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March 19th, 2006 | 17 replies

Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

By now, we�ve all probably heard of Evanescence. After the release of their first major label album Fallen in 2003, the band achieved extreme popularity in an extremely short amount of time. Anywhere But Home, the band�s second effort on Wind-Up Records, is a double disc live album/ DVD jam packed with live footage, music videos, and a very entertaining documentary of the band on tour. Evanescence are now currently recording their new album which is expected some time in August 2006.

Brief Band History... Ben Moody�s Departure
The story behind Ben Moody�s departure from the band has been somewhat of a mix story. On one hand, several people believed it was due to Ben Moody�s breakup with vocalist Amy Lee. On the other hand, Ben Moody claims his departure was more or less for the band�s sake, saying he had a bipolar disorder and even started both drugs and alcohol on his strife with Evanescence. After his departure, the band replaced Ben Moody with Terry Balsamo of the band Cold on guitars. Strangely enough, neither of these theories, much less Ben Moody himself (aside from his appearances in the music videos) are mentioned in the DVD.

The Band
Amy Lee, the beautiful and gothic vocalist for Evanescence, has a very haunting voice, specifically when she sings in a low key. Her vocals have a very noticeable presence, but can come off as whiny when she reaches though higher notes (which occur often). Amy Lee has, however, established herself to be a very fitting vocalist for a goth rock band and even proved to be a very naughty girl in the documentary. Terry Balsamo and John LeCompt, the guitarists, both show beyond amazing skill in their live performances. Their guitar chords are nothing of extreme difficulty, but their abilities to extend their guitar playing to extreme heights while performing some pretty awesome stunts on stage is talent enough. Bassist William Boyd is also a very exceptional musician. Although he does not display as much live skill as Terry and John, he is a vital member to the band�s music and gothic sound. Finally, the Cannibal Corpse loving drummer, Rocky Gray, shows off some of his drum skills and even enjoys some major pranking on his fellow band mates. All in all, Evanescence, like the or not, delivers exceptional live performances for their fans.

The New Songs
The first of the four tracks featured on Anywhere But Home but not featured on Fallen is the Korn cover, Thoughtless. Although the song may be more intriguing if it wasn�t live, the band did do a pretty good job of remaking the song, and even made a pretty decent piano intro for the song. The song sounds promising, at least until Amy Lee comes in on vocals. Although it is a treat to hear Amy Lee drop the f-bomb, her vocals are not for doing a nu-metal, especially the nasal voice of Jonathan Davis. The next new track is Farther Away, which is one of my favorite tracks on the CD. The track sounds really good live, with heavy riffs and high piano notes playing with Amy Lee following along with the crushing guitars. The live version of Breathe No More, which is originally featured off the Elektra movie soundtrack, is also featured on the CD. The song is rather good ballad song that sounds similar to that of a less powerful My Immortal and less dark Hello. The final new track is the previously unreleased (not live) track Missing. The song starts with haunting, ghost like female chants later followed by Amy Lee singing in her less then whiny voice. The only music in the song aside from the female chants are the occasional drum percussions and the steady piano notes that pop up here and there. The track is very vocal emphasized and is definitely a standout on the album.

The DVD is the real treat of this double disc packaged. Packed with a live concert by the band while on their tour promoting Fallen, an extensive documentary broken into several different and hilarious parts, and 4 music videos of the bands hit singles Going Under, Everybody�s Fool, Bring Me To Life, and of course, My Immortal. I am not a personal fan of watching a live show on a DVD, but I will admit that Evanescence�s live performance is way above that of an average concert. The documentary is my favorite part of the DVD, featuring the band in the preparation of their first live show, to their on-the-road tour with Seether, to their final blowout before everyone goes home. There is even a special Bloopers section showing the band when they were not at their prime live. Finally, the music videos are all extremely good in both production and story. All the videos also feature the band members that were apart of the recording session (including Ben Moody) and do not include the members in their current lineup featured in the documentary and the lives shows.

-- Excellent live recordings on the CD.
-- Excellent live footage on the DVD.
-- Bonus track Missing is a double thumbs up.
-- Excellent production.
-- Terrific documentary for any fan of the band.

-- The Thoughtless cover is somewhat of an insult to Korn.
-- The fact of only live versions of Thoughtless and Farther Away is rather annoying.
-- It�s really more of a treat for fans then a official second release for the band.

Track Listing
1. Haunted [live] (4/5)
2. Going Under [live] (4/5)
3. Taking Over Me [live] (4.5/5)
4. Everybody's Fool [live] (4/5)
5. Thoughtless [live] (3/5)
6. My Last Breath [live] (4/5)
7. Farther Away [live] (5/5)
8. Breathe No More [live] (4/5)
9. My Immortal [live] (4.5/5)
10. Bring Me To Life [live] (4.5/5)
11. Tourniquet [live] (3.5/5)
12. Imaginary [live] (4/5)
13. Whisper [live] (3.5/5)
14. Missing [previously unreleased track] (5/5)

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Diabulus in musica
March 19th 2006


did evanescence made a second studio album??

March 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Thanks. Evanescence surprised me with how well they performed live, and even

show in the documentary that none of the members are all that stellar.

^^ Their new album should be out in late August.This Message Edited On 03.19.06

Diabulus in musica
March 19th 2006


hahahahah no i didnt, sorry

March 20th 2006


i wonder if they could still make it without moody. after all it was moody who shaped the band's sound...

March 20th 2006


Regardless of whatever crap can be thrown around about these guys, I think it's a stone-cold fact that Bring Me To Life is one of the best written and produced hit songs of the last few years. I still get chills when they come out of the bridge and she reaches deep for that epic, ascending 'Bring...me...to...LIIIIIIIFE!!!!!!!!'. Good stuff.
Excellent review, small point: Missing isn't previously unreleased, it was one of the b-sides on the australian Bring Me To Life single. Along with a mix of BMTL without that annoying guy from 12 Stones...This Message Edited On 03.20.06

March 20th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Well, the song is stated unreleased in all my sources and even when I submitted the CD into my iTunes, so *shrugs*. I'm intrested in seeing how the band has changed since Moody's departure soundwise.

March 20th 2006


It's all good, didn't mean to nit-pick an otherwise top review, I just happen to have the single, so I thought I'd point it out.
It will be interesting to see what they do now. Moody's solo stuff is pretty much exactly the same as this, so I think I see the band minus him heading down a slightly more organic pathway, more like that remake of Broken that Amy did with that fat git from Seether. Still heavily textured and orchestrated, but maybe less drum machines, etc...who knows. Wait and see, I guess.

April 12th 2006


I actually liked the Thoughtless cover, but you are right, her voice does kind of make you cringe trying to hear her do nu-metal. Musically, and during the bridge, they did great, though. I was thinking about picking this up, but I'm not a big fan of live CDs. (Except for And All That Could Have Been)

May 18th 2006


The only song I've heard off this CD is Thoughtless. I just found it amusing to hear Amy say f***. I wasn't really expecting it.

May 18th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

i bought this, and i dont know why, well..i think i do, i thought that the guy who sings bring me to life, was part of the band. anyway i dont like evanence, maybe the only good thing its the dvd.

May 18th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

^^ That guy is the lead singer of 12 Stones

October 14th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Just so ya know, neither "Farther Away" nor "Breathe No More" are new. Both of them can be found on the Fallen Demos bootleg.

Antoine Lemonne
December 19th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Nice album, but nothing special or new in it. Past songs ... live. The DVD was very good but I expected something more ... ( except from ONLY 1 new song '' Missing '' ) on an album.

April 11th 2011


Album Rating: 3.5

Love the live version of the songs, the entire recording was/is great.

July 27th 2014


found this in my room and I don't recall buying it

guess ill jam when I got emo bitches ovr aka evrre day

July 27th 2014


lol xdddddddddd

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