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Greatest Hitz



by LimpOnParade USER (1 Reviews)
April 6th, 2006 | 89 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

This is my first review, so I figured I should do it on a band I know pretty well.

First off, I'm going to write this review as if you have never heard of Limp Bizkit before. Limp Bizkit formed in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1994 with Fred Durst on Vocals, Rob Waters on Guitar (who was later replaced with Wes Borland), Sam Rivers playing Bass, and John Otto on the drums. The Band got the name Limp Bizkit from a friend of the band who said that it was what his brain felt like after getting high. Limp was discovered by Korn's bassist backstage at a Jacksonville Korn concert in 1994, with their 4 track demo tape consisting of Armpit, Blind, Phat Groove, and Shove. Later in 1995, Korn's boss wanted another demo tape from Fred, which this time consisted of Counterfeit, Pollution, and Sour, which if you recognize those 3 songs, are on Limp's first album, Three Dolla Bill, Y'all.

Ahh, yes. Some of these songs take me back. Limp Bizkit is one of my favorite bands of all time. A few years ago, Significant Other and Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water were the albums to own, and you weren't cool unless you did. Now they release a Greatest Hitz CD, and it had all the old songs I knew and loved, and then I noticed 3 new tracks, and I saw the cover of Home Sweet Home and I had to hear it, so I bought it immediately. I was very, very impressed with the 3 new songs they put on here.

The disc is organized chronologically, by Limp's albums, starting off with a few songs from Three Dolla Bill, Y'all, then some from Significant Other, then Chocolate Starfish, and then Results May Vary.

The CD opens with the Limp Bizkit classic, Counterfeit, taking you back to the Three Dolla Bill album days. I thought this was a good way to open the CD. A good, quiet, yet potential intro leads into a very heavy headbanging riff, then into Fred's signature style of rap, backed by nice bassline courtesy of Sam.

The next track is Faith. This was essentially Limp's break-out tune. A George Michael song is not necessarily a typical song to cover by (what I consider) a rap-metal band. Nonetheless, it turned out very well. Some strumming by Wes sets the intro, then Fred comes in, almost whining George's original lyrics. Then into the chorus, Fred screams, "You gotta have faith!!" Then the second, very upbeat verse, accompanied by John and Sam now.

The 3rd track is Nookie. This takes you back to the Significant Other days, and this is when most of the Bizkit fans jumped on the bandwagon. This is arguably Limp's most famous, and one of my favorite, songs. Fred tells it like it is, "I did it all for the Nookie." This song is very catchy for a Limp song, but is definitely awesome.

The 4th track is Break Stuff. The signature "duhhhhhhh duh-" guitar riff at the beginning sets off the song. You can feel the anger of Fred's lyrics as soon as he starts with the famous line, "It's just one of those days-" Then, the chorus. "It's all about the he said, she said, bullsh*t." Then comes about another half minute to a minute of soft to loud shots of guitar and drums, then a buildup to the best part of the song- "I'LL BREAK YOUR F*CKING FACE TONIGHT!" Then another breakdown and one last chorus. This is definitely the best song on the album, this song got a lot of airplay back in the day, but nowhere near as much as Nookie did, if I remember correctly. This song was played at Woodstock '99, and during Limp's performance, rapes in the crowd and rioting broke out. This song is one of my favorite, definitely gotta have it.

After Break Stuff is Re-Arranged, which is an awesome song. The bass part carries this song, and is the most memorable part of this song. This song is pretty much about Fred "changing". Then about halfway through the song, it picks up into a dreamy, heavy opus. I've never really used that word, and I don't really know what it means, but it sounds like it could fit there. Another great song, but kinda boring.

Next is N 2 Gether Now. This song is one of a couple straight rap songs by Limp Bizkit, so props to DJ Lethal for the samples in this song. This song features Method Man, so Fred's not the only one rapping here. This song is a nice break from the last few tracks, and it's a really fun song to listen to. The whole Wu-Tang clan is in the video for this song as well.

Then, it's Take A Look Around. Have you ever seen Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible 2" If not, this song was the theme song for the movie. It talks about how "hate is all the the world has even seen lately" and Fred is directly addressing the media with this. This is one of the biggest singles on the Chocolate Starfish album. I absolutely LOVE the drum beat to this song, being a drummer myself. I especially love the breakdown though, the rendition of the Mission: Impossible tune, it's been "Limpified".

After that, it's My Generation. "If only we could fly..." is the opening line of this song, screamed by Fred. This is not in any way related to The Who's song, like I thought it was at first glance at the CD. This was the first of two singles released at the same time to promote this album, along with Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle). This is my second favorite track from Chocolate Starfish album, my first, Hot Dog, didn't make the cut for Greatest Hitz. Nonetheless, this song is absolutely amazing.

Next is Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle). This is undoubtedly Limp Bizkit's most famous song. This got more airplay than any of Limp's other songs. It was my favorite until it got overplayed, like the radio seems to do nowadays. Everyone knows this song, they might not even know who sings it, but they still know the words, "Keep Rollin', Rollin' Rollin', Rollin'"

After Rollin' is My Way. This is a somewhat moody song, with "Check Out My Melody" being chopped and repeated at the beginning. This is Fred saying he's going to have it his way, "Just one more fight about your leadership, and I will straight up leave your sh*t, 'cause I've had enough of this, and now I'm pissed". This is one of the later singles off of Chocolate Starfish, but still a solid track.

Next is Boiler. I was honestly not aware that this song became a single. I was surprised to see this song on the greatest hits CD, if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome song. This is another moody one, like My Way, but this one goes from calm to pretty pissed off.

Next to the plate is Eat You Alive. When I picked up Results May Vary, I knew Limp Bizkit had undergone some change, not only with their new guitarist, Mike Smith (formerly of Snot), but the overall sound of the music. This is a totally pissed-off tune, and you can easily tell that by Fred's vocals. It's a change, but it's still good music.

After that, is Behind Blue Eyes. THIS song is a cover of The Who. It's done very well IMO. The acoustic guitar work at the beginning is executed perfectly. Fred has really developed a singing voice, as well as a rapping and a screaming voice, which is a good thing. This is a really dreamy song, and is one of those songs you fall asleep to. This song is exceptional.

Next is Build A Bridge. This was one of Limp Bizkit's radio-played singles, if I remember correctly. It's an awesome song. The acoustic at the intro of this song is done very well, then a catchy, yet fitting to the guitar, drum beat enters. Fred exercises his vocal cords, this time by singing very well IMO. Then the chorus, his raspy singing shines through, while the music behind that backs him up flawlessly.

Now for the 3 new tracks...

Why - Why not" This song is absolutely amazing. I have not been able stop listening to this song lately. Opens with a dreamy yet somewhat edgy guitar chord pattern. Then Fred's very well sung verse and chorus. " we die" is sang exceptionally. Then the second verse comes, with drums and bass. I love this song.

Lean On Me - Starts with a tight-ass drum and bass groove, then Fred starts singing. This song was somewhat basic. It's good, but not as good as Why.

Home Sweet Home/Bittersweet Symphony - I was disappointed with this song, long story short. Not as good as any of Limp's other tunes.

There you have it, my first review.

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Two-Headed Boy
April 6th 2006


What he said.

April 6th 2006


limpbiskit is a peice of shiznit...I'm a poet.I hate this band. They suck.Hard.But very good review. Welcome aboard matey!

Electric City
April 6th 2006


Not bad at all for a first review t by t. Welcome to the jungle.

April 6th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

FINALLY someone else wrote this review... mine wasnt aproved but i gave it a 4/5 like u did... im the one who mentioned greatest hitz on sputnik... hehe and i put the same thing about the awsome bonus songs... amazing, but i have to disagree with u i loved home sweet home... and ironic tho... a couple minutes before i wrote this comment... i heard the original on a radio station coming home just now... i like limpy's better lolThis Message Edited On 04.06.06

April 6th 2006


Nice review. You've made an awesome start. Welcome to sputnik!

Limp Bizkit's a completely different story...

April 6th 2006


It might be a trend to hate Limp Bizkit, but many people I know like a hit or two from them. Good job with the review. Just remember, when it comes to hits you can't mess with Limp Bizkit, because they get it on every day and every night (whatever that means).

April 6th 2006


Wow, that's a fantastic and well-thought-out review for a band so many people seem to hate.

Significant Other was a good album, though, and Limp Bizkit is a great guilty pleasure band. Very nice work!

April 7th 2006


Indeed, I hadn't really listened to the album closely, but it has some good moments.

No sex is awesome.

*is talking about significant other*

April 7th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks a lot guys, Iluvatar, I noticed you used the word Echelon, does that mean you

are a 30 Seconds To Mars fan too?

Their "A Beautiful Lie" might be my next review.This Message Edited On 04.07.06

April 7th 2006


I'm sure there are lots of people out there who use the word echelon who've never heard of 30 Seconds To Mars.
Good band though. 30STM, not Bizkit. Although Bizkit are a guilty pleasure.
You also contradict yourself, saying that you were very, very impressed with the three new songs, and then trashing Home Sweet Home/Bittersweet Symphony and being relatively lukewarm about Lean On Me.
Bizkit had their day, but should just die now.

April 7th 2006


the only great thing i could think about limp bizkit is how good the musicians are and how bad fred is....

Sam Rivers's basslines are really great....

April 7th 2006


True, they're all good except Fred.

April 7th 2006


Great review man keep it up

i am the robots
April 7th 2006


Horrid album ,good review.

Shred Danson
April 7th 2006


I love how they put a couple of covers as THEIR greatest hits.

April 7th 2006


AV8RS, don't call people idiots when you don't know when to use the correct form of your.

Good review, terrible album. Behind Blue Eyes is terrible when compared to the original.

April 7th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

u guys r a bunch of negative shit suckers lol... and by the way I HATE MTV... go fuse!!!!

plus have u even gotten this album or herd all the songs.. dont rate the damn album unless uve heard all the songs u damn prick... and im not sayin this cause im sorta a limp fan... so u cant use that against meThis Message Edited On 04.07.06

April 7th 2006


'...and by the way I HATE MTV...go fuse!!!'
Oh man, kids today.

April 8th 2006


Yeah, that was what I was laughing at.
I totally love music videos, but for very different reasons to why I love music, and it's been years and years since I relied on music video channels and shows to get me into new bands.

April 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I dont watch music videos to get me into new bands... i just do it cause there entertaining... and if i c good music go with the video ... then ill check them out

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