Mind Tricks



by Scuro F. STAFF
September 27th, 2013 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: If you are a fan of Korn, you will certainly like this, but you may also find yourself hating it for stealing Korn's sound. Either way, it carries an intersting sound and some welcome heavy tracks.

Flymore are a band of Russian origin that is attempting to bring back the former glory of nu-metal. After their first LP, Millenium IV V, the band have now released a 2013 EP, Mind Tricks.

The first album has been ridiculed for very closely mimicking the sound of successful nu-metal band, Korn. While this album does feature a similar sound to the first, this EP displays a newfound style. Not to say that this new material has removed the constraining shackels of copy-cat behaviour, but they have 'evolved' somewhat. They have found a small amount of individuality, so they now don't sound so much like a Korn cover band who forgot how the rest of the song went and made the ending up.

The first track, 'F.O.N.M.' may be the best on the EP and is an excellent way to begin, sounding very nu-metal and with vocals that scream despair, it has a distinguishable change from the first albums sound. The vocalist still sounds remarkably like Jonathan Davis, but at least he is trying a little harder to develope his own style rather than reading straight from the Korn vocalists metaphorical handbook.

Another standout track is 'All 4 Love' which has a catchy chorus that is great to scream along with and a message that most people can relate to. There are even some softer sounding vocals that are displayed in this song. The instruments back this song up, creating a metallic atmosphere that is quite saddening and gives a feeling of hopelessness.

Instrumentally, the band has the same sound as it did in previous years, but the dynamic has changed to suit the new sound on these songs and therefore I feel they are better and much more natural than they were on the first album. The closing track 'Lesson Learnt' is a fine example of their changed sound, and perhaps the title holds a secret meaning regarding their critics"

However, I still feel this album still sounds too much like Korn. This band is evolving and changing, but the overall effect gives off a Korny feel that is somewhat different, but it still just screams CLONE. I doubt this band will ever be able to rid itself of that, and because of it, I doubt their fanbase will ever grow while Korn continue to make new albums. Still, they are trying to revive Nu-Metal, which would be a commendable effort if they weren't ripping off the very genre they hoped to restore.

Love it or hate it, the tracks I recommend are:

*All 4 Love
*Lesson Learnt

Buy this album if you are in between Korn album releases and want something that sounds like them while you are waiting.


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September 27th 2013


3 reviews in a row.

September 28th 2013


Yeah, you probably shouldn't do that. Reviews aren't one of those things where you write within half-an-hour and you have time to write another one.

As for this review, it's too short, you don't go into that much detail when describing it, and you don't describe the negatives. Not to mention, it's just broken up into way to many paragraphs that aren't even paragraphs. They're just sentences that fill up a couple of lines.

My advice:

1. Read other reviews, preferably staff reviews, to get a better picture of how a review should be written. Trust me, that helped me a lot when I first came here.

2. Don't get personal, or at least too personal. Using the first person perspective is a surefire way for bias to show in the review. And when bias shows up in a review, no one is convinced that this is a "good" album.

3. Find any negatives in the album. You rated this a 3 out of 5, which means that there has to be something in this record that you don't like. This seems like a 5 review if you ask me.

4. Get into detail. And with this review, you REALLY need to get into detail. You just say, "this is a good song because of this." It's too generic and bland and no one is going to be convinced. If you want to, listen to the album while writing this review.

I know that this is your first time here on Sputnik and all, not to mention this is a six-track EP and all, and I'm not meaning to sound like a total dick if I sound like one, but I know you can do more. The other two reviews that you did were nicely written, and while they those were LP's, EP's should be written like that as well.

And that's my big warm Sputnikmusic welcome. Believe me, there's going to be more. (And more grammar nazis as well :P)

Staff Reviewer
October 11th 2013


Thankyou for your constructive criticism, I will take it into account. My previous reviews were not written on the same day. I had written them quite a while ago and they were 'stockpiled'. I couldn't make an account here for a while, therefore i couldn't release my reviews.

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