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July 30th, 2013 | 0 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Overall this album is a very poor effort on behalf of the band, it has one or two 'good' songs but nothing to make you want to stick this on repeat or that warrants more than one listen. I sum up track-by-track my first initial thoughts with a small desc

15 is the latest album by Bullets and Octane, released on the 30th July 2013.

This album was announced by the band on their Facebook page and released within a very short period of time, I believe this album was the reason they cancelled their UK and EU tour as they probably needed more time to work on the album and perfect it, the result however is very disappointing.

Let's start where all albums start, track 1. (Track time 2:57)
Same Old Story.
It opens with a very familiar sounding Bullets and a very catchy riff, but it gets old quickly as it makes up 90% of the song, it isn't until 1:48 that we are treated to something different, which is weirdly over-dubbed by the sound of people laughing and basically ruins what was an ok song to begin with. 2/5 On to the next track...

Track 2 (Track time 3:26)
Wrapped In Shadows
This is more like it, the track opens with that old Bullets familiar sound again that any fan would recognise, the guitar hook here is nice and clean and unlike the last song doesn't get repeated for the whole song, its presence is still noticed though. Compared to the last track this song is a gift in the lyrics department, with lyrics that are catchy and stick, but like the rest of this album, it's nothing to write home about and tell all your friends. 2/5

Track 3 (Track time 3:29)
This track doesn't waste no time getting started, a straight up hard hitting track, it takes me back to their first major album 'In The Mouth Of The Young' In this track Gene really shows his vocal talent and shows just how hard of a worker he can be when it comes to singing. As with the first 2 tracks you could skip to anywhere in this song and no matter where you landed it would sound the same. We are treated to a solo, not much of a solo, but a solo none-the-less 2/5

Track 4 (Track time 3:10)
Lose Your Sanity
We're treated to what is in my opinion the best track going for this album. The lyrics here are amongst the best I've heard the band write, this track reminds me of older tracks such as; All Downhill From Here, Everyone's In Love With Me and Gravestone Love. If there is one track you take away from this album as your favourite, it'll be this one. 4/5

Track 5 (Track time 1:07)
Filler track, nothing special and a waste of time, skip it, delete it, take your pick. 0/5

Track 6 (Track time 3:09)
Cold Black Promises
Opens with some fast hard hitting drums, guitar and bass keeps pace alongside, very nice little opening. Gene's voice kicks in and here is where he falls short, he just sounds too harsh and shouldn't be singning this song in this way. Apart from Gene's sloppy performance this track is another one you will listen to from time to time. Another good track which reminds me of why I got into this band in the first place. 2.5/5

Track 7 (Track time 2:31)
This Is How I Know
Another filler track, get used to hearing the title of tracks as it fills up 50% of the song with the other 50% going to the lyric 'Yeah I want a ***ed up world' As with track 5, skip it, delete it, take your pick. 0/5

Track 8 (Track time 2:56)
Opens with that familiar Bullets sound once again. But Gene changes up the vocals again, going for something he hasn't tried before and I hope he doesn't again. It doesn't suit him or the band. This track is another poor entry. 1/5

Track 9 (Track time 3:43)
We open up with once again that familiar sound I keep going on about. The guitar here is clean and throughout the song shines above the bass/drums, not to count out the drummer on this track, giving a good backing for this track. The lyrics here are again some of the best written on this album but fall short of being great. Gene has a little 'scream' moment in the middle of the song, which again is something new but really doesn't work in the way he has tried to make it sound. 3/5

Track 10 (Track time 3:35)
My Holiday
Another song about a holiday" Ok, I'll roll with it...
I really wish I could say they saved the best track for last, but they really haven't.
The lyrics here are really poor, backed by good drumming, sloppy bass line and just generic sounding guitar. 1/5

Overall this album is pretty terrible at best, as a Bullets and Octane fan of old this album is a huge disappointment, I would of preferred to see them on tour rather than have the dates cancelled and for this to come out, knowing now I will have to suffer through some of these songs at a gig is enough to make me not want to go. Afters 4 years of silence, a surprise tour last year and cancellation of that tour this is the best they could come up with"

Overall rating 1.5/5

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