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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Some history of the band is at this site. "[URL=]Subhumans History[/URL]"

About this CD
Obviously, This is a live CD (live on a dive). I think Fat wreck chords got a bunch of bands, from different labels.. and such, and go them to be on their seris called "Live on a dive". This CD was recorded on April 3rd, 2003 at the Corona Showcase Theatre.Included in the booklet is an animated comic, of their song "Subvert City(#13)", with their words over the pictures.(It is very nicley drawn) Also: If you pop this cd into your computer, there is a live song, and an Interview. The Song is "New Age" (not a song on this CD).. and the interview is by Fat Mike.

The Review

1 - All Gone Dead - 1:55
At the beginning of this song, he says "Hi folks...Two things...We're Recording this for a Live Cd Release" (as the crowd goes wild) and "If your going to sing, sing in tune", and right away they kick off into the song. I really dont think this song is a good way to kick off the show.I like the song, but if they wanted to get people riled up, the next song "Can't Hear the words" or "Peroxide" would of been a good way...2/5 stars

2 - Can't hear the words - 1:52
Like i said before.. this would of been a good way to kick off the CD. The beginning drums sound very awesome. With a really fast "solo" befor the song kicks off.This Song is very Fast.. and i Love the chorus. "No No, I Dont like it! Lets sit down and talk about it!"I really like this song 4/5 stars

3 - Waste of Breath - 1:58
Most of this song is quite slow, besides the chorus. Very un-like them.. they are usually very fast. This song includes a very, very cool sounding solo. Which should prove that Punks know how to play their instruments.
3/5 stars

4 - Its gonna get worse - 2:06
The song builds up a big creshendo(sp") and then Dick screams "I'm telling you its gonna get worse!", and comes into a very cool sounding Vibrato guitar part. The remaining of the song is ultra fast. 3/5 stars

5 - Joe Public - 2:16
Dick introduces the beginning of this song stating " This songs about a fictonal Mr.Average" In the middle of this song, it had a very awesome Bass Solo, Its even Primus sounding.. Yet again proving Punks can play their music. The chorus is also cool..."Hey Joe.. Where ya going, With that Sensus in your hands"... a very political band. 4/5 stars

6 - Somebodys Mother - 3:45
I believe this song is about a mom that doesn't care about her kids, and just drinks. Perhaps one of the band members mothers" Its mediocre.. not a band song, and not a great song. 2/5 stars

7 - This Years War - 3:39
The Guitar,Bass and Drums are exceptional on this song.. very,very good. Its obvious what this song is about.. This Years War. It says in the E-card(at the bottom of this page), this is a brand new song. The Guitar solo is very cool.. I wouldn't mind tabbing it out actually. in a part, it says "People Turn to terror, when all else fails.. the prisons are filled, with rich white males" 4/5 stars

8 - Apathy - 2:37
The Beginning, Dick, and the Crowd Chant "Drink, Sex Ciggarettes..".. it would be soo awesome to be there. There is even two, guitarsolo's in this song, One even Metalica sounding. 3/5 stars

9 - Pigman - 2:33
Dick says.. "This song is about large pig-like animals, that go around and treat you like defense-less animals..".. I Like this, because I'm a vegitarian, for the reason of animal rights. I love the lyrics "Revenge for the timeless market slaughter..Murder...The pigman's coming!...lock up your daughter!." The Intro to this song rules Soo much!. I'm not to good on my effects but Bruce uses something here.. and it sounds soo great! 5/5! stars

10 - Animal - 2:40
Animal starts off with a Bass part.. then guitar.. then Dick screams "1-2-3-4!"
For some reason I love it when bands do this, its over-done, but i love it. Insanely good lyrics on this song. 4/5 stars

11 - Peroxide - 1:57
Yet again.. another "1-2-3-4" 's songs.. but i love it. This is actually one of my favourite subhumans songs, So obviously i'm going to give it a good rating. Great lyrics "Peroxide girl with a false ID,Lost and lonely she can't see
Peroxide hair and burnt-out eyes,Blinded by so many lies" 5/5! stars

12 - Busines Men - 1:59
This song starts off really fast, with guitar.. then starts right off with a quick 8 taps on the Cow Bell, by Trotsky. I love the chorus.. "They'll do it once they'll do it again,The world is run by businessmen" 4/5 stars

13 - Subvert City - 3:59
The slowest of all Subhumans songs. There is even a comic of this song in the booklet. In the interveiw, also on the CD, Dick describes what Subvert city is. It is about people trying to change the system.. Through-out the whole song, the crowd sings with Dick. 3/5 stars

14 - Rain - 3:29
This song starts off, with the guitar playing a part, then the bass does the same thing.. kind of like dueling banjo's. Sounds very cool. Besides that.. the rest of the song reminds me of a Sex Pistols song.The Guitar solo is nice also.
4/5 stars

15 - Reality is waiting for a bus - 2:25
I like the name of this song, it is also perhaps one of the fastest Subhumans songs" The crowd joins in and sings, I'm assuming the mosh pit would be crazy for this song. 3/5 stars

16 - Nothing i can do - 2:32
When Dick says they're going to do this, everyone goes nuts, and for a good reason, because this song rules. The bass sounds cool, and the drums are really highlighted in this song. The guitar is, like it allways is, kick ***.
5/5! stars

17 - Wake up screaming - 4:53
The longest Song on the Cd, at almost 5:00 minutes. Its very slow.. and i think the CD could of done with out. 1/5 stars

18 - Evolution - 2:09
Dick states "This is for the animals that are slaughterd in the millions.. just to get your hair looking great for a night out." Immeadietly after, the song starts off, and is ultra fast. I really like the lyrics to the whole song. "Out in the garden there's a little white cat,And you're catching cancer as you smoke that fag,'When well they find the cure"' you choke,When enough cats have died of smoke",And they say that animals go for the throat" 5/5! stars

19 - Parasites - 2:38
Another one of my Favourite songs. It has good lyrics, good chours, and well.. Good everything. 5/5! stars

20 - No - 1:41
As the bass goes.. Dick,and the crowd chant " No I don't believe in Jus christ
My mother died of cancer when I was five,No I don't believe in religion,I was forced to go to church and I wasn't told why!" .. That is just some of the great lyrics, from this song. 5/5! stars

21 - Mickey Mouse is Dead - 2:57
Dick starts off with "This song is about the most popular cartoon mouse in history".. A very good song, with great guitar, drums and Bass.
5/5! stars

22 - Society - 1:42
My Absolute Favourite subhumans song.. ever. It starts off with this Funky,cool bass part. Phil plays the first measure of the song.. then stops, Perhaps this is a mistake, or he ment to do it. He restarts and the song is perfect. The crowd comes in on the "Do DO DO DO DO Do Do DO" part.. 5/5! stars

23 - Black and White - 3:26
This is more of a slower song, its still good, but should have been placed more at the beginning of the CD.. probly at the end because it has good Band/crowd joining parts. Very Intelligent lyrics. 4/5 stars

24 - Religous Wars - 2:20
This is probly one of the most popular Subhumans songs.. i deffenetly like it alot. The Solo, and lyrics rule. "In the name of god they left you to die
Religious wars there's no reason why,They left you to die" I've even learned this song on guitar.. there is a pretty good tab on MX
5/5! stars

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May 16th 2004


25 - Work-Rest-Play-Die - 2:17
"Heres just one more, We've played everything we just about can.. My voice is all mest up.. bruces fingers are all mest up, and your mind are compleatly mest up.. thats why youre here..... You love it" Says Dick. This is Probly tied with my most favourite song, Society. I can't describe it, it just rules. I allways sing it.. when ever it comes on, it has very political lyrics,
"When the people of the country have forgotten how do disagree,And the national economy is said to be O.K.,And the wages that you get will help you to forget,Will you keep your ideologies or throw them all away?,When the system has you beaten,Even though you haven't eaten,Cos you can't afford to eat and drink to keep your brain alive,You blame the system for the weather but carry on as ever,You got to work at half past 8 and come back home after 5"... Wow.. i love that. 5/5! stars

26 - Drugs Of Youth - 2:16
They could of ended the night with "Work rest, play die". But they added drugs of youth, for some reason. It is ultra fast, and the solo is as perfect as it sounds on EP/LP (I think thats what cd its on). Its great.. 4/5 stars

Final Thought
I love this CD.. its very good. I think any body who likes Pop-punk, or punk, or Rock, and hears this will fall in love with it, Because its that good.. but People who are in-love with Jazz,or Death-Metal.. will probly not..
4/5 stars

May 16th 2004


great cd, even greater band live. saw em a few months ago, i definately recommend this cd...:chug:

May 16th 2004


This is my favorite band i am going to buy their t shirt.

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