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March 25th, 2006 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

So this is my first review so please dont kill me if it sucks,so this is their sixth album and probably one of their most successful to date.This album is a lot more politically driven than their previous albums and came out as a great success, so heres the line-up

Jim Lindberg-vocals
Fletcher Dragge-guitar
Randy Bradbury-bass
Byron McMackin-drums

Greed- This song starts with a cool drum and bass intro and then the guitar comes in with a catchy riff and then comes Jim with his vocals,this song is fast and probably one of my favorite songs,a great topic also and it isnt so repetitive and i like the ending were they do this type of chanting of some sort,a great way to start the album

My own Country-Right after the first song it quickly jumps into the next one,i think the bass is excellent here and it really stands out from the other songs,very good lyrics as usual and it keeps the energy going and doesnt slow things down,its a little shorter but it doesnt make it a song that someone should skip

Can't believe it-the tempo here is faster than the previous two songs and sounds like the older Pennywise but its a little weird,theres nothing wrong with it but it doesnt really catch my attention,i did like the little guitar solo they put in but i would prefer the other songs more

Victim of reality-It starts of with Byron with the drums and brings back the momentum from the previous song,a very catchy chorus from Jim and he really does show rawness in the song,i thought Fletchers guitar playing was great and this song will get in your head fast

Might be a dream-nothing special on this track except for the lyrics,its a little repetitive and its kind of short and i knoe punk songs are short but it felt somewhat incomplete i would skip this song sometimes but hey someone else might like it more

Still can be great-I really enjoy the intro to this song,the guitar in the beggining and then the crash symbols with the bass and everything falls into place and its just great,the drums are really good here and shows off Byrons talent and what hes capable of doing,another great song by these guys

Straight ahead-A really cool guitar riff in the beggining,the tempo gets faster and its perfect for moshing,and these lyrics are somewhat inspiring,it really does give a lot of energy to someone if they hear it,the guitar solo sort of studders the song a little but overall its a great song and a personal favorite

My own way-this ones a little predictable,kind of like the song order of might be a dream but doesnt really fall into place and its the weak point of the album really and its my least favorite song,not really much else to say

One voice-this one makes up for the last one,it isnt as good as the others but does keep the record going,the guitar riff is kind of catchy and its a pretty good song overall,i did like Jim sort of asking rhetorical questions in his lyrics like "how many lives are waiting to die?" "how many voices are making the cry?"

Alien-This song got a lot of radio play and really introduced people to Pennywise and people say its their best song,i wouldnt say its their best,i would prefer F*** Authority but it is a great song,in fact my own band is playing this,the song immediately starts off with a bang and blows you away and keeps you interested throughout the whole song and this song is fast,its a little long though and gets repetitive after a while but you can't deny the quality of the song and the guitar is just great here,its great for beggining guitar players to play too

Watch me as I fall-one of the shortest songs on this album,very political and the lyrics are sort of depressing at the same time,nothing special though but the song is ok and doesnt really dissapoint if your looking for something hard,fast and good

Just for you-really strong intro here with the thundering bass and distorted guitar and the drums just elavating the song even more,it does seem to drag though but the bass really does save this song from blandness and doesnt dissapoint

Can't take anymore-this is one of my favorite tracks off this album,with the bass solo intro that Randy delivers and then just everyone coming in makes it sound epic,the lyrics are encouraging and doesnt slow down the song at all,a great job from everyone in the band andi would prefer this one than Alien but thats just my opinion

American dream-a really kick ass guitar opening and Jim right away comes in with the vocals,this one is also kind of predictable but only hurts the song slightly because of the rhythym changes of Byron and Randy,it doesnt really stand out like the others but it isnt bad

Need more-the song kicks off with Jim with his angry lyrics and the verses stick inside your head but doesnt make it repetitive,nothing else really except for the vocals but all together its a good average song to listen to and the guitar is really easy too

Never Know-Reminds me of the old punk songs of the early 80s but with a modern twist,even the guitar solo sounds like a different stlye that Fletcher never uses,this song does stand out bacause of its originality and its a little different and one of my favorites

Badge of pride-what a great way to end this record,its also very ,the attitude is very encouraging and inspiring,what i didnt like is that it didnt have a big ending and i was really expecting that and now i think that greed would have a been a much better ending but this is a great closer but i wish it would have been better

So yeah i really enjoy this album and im still listening to it and yeah i would give this a 4/5 overall,i wouldnt recommend it to someone who wants to get into Pennywise,i would prefer full circle or unknown road but this is a good album though so i dont know,tell me wat u people think about the review and stuff

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March 25th 2006


Your review was good but if you want to use this format then add a little more about the instruments on each track.
I used to have this album but never listened to it. I remember 'Greed' was a great track but I could never get into this.

March 25th 2006


I agree. A lot of Pennywise songs do the sound and it kills the music for me. That being said they do deliver a few excellent songs on occasion.

February 3rd 2009


Album Rating: 4.5

why dont you like 'might be a dream'? i thought that was a fantastic song. i really like this album.

February 3rd 2009


i would be pennywise to get my....dw

June 21st 2010


Album Rating: 4.5

My own way is the quintisential Pennywise song, musically and lyrically wise.

June 17th 2011


Album Rating: 4.0

I love "my own way" and "might be a dream" my personal favs

July 16th 2012


Album Rating: 3.5

"Alien" rules.

Digging: Nile - Black Seeds of Vengeance

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