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Release Date: 1993 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Catchy, brutal, tight, and armed with crushing slower moments, False is an excellent demonstration of groovy death metal done right.

The Netherlands are pretty damn good for death metal; popular candidates for classic bands from the region include Pestilence and Sinister. However, during the 90s, they shared a fair bit of their audience with that of Gorefest; groovier and heavier than both of the aforementioned bands, but with equally excellent musicianship, they succeeded in creating strong competition with the album False.

Gorefest's musicianship is more evident here than anywhere else in their discography; while following efforts went in a much more identifiably "death n' roll" direction, False demonstrates the band performing at a much more brutal pace. The guitar work is often much more chord based than a lot of death metal, with a comparative lack of tremolo picking, but with no shortage in interesting technical licks. The guitar leads are also excellent, often serving as atmospheric backing, but some great solos are present throughout. The bass guitar is reasonably audible and plays lines comparable to the rhythm guitars, like a lot of death metal, and keep the sound grounded and thick. The drumming is one of the strongest areas of the album, with tight and fast double bass often present, while the fills used are consistently excellent. The vocals are also strong overall, having a bit of a grindcore tinge but with an extremely powerful low end and a guttural texture that few vocalists can match. The production is quite clear but also dense, giving the album a thick but tight sound.

While the album opens with the fast and furious The Glorious Dead, one of its primary strengths is how absolutely crushing its slower moments are. The following track State Of Mind spends a lot of time at slower tempos, managing to be one of the best tracks on the album through a catchy use of pinch harmonics and brutal riffs. Likewise, Reality - When You Die and the title track manage to nail slower tempo grooves, with the latter having an almost doomy feel at times. This capacity for brutal lower tempo moments is carried into the majority of the tracks, and with some strong higher tempo work utilised as well, it's dynamically varied enough to be consistently entertaining, even while the album has something of a lumbering quality. The track quality is pretty consistent throughout as well, but sadly there aren't really any stand-out tracks, meaning it may be a little difficult to pinpoint particular favourite tracks. Also, while the tempo variations are excellent at times, around the middle of the album there's comparatively few of them, making the slow pace slightly dulled at that particular point.

While the somewhat unorthodox style of this album might potentially make it somewhat less appealing to fans of their fellow Dutch rivals, its sheer weight and often extremely catchy riffs make it something that's most definitely worth the look and yet another excellent contribution to the death metal scene.

Recommended Tracks:
State Of Mind
Second Face
The Glorious Dead
From Ignorance To Oblivion

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June 25th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Hmmm, two bands in a row with "Gore" implemented into their name. Maybe I should review The Ending Quest next and make it 3?

June 25th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

okay who negged

June 25th 2013


Great review dude. Go tell those children over in the Spawn of Possession thread to start listening to real dm.

June 25th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Sure thing bro

June 25th 2013


Listening to real dm is for pussies, you don't understand how br00tal all the modern day $lamz0r shit is. Fak ju grandpa poser.

For real, this is good stuff. Wish death n roll became more of a thing... but as is, every last band that played it in the 90s was different.

June 25th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Good review, great album. Too bad they dropped into the toilet faster than just about any other death band I can think of (except Pyogenesis).

June 25th 2013


Everything I've heard from this band has been pretty bland

Digging: Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame

Staff Reviewer
June 25th 2013


"Reality / When You Die" is an awesome track.

Good review, pos.

One suggestion:

their obvious leading candidate would be Pestilence, who's excellent Consuming Impulse reigns in the upper echelons of death metal classics, and also Sinister

should one cared to nominate a leader in the said sector, this would be either Pestilence and their excellent album Consuming Impulse or (or along with) Sinister and their three first albums.

Digging: Sally Dige - Holding On

June 25th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

This is the best they have to offer.

June 25th 2013


lame band

June 25th 2013


"Go tell those children over in the Spawn of Possession thread to start listening to real dm."

I thought this was False

July 31st 2013


Is this the only thing worth listening to by Gorefest? Is it worth listening to at all?

December 7th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5


August 22nd 2016


Album Rating: 3.5

Inferior to Mindloss but it has an amazing drumming work and the lyrics are completely brilliant in all kinds of ways.

December 17th 2017


I'm really loving this album. I happened to find an original copy of this used on cd the other day in a nearby music store and I was very interested because I had always been curious about this band and had been told they were similar to Carcass only with a less talented guitar player but a more talented drummer. Not sure how I feel about that statement but anyways as I saw on the back of the cd that this was also produced by Colin Richardson (one of my favs) and considering this was an original copy so the sound quality would no doubt be great that was all I needed to convince me to buy it. Man am I glad I did! The sound on this album is one of the heaviest I've ever heard (thanks colin!) with the wall of sound by the guitars and drums making it sound almost industrial, plus each Riff in every song is incredibly catchy as well, the drumming is outstanding, I love how monstrous this guy's vocals are and reminds me a little of Suffocation's Frank Mullen (who happens to be one of my favorite DM vocalists), and I can't speak highly enough about how good Colin Richardson's production is here. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite extreme metal albums and I don't see why more people don't consider it a classic and feel as strongly about it as I do. Every single song is great and there's absolutely no filler. My original Nuclear Blast USA cd from 1992 has perfect sound quality. I highly recommend, especially if you can spend the $25 or $30 and get an original cd copy like mine from discogs.

Digging: Therion - Of Darkness...

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