Blood On Their Hands



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April 6th, 2013 | 10 replies

Release Date: 1983 | Tracklist

Review Summary: The long forgotten classic is now getting some publicity

Why is it that this album went unnoticed back in 1983 when it was released" It could have been that there were too many progressive influences for metal fans to take in. Or it could have been that at the time, thrash metal was experiencing its beginnings and the NWOBHM was becoming old fashioned. Or it could be bad label or bad management, who knows" Regardless, this is a fantastic NWOBHM album that has been forgotten by time and by the metal community and it's time that it gets some proper attention. This is a review of the forgotten masterpiece, “Blood on their hands”.

The lineup is:
Ken Revell on drums
John Jay on bass
Mike Cooke on guitar and as vocalist

When you listen to the album Motorhead, Iron Maiden, and even Rush will come to mind. The prog influence adds a nice touch to the NWOBHM formula and gives the album a unique feel that others of its time lacked. That feeling is a somewhat lighthearted and ambient feeling, but at the same time a feeling of badassery and aggression. The opening song reflects on this pretty well when it starts with a Motorhead vibe and moves on to a more Iron Maiden like style later. And in the middle of the track the prog influences start to show. The rocking metal turns into an ambient clean guitar breakdown and then goes back to what it was before, a sign that this band was not straightforward.

The album has lots of hooks and catchy anthems to keep you from forgetting the songs but doesn't sacrifice its speed and intensity, in fact these elements are balanced together perfectly on all 7 tracks. Basically what you'll hear is a proggy motorhead with a touch of Iron Maiden. The ambient production gives the album a sometimes mysterious but yet feel good atmosphere that will keep your attention and emotions in check. The lyrical content is about many life matters such as war, sex, drinking, dystopian societies, and feeling good. Most of these things are captured well in the song 1984 which should please any fan of Fahrenheit 451 or anything like it.

There are pianos on the album in the track 1984 so if you don't like pianos, then don't listen. If you do, then you're in for a treat. Also there are lots of instrumental only areas like for example the last half of Food & Sex Mad is entirely instrumental and kind of jazzy. And Garabandal is the same way as it starts off with a soft clean riff that gives away a clean atmosphere but this is eventually interrupted by the song turning into heavy metal.

Overall this is a very interesting album to listen to if you are a fan of early 80's heavy metal or Motorhead and Rush. This is not for fans of more modern sounding music. Although you should give it a shot anyway because it's a classic, a forgotten classic. It really is a shame this didn't get big back in the day and this band was not touring with bands like Saxon and Iron Maiden. Give “Blood On Your Hands” a try and see what you think.

Recommended tracks
Over The Top 1914

This is my 2nd review on Sputnik, I hope it was a good review and described the sound of the album well.

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April 6th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

I have no idea why the album art won't show. But you can look it up online

April 6th 2013


Remove the last line, that's something you would put as the first comment.
You also use "it's" a lot when you mean "its", "it's" is only ever a contraction for "it is".
In the third paragraph you've written "will keep you're attention" when you mean your attention.
In the forth paragraph, when talking about the piano, you say "if you don't pianos, don't listen".

Other than those things I picked up, this is an alright second review. There's some definite room for improvement, but good work anyway.

This album sounds awesome, so I will probably check it out.

Staff Reviewer
April 6th 2013


There is an unofficial stream for the album at the following location:

Decent album, but that's that.

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April 6th 2013


oh man i totally fucking predicted this would be NWOBHM when i saw the album cover and band name

worship me

April 6th 2013


decidedly mediocre

April 6th 2013


Interesting. My first thought on seeing the album cover was it looks like Kill 'em All.

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April 6th 2013


Album Rating: 5.0

Ha yea it kinda does, except it's low budget.

Staff Reviewer
April 6th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

This is good stuff. Good choice reviewer.

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April 6th 2013


well i'm interested.

April 6th 2013


Wicked album art

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