Winds of Creation



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September 3rd, 2013 | 4 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A hard hitting juggernaut of an album

Many bands under the umbrella of the technical death metal genre fall victim to the exact same trap of pushing the technical side of their music far too extreme and thus forget to structure their songs properly. Consider such artists as Brain Drill, an act described as "Origin on speed" for the simple fact that they cram as many sweeps and tapping licks into their tracks as possible without conscious thought as to how their music will progress and how it will resonate on the ears of their listeners. Despite this negative viewpoint, and harsh truth about this particular style of music, there are numerous acts such as Cryptopsy that attempt to make up for this. Polish death metal band Decapitated is another one.

Winds Of Creation is their first album. Each of these tracks implement numerous riffs and jumps in speed, with every instrument laced with a huge amount of technicality. Guttural gurgles make up the vocal frontier, providing a solid voice for the lyrical content, whilst a solid production job serves as the icing on the cake. The title track kicks things off in brutal fashion with an absolutely mind blowing verse riff, and from here on out this is absolute top tier technical death metal.

These songs dart back and forth between a mid-tempo style that would be explored more on Spheres Of Madness, a song off the follow-up to this, and a quick, relentless barrage of fast riffing. The creativity on this album is boundless, whilst its relatively short running length ensures it does not grow stale. Aggression and rage fuel the tracks, with the second half in particular feeling as intense as extreme music gets. The drumming is powerful, whilst the bass not only emulates the guitar work but is often doing something entirely different. This bands dips their musical brush into an endless pallet of grandeur, laying down some infectious grooves such as some of the early riffs on the third track.

Winds Of Creation is an album that stands tall among its peers as a fantastic example of how technical death metal should be done properly. Whilst Decapitated are far from the soaring heights set by Cryptopsy and Necrophagist, they show that they more than possess the chops to succeed.

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September 3rd 2013


Vitek is the real star on this album. He sounds like a controlled Richard Christie.

September 3rd 2013


Vitek is just nuts on this thing. RIP.

i love this album. takes technical riffing, keeps it subtle but brutal as all hell. unlike certain other tech death bands (COUGH Necrophagist)

good review, pos'd.

September 3rd 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

The riffs are so damn heavy here.

Contributing Reviewer
September 4th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

decent review, amazing album

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