Etienne Sin
The Paradox Divide



by PoisonCupcakes USER (6 Reviews)
September 30th, 2013 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Etienne Sin said it himself, "I Don't Give A Damn" so why don't we just follow his lead?

Listening to this was an honest to god accident. Through a string of videos I found it, and being familiar with Mr. Sins work just slightly I decided to listen and kill half an hour. Well most people already have an opinion formed about the self proclaimed "Leader of independent post-hardcore" and this oh so predictable release won't change it, but I feel like doing something this loungy Sunday afternoon so let's talk a bit about this shall we.

If this album was a recipe book then they'd be listing a heavy helping of breakdowns to the ingredient list. Really wow, I know metalcore (yah this is metalcore, much more then post hardcore half the time) is commonly associated with the breakdown but even this is too excessive! The opening track "The Cartographer" is practically one long breakdown...The rest of the songs are pretty much identical but paired with a poor attempt at catchy choruses.

Now I would like to add that Sin has some new additions to his sound. One being the need to laugh and scream at the same time, I couldn't tell you what depth this gives the music but he does it a lot, maybe ironically since he's seen as such a joke. Also he now rap screams on most of the songs which also adds nothing special to the already scream flooded tracklist. The only saving grace is "Run Away In Silence" which shows a tablespoon of experimenting, and was probably the product of him trying to rip off a more popular "core"band. Still it isn't as bad as the others and the track before it is used as an intro which starts to feel tasteful after all the breakdowns.

Can't say much about the lyrics. Can barley make them out, though piecing together lines like "This is the future we are the future" or "Grab your guns and your knives, I am stronger then these lies" I'm not giving much reason to dwell any further. God this man has always be a horrible lyricist, he even had the nerve to write the song "Your Scene Is Dead" I won't talk about it, I'm challenging YOU to go listen to it.

Well all Etienne Sin ever really wants to do is show off how many different screams he can do and how high he can sing. Incapable of writing a decent song,melody,lyric,or even genuine message, I'm making it pretty clear this sucks hard. But hey "Run Away in Silence" is kind of okay so I guess you could waste your time checking it out (I wouldn't).

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September 30th 2013


Hate this guy

September 30th 2013


Just what the doctor ordered

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September 30th 2013


Album Rating: 1.0

Hey it's better than my review

September 30th 2013


Just barley.

September 30th 2013



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October 1st 2013


Album Rating: 1.0

Lol I only really reviewed this because how offensive it is a guy who makes it a duty to follow every trend in the whole core band scene, wrought a song that theoretically puts him above the concept of "scenes".

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