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April 15th, 2013 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Warlord, The Holy Empire and the redefinition of Epic Metal.

Eleven years after “Rising Out Of The Ashes”, and many more since the mid 80s, Warlord returns with “The Holy Empire”. Guitarist / composer William J Tsamis and master drummer / percussionist Mark S Zonder along with vocalist Rick Anderson bring back Warlord's musical innovation and establish majesty and uniqueness once again. With them, we have the privilege to hear bassist Philip Bynoe, an amazing player, three-time Grammy nominee and Emmy Award winner, known from his appearance with Steve Vai, Ring of Fire and more.
The legacy of Warlord is growing. The music is here again. The myth becomes reality for all those who will witness Warlord live this month.

The Holy Empire is here. Eight songs, 55 minutes of music, engineered and mastered by multi-Grammy award winner Phil Magnotti, this album is about to open a new chapter in the long history of the band. Bill created this album with the “Warlord fan” in mind, but without letting him obstruct his artistic creativity. I don’t think there will be any Warlord fan that won’t like (at least) The Holy Empire and I don’t think that Bill could offer something better at the moment. This album is made for all the Warlord fans. Mark’s contribution is something more than obvious and Rick’s voice has the Damien King aura that Warlord needs. I always believed that, even if Bill is the composer, there cannot be Warlord without Mark also.

There are songs (70000 Sorrows, The Holy Empire) that go back to the “lost” demo and rehearsal tapes of Lordian Guard - for those who know. “The Holy Empire” also, was supposed to be the title of the third Lordian Guard album, which was never recorded / released. The Lordian Guard touch is vivid in “The Holy Empire” and it wouldn’t be otherwise, since this is the evolution of Tsamis’ musical vision. There is also “Father”, known from Lordian Guard’s “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God” (actually it is dated back in the 80s Warlord days), but the arrangement here is superb, even if I love Vidonne’s version. The Lady’s voice after all, is something more than a simple voice for me. It is part of the music, the way Lordian Guard’s music has grown inside my heart.

“70000 Sorrows” is majestic with unique arrangement in all levels, a redefinition of Epic Metal… I could separate Epic Metal in three different forms:
1. The Barbaric - the Battle, and the quest for the Secret of Steel (Manowar).
2. The Wisdom of the Ancient Gods and the Old Ways, before the cometh of Christianity (Bathory).
3. The lyrical – Dark And Holy - Knighthood, that battles beyond Good and Evil (Warlord).
Warlord, in 2013 manage to redefine Epic Metal and take it to higher levels, combining all the different forms in one EPIC masterpiece, and keep also the uniqueness of their music untouchable. There are few active bands that can play Epic Metal and take it to another level, both musically and lyrical, because if the lyrics are childish, no matter how epic or “big” the music sounds, it remains incomplete, and if Warlord, Manowar and Bathory are the ones that define the different forms of Epic Metal over the years, there are also many others inspired from them, that continue their legacy, like War Dance, Doomsword and Atlantean Kodex.
“70000 Sorrows” has this huge emotion that dwells (for sure) in the heart and soul of Bill. His personal emotions are strong enough to touch every contemplative listener. Inspired guitar and vocal melody lines and amazing drumming from Mark lift the song to heavenly heights.

“Glory” has this familiar Tsamis guitar melody, a melody that fills the listener with positive bittersweet memories of lost childhood years. The lyrics are the kind of words that everyone could relate to. In a fair world, songs like “Glory” would be taught in music schools as an example of how a musician can transform emotions into musical notes.
“Thy Kingdom Come” is a title dated long time ago and keeps the “epic” element in a more sentimental way. Anderson shines on that one and the structure of the song has a unique escalation that fades to redemption before the walls are cracked… “City Walls Of Troy”, one of the lost Warlord songs finally sees officially the light of day. A Dark Epic Metal composition in the vein of the “old”, dark, mystical Warlord-style. A song that could fit in “Deliver Us” and that means that Warlord of 2013 have strong bonds with Warlord of 1983. 30 years later and the magic cannot be lost. This is not a “usual” reunion. I can’t remember something equal; I can’t remember a reunited band with such a great release in general. Maybe Celtic Frost’s “Monotheist” is the only exception for their genre. But, there is also an unusual composition like “Kill Zone” (with Giles Lavery from Dragonsclaw in lead vocals), that somehow is so close but also so far to the “typical” Warlord style. That’s a great Power Metal moment and I would like to hear more from Warlord in this style. Obviously, Bill Tsamis is a charismatic composer and he has listened to Metal all these years, so he cannot be “out-dated”. And how could he be? After all, Warlord music is eternal. “Kill Zone” transports Warlord through time and space, from the swords and walls of Troy, to recent history and wars of the new millennium - “Night Of The Fury” continues the war but the music is more lyrical. Bill hates war; he doesn’t promote the power of America. War exists over the years in different forms and territories. Humanity can’t look away and just pass by. Same goes for some artists. War is cruelty, but it’s for real.

“Father” has a very special meaning for Bill and I am somehow related also with this song (and also “Bridge” from Queensrÿche) because of personal reasons. I can’t say more, it is always difficult to express such deep feelings in words…
And finally, “The Holy Empire”, a song that probably compact what creating music means for William J Tsamis at the current time. The spirit of Lordian Guard is here and Bill, like a musical architect, builds an Empire of unique harmonies and melodies. Mark and Philip are the stones that hold the Kingdom and the vocals are the poetry that chants what’s inside… The final march comes upon us, and this time it’s here to stay.

Don’t let “The Holy Empire” pass you by. It is an album that grows inside you day by day. It has songs that can mark your life. It stands above the mediocrity of today’s music. It is a gift. It is honest and comes from the heart and soul of William J Tsamis. It has the magic touch of Mark Zonder. It is what I was expecting, and my expectations are always high…

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April 14th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

This is my first review. Any constructive criticism is welcomed

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April 14th 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

Nice review man. The album is worth listening.

Contributing Reviewer
April 15th 2013


you guys are kidding right?

April 15th 2013


i think so

April 15th 2013


might check this it sounds kind of cool

April 15th 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

Why kidding??? It's not a bad album guys.

April 15th 2013


I would use italics or bold letters for song titles instead of quotation marks. (also, the "" usage is heavy all the way through).

Also the middle breakdown in regards to the definition of epic metal is unnecessary and adds length to an already lengthy review.

Being said, solid effort for your first time out :D Sputnik (well at least the metal end of town) are bigger fans of concise reviews.

April 15th 2013


Album Rating: 3.0

Have fun in sputnik and always write with as much passion as in this review!

I like shorter reviews because my attention span is short, but that's just me

July 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Kinda bland on the first listen, but with every subsequent listen, it gets better.

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July 22nd 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

"Kinda bland on the first listen, but with every subsequent listen, it gets better."

Yeah unlike their previous records, The Holy Empire is more of a grower..

Staff Reviewer
May 17th 2018


Album Rating: 4.1

Jamming this one for the first time in years and it's still awesome. Deliver Us gets all the love but this is solid as well.

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