The Best of Us Bleed



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July 2nd, 2013 | 5 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A solid collection from one of the best in their genre

Cryptopsy are just one of those bands whose contribution to their respective genre can not be denied. As one of the first bands to use an absurdly technical instrumental display only capitalized on by the gut-wrenching vocal performances on their earliest works, this band was a force to be reckoned with. This was until the release of their deathcore album The Unspoken King which attracted a lot of hate their way, and this largely continued with the release of their self titled album in 2012, although this was to a lesser degree. However, this band were not done with releasing material in 2012 at all, as they proved with their compilation album, The Best Of Us Bleed, featuring four new songs, a bunch of rehearsal and live tracks and a fair representation of their entire catalogue. So how does it fair"

The answer is that it is a surprisingly strong representation of the band's career so far. Many of their best tracks such as Phobophile and We Bleed can be found here making this an excellent starting point for those not versed in Cryptopsy's insane music yet. Their not-so-humble roots are shown off here with Abigor and Defenstration, whilst the masterful None So Vile album has some stellar choices here. From their ultra-technical era of Whisper Supremacy and And Then You'll Beg, we have tracks like Emaciate to display the band's musical prowess, whilst the criminally underrated Once Was Not gets some good picks, aside from the fact it is missing the great opening track to that album. Many will no doubt discredit the fact this collection contains tracks from The Unspoken King but Worship Your Demons in particular is an intense thrill ride that will blow you away and fits in nicely among the more brutal earlier tracks from Cryptopsy.

The new songs here are very enjoyable, with Boden in particular sticking out. This track has a lot of the higher pitched screams akin to the one that current vocalist Matt McGachy used to open up Worship Your Demons, and it is not hard to see why this was picked as the first track for the compilation. The new recordings, bar one, are all very intense and quick, with hyper-technical guitar work as should be expected from Cryptopsy, and some frantic blast beats that only Flo Mounier could really pull off. These songs also go well with the flow of the rest of the album given that they are grouped with the other McGachy tracks right at the beginning of The Best Of Us Bleed. Unfortunately, every release, even a best-of compilation, has its stinker, and this album really does have one that sucks. God knows what was going through the band's head when they decided to cover the Strapping Young Lad track Oh My F-cking God, but it was a damn train wreck. The vocals are probably the worst thing here but the entire thing feels dull and lifeless.

The rest of this release is made up of live versions from the None So Live album (which thankfully contains Open Face Surgery which was missing from the normal tracks) and crude rehearsal demos. These are all rather poor quality, which is a shame, and they would perhaps have been better left off of here. The growls and screams from the French dude on None So Live were awful, and this release shows them up for the pretence they are. The Best Of Us Bleed is, however, a solid compilation that those who like Cryptopsy or those who are into death metal that have never heard them (retards) will enjoy.

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A decent compilation album but essentially a pointless release from Cryptopsy....

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July 2nd 2013


Didnt know this existed

July 2nd 2013


Its got 2 new tracks on here.

July 2nd 2013


yea the syl cover sucks ass

Digging: Morbid Angel - Kingdoms Disdained

July 2nd 2013


4 actually. First four are new tracks recorded for this.

Don't know about track three, but track four was recorded before the self-titled was even written, so no, you're wrong

July 2nd 2013


Still wouldn't consider it new since the date of this album's release is well after that of Century Media: Covering 20 Years of Extremes, the compilation album that cover was actually recorded for

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