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April 6th, 2006 | 20 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

I rated this album as average, cause thatís what it was. Just an average album from a semi-decent band. It had a few amazing songs on this album and the progression seems to melt half way through. And then there are some rather worthless songs.

The Album is the second album from Puddle of Mudd. Hitting stores in early 2003. The album like its predecessor was executive produced by Fred Durst and Jordan Schur. Though some may argue the ban only gained stardom from riding Durstís coat tails I beg to differ seeing as they can produce some songs worth listening to.

Away from Me - This song starts off the album with a quick passed rock picking rift which from a guitarists point of few sounds pretty cool, and quickly turns into a powerful hard hitting distorted rock rift. The lyrics pick up off of their previous album, Come Clean. Fear of a breaking relationship is the major theme in Away from Me. The song is highly reminiscient of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain. 4/5

Heel Over Head - Another song which the lyrics touch upon failing relationships. The song begins slightly more mellow then the previous but ends with a tremendous climax of feeling and angst. 3.5/5

Nothing Left to Lose - Puddle of Mudd really had nothing left to lose by putting this song on the album. The only musical part that sounds any different then other puddle of Mudd songs is the intro. A slowly power cord base mixed in with a little wah peddling. The only thing I found of any value in this song is the progression of the album, The lyrics seem to fit in with the previous two songs. 1/5

Change My Mind - The music in this song is much calmer, then the previous three songs, But the lyrics hold the same angst and continue the "story" of the album. 3/5

Spin You Around - Horribly simplistic and boring... I hated this song from start to finish. Not worth writing a review for... 0/5

Already Gone - It is blatantly clear what this song is about. Drug abuse and rehab. While songs like this have their place in society, it makes no sense in the middle of this album. Though the music progresses quite steadily I had lost interest by the climax. 2/5

Think - Quite literally this song made me think. What are the lyrics about? I came to the conclusion that this is yet another failing relationship song, with Wes' asking for some more time to figure his *** out. The music supports the song with some decent rifts. 3/5

Cloud 9 - This song brings the album back up to cloud 9. This is a harder hitting song, about sex and not just any sex, good sex, oh and drugs.... /shrug. Finally a song that isnít all about break ups. The song starts off with a insidious guitar rift that quickly turns in a stream of distorted and vibrating guitar rifts. The climax of this song starts to pick the album back up. 5/5

Bottom - Bottom is another hard hitting song. The lyrics are harsh and stick with their listener. Though Wesí gets quite repetitive after a certain point. ďIím just sitting at the bottom with you.Ē This mono-tone chant gets quite irritatingly boring / annoying after someone has chanted 10-20 times. 3/5

Freak of the World - Another heavier of the songs on the album. The lyrics will resonate well with angsty teens and even those in their early to mid 20's. The progression of the song is very well done and very well thought out. 3.5/5

Sydney - A boring song both musically and lyrically. The intro brings this 4:56 minute track into a amazingly pain staking start. Its slow pace and exhausting lyrics kill the song. The only part of this song that brings it up is the verse, other-wise this track would be a complete bomb. 2/5

Time Flies - This song is a prefect song to end the album with it mixes acoustic picking and strumming with distorted electric rifts. The vocals are stunning and the lyric are well thought out. The combination of mixing effects and having the vocals resonating well with the different styles makes for quite a classic song. 5/5

2.888 Not quite good enough to be a good C.D. The Album runs through some decent tracks and then hits a speed bump and nearly crashes. The progression wildly shifts and loses a lot of its focus. (Though some can argue this is a good thing since it would be an almost replica of their first album if it stayed on track.) After a shift between a few good songs and some crazy crappy songs, the album takes shape again and picks up. Cloud 9 brings the progression back on track a little bit and after a string of some semi-decent songs the album ends on a high note. Time Flies is seals the deal on the album almost like a conclusionary note.

The Band
Wesley Reid Scantlin - Vocals / Guitar
Paul Phillips - Guitars / Vocals
Douglas John Ardito - Bass / Vocals
Greg Upchurch - Drums / Vocals

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April 6th 2006


I haven't heard this album except for "Away From Me" and "Spin You Around", but i heard come clean and it was alright.
You could have added an intro/background history and conclusion to the review though.This Message Edited On 04.06.06

Two-Headed Boy
April 6th 2006


Man, I was watching Muchmusic's One Hit Wonders, and I heard She Hates Me. Naturally, I cringed at the same goddam 4 chord riff that has been done thousands of times before. And as for this album, after hearing the singles, I daren't touch it.

Nice review.

April 6th 2006


Wow, I did the first puddle of mudd album review and I was much under the influence of nostalgia that i remembered from the time of its release! Wish I had rated it lower now Any-who haven't heard this album, but from the review maybe I should... might cure me from thinking this was a decent band! Nice review btw

April 6th 2006


I saw these guys as one of the opening acts for The Offspring. I really dislike them, as for the review, it was pretty cool.

Storm In A Teacup
April 6th 2006


Welcome to the site, and nice first review, ruperties.

April 7th 2006


A horrible band. The kind that makes you shudder at their sheer mediocrity.
Good review though.

April 8th 2006


i like about half of this album the other half was nothing special

April 10th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

There I edited the review added alittle fixed alot of the spelling mistakes and grammar and shit. I also added some to the latter songs, so I don't come off as lazy ;).

Red Cap Brain
April 13th 2006


Life On Display is by far better than Come Clean

October 7th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Decent review, but I completely disagree with the ratings. While it may not be as good as I rated it, it is still a nice album, imo.

But this is still better than my first review.

October 27th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Woot Otisbum. Puddle of Mudd is one of the bands that got me goin in rock, so I hold them a special place in my heart. Jeez people absolutley hate these guys.

August 8th 2008


Album Rating: 5.0

Love this album.

I don't agree with the ratings and i don't understand why people hate these guys

they're amazing to me!

May 4th 2009


all of the songs have potential but they're just missing some special spark that made 'Come Clean' such a big hit...

October 25th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

nice album

July 7th 2014


Nothing Left To Lose fucking rocks, man

July 7th 2014



July 7th 2014


Oh, I thought I got banned again

August 16th 2014


best album opener

December 5th 2018


Album Rating: 3.5

always thought this was their best album

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