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Kill Your Own



by Kif USER (11 Reviews)
March 25th, 2006 | 12 replies

Release Date: 2006 | Tracklist

Hundred Reasons haven't exactly had the most pleasant of journeys to the mainstream of British rock. After being swept by the wave of harsher post-hardcore with the likes of Violent Delight and Hell Is For Heroes in 2002, they released debut album Ideas Above Our Station to critical acclaim. It reached number 6 in the British album charts, and cemented them as one of the UK's leading young bands of the time. That stay was short-lived however, when they were dropped in 2004 by Columbia Records after a disappointing turnout for second album Shatterproof Is Not A Challenge. Alas, 2 years on from the drama, they have returned with a new album, new label and most importantly a new sound.

You can tell from opener "Broken Hands" that they are leaning towards a much heavier sound now. The guitars sound perfectly loud and polished, and the haunting verses match Colin's vocals. The song is very infectious as well, with no real chorus and melodic verses made up of drumming and low-volume guitars. This is followed by the single, "Kill Your Own". A grinding tune with hints of the grunge/metal that filled the airwaves in 2000. Short bursts of distorted guitar and harsh vocals add to the catchiness of this song. It isn't radio-friendly by any means, but it's melodic and sounds great. This is a very similar pattern on this record. It's short and sweet, but there's a lot of melody and rock elements in the 11 songs. However, if you are looking for the solo side of music, I'd stay clear of this album. There are some shorter solos and licks, but in general, Hundred Reasons aren't that kind of band. But they don't need solos when the music is this good.

That's not to say there's no variety though. I'd say that's a huge mistake when describing this, as Hundred Reasons have managed to make each song sound different from the last, without straying too far outside their boundries for music. It takes turns in songs like "The Chance", which has an Incubus feeling with slower guitar riffs and calm drums, to "Live Fast, Die Ugly", a 2-and-a-half minute complete hardcore marathon with devilish screams and dark riffs, to "This Mess", the slowest song on the album and an electric ballad with gritty sound and great lyrics. The band have certainly gone for a broader route than Shatterproof, and I think it's helped them. The production of the album only adds to the way it sounds, and it brings out the best in the instruments. The lead guitar sounds like complete crap at sometimes, but put against the rhythm and the other instruments, it gives it that roughness that made their debut so likeable. I suppose it's a sweet charm that their second album desperately needed.

Kill Your Own is the band's sophomore album that never was. It's fresh and new, while staying familiar to the fans. I admit that only having 11 songs is a little disappointing, but I'd rather this than 14 boring songs sounding the same. You can tell that in the 4 years between this and when they were signed, they have learnt a few tricks and used them to perfection on this album. Colin's time spent with hardcore side-project The Lucky Nine is clearly evident on some of the harder songs on this album, with his vocals progressing and ranging so widely on here. I'd say this is the rebirth of Hundred Reasons, but that seems like sort of a stigma. What I will say is that they have created one hell of a rock record, ringing with bass and melody that will stick with fans of the band for a while. With the coverage this band haven't gotten on TV lately, I'd say this is a triumphant return to the rock scene of Britain. This album doesn't disappoint, proving they are gainging more experience on the rhythm side of music.

Recommended songs
"Broken Hands"
"Kill Your Own"
"Live Fast, Die Ugly"
"This Mess"

[url]http://myspace.com/hundredreasons[/url] (Streamable songs from review: "The Perfect Gift", "The Chance, "Broken Hands" and "Live Fast, Die Ugly")

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March 25th 2006


iv always liked HR in passing, all their singles so far have been really good, but having heard "kill your own" and "feed the fire," i might have to induct this band into my cd collection... good stuff!

March 26th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

They were technically the first band I ever saw (They were supporting Muse), and it was before they even released Ideas. I wish I'd have thought more of them then, I had no idea they would get this big in the UK

March 26th 2006


Kill Your Own is pretty damn great.
Quick! To the music store! Must...buy...Hundred Reasons...
No, wait, it's 11 pm on a sunday night. Crap.
Excellent review, too.

March 26th 2006


I shall buy this album very soon. I always liked (still do) Shatterproof is not a challenge and never understood why they were dropped.
Gonna catch them live in Exeter in a few weeks time, should be awesome

April 10th 2006


I just got this today, I haven't really listened closely, but I'm enjoying it so far, especially this mess and breathe again

this is just what I was looking for, I've been on such a death metal kick lately, I need a break

June 6th 2006


I have HR's other two albums, and will be picking up this soon, Silver is still their best song.

July 25th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Probably their least accessable album. The instruments all sound like they are leering at each other with annoyance. Still great though.

November 28th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

A decent album with some great moments; Kill Your Own, Broken Hands.

Plus the intro to Broken Hands sounds like a section of music from the final fight scene in the film 30 Days Of Night, I don't think it is is but check it out and you''l see/hear what I mean.

November 28th 2012


love ideas above our station. i enjoy this, though not quite to the point of wanting to buy it... not just yet.

January 11th 2017


Album Rating: 5.0

Just come back to this album after an age and it's still so brilliant. I wish so much that this was the follow up to Ideas as I think it would have propelled them even further than what they already were instead of Shatterproof, whilst not bad, kind of killed their momentum.

November 18th 2020


Awesome album. Not sure if I prefer this or the debut.

March 8th 2023


Album Rating: 3.5

this mess is a tune. Underrated band.

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