Wake the Dogs



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May 9th, 2013 | 1 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Overall, i believe this album could of had more like their old songs back in 2005 like hardcore yet they made this for pop punk not their old self. Yet i think they got to adapt to the new pop culture around us and change things of course.

After the album "The Long Way Home" Once again the band Donots continue to succeed forward into a new genre. Yet just not the best album coming from the Donots since their old punk album "Pocket Rock". This is their 9th album they've made. This year during 2013,their 20th anniversary, they will make their 10th album. Even though the Donots are sounding less like their old hardcore punk rock. Despite their lead guitarist, Guido Knollmann, has made this band continue so has his brother Ingo. Terrific riffs to make the band still alive in punk yet Ingo makes it sound mostly pop with other noises in the background. Yet not as good as their previous albums like "The Long Way Home" or "Pocket Rock". Back then Guido did better even with their old song "Duck and Cover". However, this band has fun songs to listen to such as "You Got It, Wake the Dogs, and Solid Gold". Though the Donots change over time, it dosen't seem they are gettting in the whole pop punk culture just yet. Despite the fact their hardcore punk looks faded as their new album awaits in 2013, they could "renovate" themselves back into the whole punk spirit.

Further more, there are songs in the album that sound similar to their old songs like "You Got It". Most people say they sound like Blink-182 or Green Day, I say they're better. Different quality and sound and better into the guitar riffs at times. "You Got It" is a good catchy pumping song from them. Although, to their real pop side Ingo and his band paired up with Frank Turner once again to make the song " So Long" a sad but serene song that mostly is singing from Ingo and his friend Frank other then little noises sounding like "punk rock". Ingo said they can be referred to punk as to pop from different people. Most would say this band his heading into more like Blink-182 and not so much punk like Black Flag, NOFX, or the classic Clash. Yet i still believe they play punk from Guido, who to me is a pretty good guitarist for a punk band other than this band. Despite the fact they have changed over the years fast to "pop" punk then hardcore, yet to me they are a punk band and could still be alive into it if they went back to fast hardcore it could sound like the Sex Pistols. However, mostly it is evident that not all sound so much like a real punk band and i agree but its still fun to listen to, they have to change or they would be like the Ramones yet they succeeded well. Especially in this album most say they sound like the Clash and I think just a little but more calm soft sounds, nothing like " The Long Way Home", but "You Got it" is my favorite other than "Solid Gold", they prove they could be back into pure punk rock then this pop. On the other hand they've been here for almost twenty years so anything could change from them that could mean a positive or negative move. Also I believe they need more attention in the States. If they are going to be Pop Punk, they are the best at it.... So far.

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May 9th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

For some reason i put LP yet it shows up in the EP. Oh well it's good enough, first review on here

hope you guys liked it and I know it's very short for one but there really isn't anything more

detailed to say of this album.

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