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November 24th, 2013 | 6 replies

Release Date: 1974 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If you love then the listen to this...

Cat Stevens – Buddha and the Chocolate Box

Yusuf Islam with the stage name of Cat Stevens has won the Era of the 60’s he has taken over the England scenes back in the day. Well this album was made in 1974. Now back then the music scenes were so opening to the section of people who know what music is all about and what the aspect that has to be embraced through instruments is happiness and moving ahead into Family scenario’s coming to together and feel one, making the best of what they have their produce and building up for the further coming Generations.

The album Buddha and the Chocolate Box was made in the same not, to simply sing with one another all together feeling joyous moments and tragic situations to finish to make the person come out of the wrong mental state. The mind just making him/her feel special about some small things that have been forgotten easily and these streets we walk we dare to look up appreciate what we have in our area’s there is so much to notice and feel good about.The distress levels would then and there just fall, You would feel rejuvenated and anew to begin something and do with all sincerity.

The first song Music is literally about Music how and what is supposed to be the important about Music,What it does and how it comes to make people feel one and excited. The second song Oh Very Young is simply about the sensation when we were young and lost but with all out spirits up we used to never pushed down by anything easily that used to come in the way we just kept going above and beyond, We reached so much with that spirit and we should remember forever...

Sun/C79 is simply a congregation a meet to feel one and with integrity just make believe our loved ones,that we are all just the same and you should just sit down and admire the beauty of what life we have in our hands so many emotions are related to places we travel the long walks at the back road holding hands. Dancing around the laughter that I remember now when every time I walk that very road.But never to forget it were those good times that we are standing strong this day the moment is in our hands. A beautiful song very cheerful.

Ghost Town starts with a sudden slow mode to put you in the right state with mouth organ and amazing vocals that run in. The moments that we run along when we are called out of the blue. Saying come on let’s go see, the ferry is come to town and we just pick our jackets and leave thinking nothing more just feeling good about the moments that we have been called and we all are One.

With a good soul to whatever is happening around in these times of turmoil we have seen enough and in fact lived enough, the bull*** to actually appreciate the internal beauty this very album is trying to tell it to us. To actually understand the Artist of what were times like the disbelief that was felt at those times too. Jesus a very simple song that is being misunderstood the beliefs and all.

Ready this song is just a punchy song making you groove into the 70’s illusion ish music which makes you jump out and start the car and put a heavy foot down making it out of town to the countryside. A sense that was exclaimed at those moments were so natural and distinctive, saying things and simply doing no thinking twice and re-thinking no just let’s do it.

The albums music is perfect to a reunion where everybody would actually be in the mood to groove to the 70’s beats. The strong aspects are to feel one and be on the edge. It holds a smooth feel to get you down the 33 minute album. Sadly nowadays to go through a day we need some more Contorting tunes to feel one and rejoice.
Still an amazing album if strolling down the streets with a Loved one or simply taking a walk to through a garden admiring the beauty the bounty appraise Wither.

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November 24th 2013


gota check this!

Digging: Frumpy - 2

November 24th 2013


This album is most wonderful

November 24th 2013


im a poser only heard tea n teaser i shall correct this

November 24th 2013


this guy rules,pos'd

November 25th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

Love Cat Stevens. Got every album on Vinyl and CD. I actually got lucky and picked up a mint copy of Mona Bone Jakon original press at a used store that apparently didn't check it before. I got it for 3$. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me haha.

Review is sort of weak however. You basically wrote a track by track which is a no no for sputnik, I made that mistake for my first review as well but I mean this is six for you try something else. Also write proper paragraphs rather than just a few brief unstructured sentences.

I'm not pos'ing or neg'ing just work at it harder next time.

November 25th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

didn't ask you man keep it in your pants..

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