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July 28th, 2013 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A destructive, blood soaked, kick in the teeth of an Ep that is sure to piss off your neighbors when you turn this thing to max volume.

In the world of extreme music (for most genres lumped into this type of musical world anyway) there comes a period in time were the genre has been pushed to the brink by so many prolific bands and albums that the genre begins to find it's redundancy.By no means does this mean this is a bad thing because there have and always will be bands that will take a certain style of music and expand on it while not so much falling off the beaten path by bringing a lot of characteristic and charisma to the genre. That's were Harm's Way fits in perfectly with "Blinded" a fiery and very intense blend of hardcore and metal bringing with them a lot of passion in their performance and destruction with this new Ep.

Although "Blinded"'s run time is pretty short just clocking in around twenty or so minutes and a familiarity of sound you may pick up Harm's Way make up for it in sheer brutality and musical punishment. With the songs "Mind Control" and "Live To Loathe" the guitars and bass have so much grit and are so heavy but catchy at times that it would make even musical peers (who they actually sound the most a like stylistically) Nails proud. While the instruments are huge part of why this Ep is so punishing the vocals make this thing even more brutal with just how loud and how much emotion is put into them.

It's very apparent that Harm's Way are very good at beating the listener to a pulp with fast speeds of ferocity but they also show that they can bring the heavy riffs to a slower pace giving these five songs more personality to them.The opening track "Frontal Lobe" starts off with heavy guitar riffs and drums moderately playing over a man's voice for two and a half minutes until it's broken up into Harm's Way signature sound and "Live To Loathe" is another track that Harm's Way shows they aren't just a one trick pony.The track "Blinded" is a instrument track with a guitar as the instruments join in and the sound starts to rise until all the instruments kick into the heaviness.

As Harm's Way presents us with "Blinded" they show that even though they aren't the most groundbreaking thing to come out of the extreme music world today they are one of the most intense and interesting ones to come out recently. What they lack in originality they make for in personality and energy in their music keeping things interesting and intense while not rewriting the rule book.Heavy fist in your face riffs, fierce vocals and snare beaten drums this Ep is sure to keep you engaged for the short period of time this thing flies by.

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July 28th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

aaaaarrrrghhhh!!!!!Fucking typing errors and nonsensical sentences are what I get for typing this at 1:55 in the morning.Hope I got all the errors.But seriously though check this thing out though.Very awesome Ep.

July 28th 2013


I would like to see spaces after all of your full stops. Decent review though, man. Pos'd m/

July 29th 2013


Saw this band live, all I remember from their show is how fucking huge/ripped the vocalist is.

And he has a buttugly tattoo

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