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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

This is my first review on this site, and it just so happens I am doing it on a band I have only heard a few times, and have no idea about anyone in the band. I will look up the information now and just post it here so you guys get the idea of this band a bit more.

"Knorkator are a Germin band from Berlin that combines Heavy Metal with non-serious and comical elements. They proclaim themselves to be "Germany's most band in the world" (German) "Deutschlands meiste Band der Welt"), as the title "The best band in the world" was already taken by Die Ärzte. The band was founded in 1994, but only played live gigs in the Berlin / Brandenburg area until 1998 .
Knorkator's wild stage shows and explicit lyrics, as well as the fact that nearly half of the vocalist's body is tattooed black, have earned them a reputation as a chaotic comedy band; however, the band's music actually shows considerable technical and artistic merit that is sometimes overlooked."

Der Ultimative Mann - This cd opens up strongly with a pretty odd but catchy song, obviously I can't say what the lyrics are trying to say since I have no idea how to speak the language of this band. But the guitars have a crunchy opening and continue to be a pleasure to the ears pretty much the entire way through the song, mixed in with some enjoyable keyboard playing. A few friends who have also listened to the band, just love how tight everything fits in together instrumentally. The only part I disliked about this song was the big off key scream at the end of the song. 3/5

Ich Hasse Musik - Starts off with a good guitar riff, then what sounds to me like tribal drums come in a few seconds after wards. Vocally it opens up quite odd, with the music stopping and continuing at random times, but it is great and it keeps me interested pretty much the entire time. Again the keyboards make random appearances throughout the song, but it sounds just so damn good. It does get a bit repetitive towards the end, that's is my only complaint. 3/5

Try again (Aaliyah cover)- This song is completely unpredictable and great to listen to. There is a different singer in this song, who is just completely high pitched and reminded me of the singer from "The Darkness". Everything is great in this song...this is the song that got me into this band just because it's pretty damn unpredictable and a very damn good cover. The Bass, keyboards,guitar, vocals this is a great track. 5/5

Ich Bin Uberhaupt Nicht Da- This song is quite a bit slower paced than the others have been so far. Keyboards loom in the background which alone would sound like a techno song, as the vocals are slow and calm. Guitars just do pretty much the same riff over and over again, but it still doesn't feel repetitive at all since things fit together so well. It's not my favorite on the album, but 3/5

Mai Khao Djai- This song opens up really odd, calm keyboards and then goes into a violin sounding instrument then it goes into an odd sounding song that would seem like something out of China. The vocals at the beginning go from deep, then to high pitched then it sounds like a choir joins in a minute into the song. There are a lot of odd instruments in this song, which sound like much more than a keyboard, but then again, I am not the smartest in what or how many sounds and how accurately a keyboard can play them, but I love this song, it sounds like something from a movie. Another great song on the album 4/5

Schmutzfink - Opens up with a very aggressive guitar riff and aggressive drum beats and just never dies down. Shows the heavier side of the vocals on this song, it sounds like the singer is just about to lose his mind on this track, which to me just sound horrible, but then again I am REALLY picky with vocals in a band. There is a short solo somewhere in the beginning of the song, not really a memorable one though. It's quite a short song, but thankfully so. 2/5

Schuchtern -Another really heavy opener for a song, with yet again aggressive vocals. Unlike the last song, this one actually doesn't sound like the singer is being ripped apart from the throat. When the middle of the song comes into play, the high pitched vocalist makes another appearance and really doesn't add to much to the song, but not anything bad. Nothing really sticks out other than the vocals in this song- 3/5

Aeger Sum - VERY short song, but listening to it makes me feel like I just entered a church that would feel really depressing if I were to walk in. I can't really say anymore about it, because it's just a lot of vocals that I can't understand at all. It's very interesting though. 3/5

Ma Baker- THIS SONG KICKS ASS, this song is my favorite on the album. Opening up with weird ass catchy sound effects, and then drums kick in, guitars go into a riff with more odd sound effects. The vocals trade off constantly from the high pitched vocalist, to the low and I think it sounds amazing, and just entirely catchy. This song is actually in English which is good also, but I don't understand the meaning of it. I never paid much attention because I just fixate on the music. In the middle of the song, you hear police sirens, people screaming, gun shots, a bass riff that sounds really nice and it goes back into the song and..I love it. If there is any song you should hear from this band it's this one. 5/5

Wie Weit Ist Es Bis Zum Horizont- Opens up with a nice piano intro with very light singing which reminds of an opera singer. The high pitched vocalist and the heavy vocalist trade off with one and other, but again it works well on their behalf. They both join together near the end of the song and it sounds quite epic. The instruments are quite interesting in this song, I just love the piano and keyboards together. 3/5

Makellos - Another song with an odd sound effect starting the song, which continues hidden in the background through out the song. Keyboards sound really nice and calm in the background over the calmer vocals from the heavier singers in the song. The chorus's are always nice it seems in the slower songs of this band 3/5

Schweigeminute - A song with nothing but very light sound effects that you can barely hear. It goes on for a minute until the next song starts.

Beating Around The Bush - "What the hell is this" I ask myself as the song opened up. It sounds like a jazz band with trumpets/tuba's and everything. It's completely unexpected, the higher vocalist sings in this song, but with his deeper vocals it sounds unexpectedly nice. Another song that is in all English, I will just say its a very different change of pace for this cd, but sounds great. A very nice solo in the middle of the song, so I guess those with an open mind will enjoy it quite a bit. 3/5

Other than the other songs which are just remixes of other songs, the last song is "Making Off" which I don't know what the hell it is. It sounds like an odd commentary on the album. It has a guy talking and playing every song from the album, so that is how I come to the conclusion of this band has commentary at the end. I am probably horribly wrong, but oh well.

In closing statement. This album isn't the best thing you will ever hear, but it's interseting to listen to. Ma Baker and Try Again are probably the standout tracks, but there are many good songs still on this album. It's worth a listen for those who might be interested.

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April 4th 2006


:lol: @ Knorkator :thumb:

Nice review for a first time one.

And: Ist immer mal nett jemanden aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum hier zu entdecken

April 4th 2006


Ich learnen Deutch im Schule, und ich bein zer, zer bad. Reding that sentence probably felt like dieing to any German posters on here.

Nice review, though.

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