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Release Date: 2010 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Even with it`s flaws,"Happiness" is a good album,and it brings refreshment to today`s music.

On 23 May 2010,Manchester synth-pop duo Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson released the single "Better than Love".It spent one week on number fifty,and then,later,on 22 August 2010,second single "Wonderful Life",came out.The song was on number 21 in UK,and peaked at number 2 in Germany.And then,as a result of those two singles,debut album "Happiness" was released
This is my review:

1.Silver Lining-Song starts good,with interesting
sound,and catchy verses,but repeating "But I know,but I know,I m right",is irritanting,and will remind most of the listeners to boy band singers,which can drive them off at the beggining. 2/5

2.Wonderful Life-This song presents a story about a girl named Susie who meets a man on a Saturday night,and he is about to attempt a suicide,and jump off a bridge.She is talking him out of it,"Never give up,it`s such a
wonderful life...",later,they drive to the Temple Station,he cries in the car,later,she kisses him,and he
understands how valuable life is.Song is catchy,there is no boy band sound here anymore,and this is definetly a good song.

3.Blood,Tears & Gold-This song,is no matter how hard you try,just won`t impress you.It`s a filler,and even kind of boring,and it made me press the button "next" on my mp4 player. 1.5/5

4.Sunday-This song is catchy as hell,with Anderson`s background synth and beat,it will make you sing along with it,even though the lyrics are not that good.Still,very good song. 4/5

5.Stay-Hmm.This song is a typical pop song,you can find anywhere.I`m not saying it`s bad,but it`s nothing new,or interesting.And the worst thing is,that the boy-band sound is back on.Still,the lyrics are okay,but I can digest this song. 3/5

6.Illuminated-Same again,it`s a clichee song,and it`s pretty boring.It feels like it was made along.I don t like it. 2.2/5

7.Evelyn-Well,better than two previous ones.It`s about a girl named Evelyn,and singer begs her to stay with him at the hospital:"Stay with me,Evelyn,don`t leave me with medicine..".Naive lyrics,but it`s an interesting song,with a good chorus.3.5/5

8.Better than Love-Single we know already,with memorable melody,especially the chorus,and mediocre lyrics.But,if you listen it too many times,you will find yourself humming:"And it feels better than love...".One of the best songs on the album.4.5/5

9.Devotion-Really good track,featuring Kylie Minogue,and her`s vocals fits perfectly,I would say.Good musical background. 4.7/5

10.Unspoken-Okay song,with ok lyrics,but it bores me.Too many jumps in vocals,that are not necessary. 2.8/5

11.The Water-This is for sure,the best track on the album.It "closes" the album perfectly,with calming atmosphere,and intelligent lyrics,perfect Anderson`s melody,and good Hutchcraft`s vocals. 5/5


Bad:Sometimes,lyrics are too naive,and simple,sometimes boy-band sound

Even with it`s flaws,"Happiness" is a good album,and it brings refreshment to today`s music.

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Album Rating: 3.0


Thanks for advice,I will keep it in mind ;),after all,this is my first review,and next one will be alot better.

Also,I wrote it differently,then my connection broke down will I was trying to upload it,and I wrote it again,so my first review isn˙t great,but everybody has to start somehow,right? :D

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