Cross Movement
Holy Culture



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July 22nd, 2013 | 3 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Review Summary: It is the perfect combination of creative lyrics over great beats, it is a record in which you enjoy every song in its entirety. More than than it is an album that affected and changed a culture by formally introducing Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) to the world

Holy Culture - Wow seeing as there is no full review for this I have taken it upon myself to review this album because I think I owe this album that and I consider this an honor. It could be that the album for me just came at the right time when I was looking for something new but its one of those albums i hold dear and I think every rapper was on point. I love the way the album blends old school hip-hop with the modern stuff but with beats that are not too much that they completely make you forget the lyrics.
I love cross movement and this was their first album I got and it totally blew my mind and I am not even that big a hip hop fan though I love this group. After this I got to buy their earlier albums and I was not disappointed they were lyrically challenging and on point but if you are looking for an album where great beats meet the amazing lyrics Holy Culture is it. What i love about Cross movement is the way they don't depart from their message. Most Gospel rappers will dilute the message so as to make it more listener friendly and possibly sell more records but Cross movement are all about the message.
I think every rapper brought a lot more than their A game. Its an inspired album and really focuses on its concept of a holy culture but more than that this album . From beginning to end there are no dull moments on this album and even the fillers make sense talking about the holy culture. Unlike most group efforts this one has a lot of tracks being done solo and only 3 tracks on the album had all 4 rappers and I think that promotes individuality and the rappers could do songs in styles they were comfortable in but that does not mean this is a boring album with similar sounding songs. The album actually boasts of great cultural diversity with songs that sound like they have a middle eastern vibe to straight up southern hip hop. This to me was a complete album and every time I listen to it its like a full service that just nourishes and encourages me. So much more to be said about this album but I think its just easier if you listen to it.

Grace and Peace to the Cross Movement even though they wont produce another record the few they put out wont soon be forgotten.

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July 22nd 2013


What you say is okay but your review is structured like one big run-on sentence. Might check this out. Only Christian rap I know is dc Talk and Lecrae. Would you say this is a good middleground?

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July 22nd 2013


yeah the content of your review is alright but needs expanding. Structure also needs tightening and your use of 'I' throughout means what you've written doesn't feel very objective.

July 26th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

Thanks for the feedback guys. @Friday13th Lecrae is actually influenced by this group so I think its worth the listen. There are several other really good christian rappers i can recommend.

@Benj I know it doesn't seem objective and that's because I wrote this as an opinion to justify why I think the album is a classic but since there was no review I was asked to just submit the opinion as a review.

Its also my first review and I will try better next time

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