The Pre-Fix for Death



by LaughingSkull USER (39 Reviews)
December 10th, 2013 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The definitive Necro

Coming from a taste in extreme metal, I had never especially cared for rap much. Not out of lack of respect or inappreciation of talent, but rather out of finding it hard to relate to the lyrical themes present on most rap songs. This however changed one day as I was browsing metal videos on youtube. In "related videos", an album cover popped up of a skeleton in a ruined citiscape, holding up a syringe. I was immediately drawn to this image, as it reminded me of the style of some of my favorite metal album cover artists. (As it later turned out, this specific album cover was the work of famed Ed Repka) The song in question was called Beautiful Music for You to Die To, and it was not quite what I expected. This was rap, not metal! Instead of dismissing it, however, I listened on. I really liked the song, so I went on a spree of checking out other songs by this till-then unknown to me artist Necro. And some songs later, I had to admit I was partly converted to rap.

What is so great about The Pre-Fix for Death is that it perfectly pits together two completely unrelated musical genres. The gory imagery, backed up by crushing guitar riffing characteristic of extreme metal is cleverly accompanied by the witty lyrics, fun samples and tight rapping heard in hip hop. Necro manages to do both genres justice, as his aggressive beats and the deliciously sick rhymes he lays down would make the giants that influenced him proud. The songs themselves are quite involving, as well-crafted hooks serve to draw and keep your attention to them. The lyrical content mainly addresses various acts of violence, without it getting boring or overbearing. What I find amazing is that Necro can sing about virtually the same themes without ever sounding like he's repeating himself.

If you listen to metal and are looking to expand your taste, do check this album out. A word of warning, the lyrical content can get quite extreme at times, so this album is not for the faint-hearted.

- a great amalgamation of two opposing genres
- absolutely sick lyrics
- great hooks and samples
- participation of various famous metal figures like Dan Lilker and John Tardy

- perhaps a tad overlong. Some tracks like "Kill that ***" and "Senseless Violence" feel like they could be easily done away with.

Recommended tracks:
- Beautiful Music for You to Die to
- Insaneology
- 86 Measures of Game
- Push it to the Limit
- Watch Your Back
- Food for Thought

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December 10th 2013


Haven't listened to this guy in years. I was never a huge fan, but I remember he had a knack for making the amalgamation of genres work better than one might expect.

December 10th 2013


yea this is probably terrible

December 10th 2013


It's not the greatest thing ever, but it's surprisingly decent, in my opinion.

December 10th 2013


God what a cheesy album title.

December 10th 2013


I like the song Death Rap but can't listen to this guy for any length of time. Review's pretty good for its length but I feel like you're describing Necro himself more than the album.

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