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Wish You Were Here



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January 14th, 2005 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1975 | Tracklist

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

September, 15 1975


Dave Gilmour - Guitar & Vocals
Rodger Waters - Bass & Vocals
Nick Masson - Percussion
Richard Wright - Keyboards

Track Listing:

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond(part one)
2. Welcome to the Machine
3. Have a Cigar
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond(part two)

"This is possibly one of the best albums ever produced at any time by any band in any part of the world" -
First off I would like to say there are numerous different cover arts for this album and this might not neceserally be the one you will see in the shops.

As a huge Pink Floyd fan, I have found that very little of their work lets me down and this album is no exception. I first heard Floyd when i was a child I thought they sounded like an old dance band that just used sample after sample. Now that im 17 they mean much more to me. I now understand the feeling and meaning their music brings across to the listener. The power and bravery of their music is sadly something we never hear in music nowadays and probably will never hear again.


I accquired this album off my dad as he had it on Vinyl, cassette and CD along with "Dark side of the Moon". On first listen, the album appears very, very different to anything you have heard before. The long pauses of next to nothing happening and the long track lengths are a bit hard to get used to at first but once you accept it for what it is, you become drawn to the album.

1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond(part 1):


Enters very dark and gloomy with a droning keyboard/synthesiser. Gilmour then enters with a mesmorising solo to begin the song. When the drums crash its eargasms all round with one of the most relaxing melodies ever. This is a great introduction to the album as it shows the originallity of Floyds songwriting. 4/5

Welcome to the Machine:


Starts with a sample from a machine or propeller that sounds like something off of Dr. Who. This is again a very dark song with its looping noises in the background and sombre vocals. This is probably a song that is better left as an album track rather than a single as it greatly adds to the experience of the album but on its own it sounds rather strange. 4/5

Have a Cigar:


This is Pink Floyd at their best. More like a standard song than their usual tracks. A lot more singing in this one with a much more standard song structure. Great guitar, great singing. Classic 5/5

Wish You Were Here:


Not only the greatest Pink Floyd song ever but probably one of the greatest songs ever made............nuff said 6/5

Shine On You Crazy Diamond(part two):


Follows on from where the first part took off. A lot of the same ideas as the first except probaly better. Eventhough it lasts over 12 minutes, there is very little singing which gives a kind of - "We're gonna sing when we feel like it and your gonna wait till we do" feel to it which is typical of Floyd. A great finish to a great album which never dissapoints.4/5


What can I say! My favourite of all the Pink Floyd albums and an essential to anyone who is remotley interested in them. I used to listen to this album every night before I go to bed and it sends me into a dream like no other experience that can be delivered by any other music to date. If your new to Pink Floyd I would recommend "Dark Side of the Moon" but this is an album that shouldn't be left out of any respectable CD collection. Genius, Classic & Powerful. 5/5



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June 16th 2004


June 16th 2004


Good review though :thumb:

June 16th 2004


Album Rating: 5.0



It wasn't in the review list so I thought I do it.

June 17th 2004


Yeah, most of the more popular Pink Floyd albums have been done, but arn't on the list for some reason. Just do a search to find them.

June 17th 2004


great review

i love the way part 2 closes the album with the keyboards being all floaty and fading out. the perfect beginning and end to an album (and not so bad in between)

June 17th 2004


hey man, great review, i love dave gilmore!

June 17th 2004


excellent review, excellent album

June 18th 2004


thanks for the review. i am a HUGE floyd fan and have heard welcome to the machine, wish your were here, and have a cigar severl times. however, i never heard shine on you crazy diamond. thanks for the review, now i have a cd to buy tommorow

April 18th 2005


Album Rating: 5.0

Nice review, but I think you underrated both parts of SoYCD. This is my favourite Floyd album with Animals in second place.

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