 11th 2014


Hey man, welcome to Sputnik! I'll give you some constructive feedback (from my brand-new STAFF position!):

First of all, great summary and first sentence - immediately piqued my interest. Not sure if the summary is a lyric but it's really good nonetheless.

That said, this is a solid first review. You've nailed down the most important part of actually understanding how to construct a decent sentence in English, and with that there's no real limit on how you can improve. Given that, here are some things you can do better:

1. Don't go track-by-track. And no, you didn't explicitly say "Track 1: Classic! 5/5. Track 2: Average! 5/5" but the sentiment remains. It's an unspoken rule that a review should talk about the album itself and not just the individual tracks - feel free to bring some of them up, but all you say about the whole album is found in the first and last paragraph, making for two kind of ineffective ones.

2. Your descriptions of musical elements are standard for a first review - which is to say they are kind of vague. Granted, it took me about 40 or so reviews to actually figure out how to use terms correctly (and for the most part you have the wonderfully knowledgeable but ever-condescending Deviant to thank for that), and my expertise still lies mainly in beat-oriented electronic music so I can't really help you much with rock/rap. However, even I know that saying things like "a chill guitar accompanied by laid-back vocals open the track, wherafter the groovy bass and drums join in" isn't really that descriptive. Don't be disheartened, though - read some of any staff/contributor's early reviews and you'll see much the same thing. The easiest way to deal with this trouble is by reading music journalism/blogs regularly. I can recommend you some electronic ones, but if you're looking for more general stuff staff/contributor reviews here and Pitchfork reviews (despite how overblown the latter tend to be) are usually written with a pretty good grasp of musical terms.

That said, have a pos - quite a good first effort. Let me know if you want some more feedback later on, and I hope to see you around some more!

February 11th 2014


ooh, spookynewghostfriend sighting =]

although that one michael franti song always on the radio sucks so hard =[

February 11th 2014


Thanks for the constructive criticism. The summary is indeed a lyric that I thought fit very well. I used rock in the first sentence because I don't really know what else to classify the other elements of the album as. Perhaps alternative rock might be better as rock might be a bit too general. The track by track thing is hard for me to step away from and something I really need to work on as are my descriptive terms. English isn't my first language, that's not to say it's an excuse for being vague.

I'll look into some more reviews on here, thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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