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March 15th, 2006 | 23 replies

Release Date: 2000 | Tracklist

Miss RATM, but dislike the politics they did" Want a more complex chorus (compared to RATM's one line over a killer riff)" Want a more metal side mixed with hip-hop culture" This is what you want. This album as a whole sounds as though a lot of thought and time has gone into it. Although it did take me and I'm sure will take most people awhile to get into it, once you're in this album it becomes classic to you. Basically this album is RATM meets hip-hop with more drugs, sex, emotional pain, and rock. Not only is this album a great mix of sounds going from songs like "Everybody Dies" which are clearly fueled by some pretty intense, callous anger to songs more chilled than Bob Marley like "The Meadow." I would recommend this album to anyone, especially to those who don't like the recent mainstream wave that's going on in music today.

1. Killing Time - a great tune opens in a very motivated metal way. The lyrics are very aggressive and mixed with the very intense bass line and the subtle guitar sounds very cool. The chorus is classic: it breaks into full-on distorted guitars and sounds spot on. Also this song was the theme tune to the movie 3000 Miles to Graceland AND has a quote from Dragonball Z in it. The lead singer switches from a very painful image of a bee sting to something very graceful - a butterfly - the contrast in these two images really helps to draw out a more violent feel to the song. (***** out of 5)

2. Everybody Dies - Also another very powerful song, the opening verse is punchy, aggressive and great fun to rap along to. Again, a step up in distortion makes the chorus more powerful and elevated vocals help make it very likeable. Again that very agitated aggression is a strong presence in this song, the middle eight is killer too with some subtle but well placed mixing from house DJ, DJ Product (C) 1969, which leads into a built up for a more extreme chorus. The outro makes for good listening to. ****

3. Feel Good Feat. Serj of SOAD and Morgan of Kittie - After the last two tracks this one opens with a more hip-hop drum machine intro, the bass is heavily concentrated on, very simple but powerful with a repeating keyboard note followed by a sudden metal burst for a chorus which contains some mild screaming which fixes perfectly. The next verse and chorus follow suit; however, it breaks into big sounding guitars with elevated vocals and a call reply sequence going on. Following this it breaks into bass and drums with some talking from the lead singers and uses "C'mon" to kick start the song once again with defiant lyrics and hard-hitting guitars suddenly taken back to the verse sequences, yet again the contrast sounds well thought out and brilliantly placed. the great thing about this album is that they never stop pulling tricks out of the bag it opens gain to a new sequence of an angry guitar and insults said over the top. The track ends with the chorus. Another blinder ****

Okay, now I've given you examples of what the song builds are like - I'll keep it a bit more concise. Thanks for reading this far!

4. Bartender. Opens calm, with a great bass line. Belligerent guitar and awesome lyrics. This song has a really great sound and is one of the album's title tracks. Hed PE at their best, a great all-around song that is well worth listening to. It uses dynamics effectively to create a killer song. The song stretches the band's skills to build up a chorus to the max and they are well capable of some great sounds. "ell placed scratching finishes the song of excellency. *****

5. Crazy Legs - Another very hip-hop sounding song. The lyrics aren't in the inlay because even for this genre they contain sex, drugs and n*****. This song still has a great song but I doubt any one wil be happy with you playing it too loud. Some cool almost choir vocals join the chorus and WILL have you singing along. The rapping in this song sounds brilliant and you won't be able to help but learn the lyrics. Good scratching makes another appearance. ***/ ****

6. Pac Bell - I'm not too sure on the title. It uses a sample to introduce the song but you'll probably want to fast forward it. A really hip hop inspired song, would sound cool if you played this one loud in you car at night. Compared to other songs it has very aggressive lyrics and a humming guitar draws into them excellently. the song only gets better the longer you listen to it but trouble is that you may get bored and stop listening. ** (if you only listen to the start) ****(if you listen the whole way through)

7. I Got You - Not the best intro, it is pretty much grunge-sounding chords and yet again another song that takes too long to get good. The chorus uses the intro guitaring but sounds a lot better. the song has a very big sound and is one of the less interesting ones. The cool part comes very late on in the song and is short lived, still a great song but not the best. ***

8.Boom (how you like that) - a very cool sounding hip hop inspired song, will take a few listens to get into but you'll fall for it. The guitars really rock on this song and clever use of call and reply that is drawn out for a long time but doesn't get old as the music evoloves and reshapes around it, one of the better songs on the album. ****/*****

9. Swan Dive - what to say about this song... Easily one one of the best songs if not the best. starts very hip hop but sounds almost jazz and breaks down into guitars with big impact. A great song with ridiculous changes that create an all round amazing song and one out of the only two that don't swear on this album. easily *****

10. Stevie - I've never really liked this song because the song isn't that interesting until late in and again it may be too late. What hed pe do with this song at the interesting changes and parts does sound wicked but maybe they should have cut off the first verse and chorus. Give it a chance. If you listen to it once and don't like it you don't ever have to again. ***

11. Jesus (of Nazareth) - this song seems to tell of a great deal of pain, a really moving one that is extremely dark. Throughout has a great sounds and explodes like a fight between you and your greatest enemy and again uses loud and quite to make this song sound killer. The religious contextual language is interesting because people turn to religion often as a last resort. I personally love this song it contains everything you could want, even a reference to Jeigrmeister! *****

12. The Meadow - having followed such a dark song you expect the oppisite but this song closes the album on an extremely sad note but a choon through and through. Very dark, very depressing, and very cool. *****

Thanks for the read! Comment another time, you must be nakered having read that much.

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March 15th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

wow, i didnt know anybody else liked this cd. i got this for 3 dollars are a local cd shop and i just bought i cuase it was 3$ i though why not, and it was pretty good. more rap-metal then nu-metal but there isnt a rap metel

March 15th 2006


Hahha I can't believe I really liked this at one point. It's pretty fun but ultimately pretty retarded. "Meadow" is a pretty song still.

March 16th 2006


i prefer rage against the mach--- sorry, RATM

April 8th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I think this album is very underrated and is judged by it's Rap-Metal genre.

This is one of the better Hard Rock/ Metal albums since 2000

Storm In A Teacup
September 14th 2006


I agree with mudvaynian. The music is pretty bad.

September 15th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

IF anyone is basing their opinions off of Only In Amerika, listen to another album OIA sucks hardcore. This album is actually really catchy and good. But Jahred's voice bugs people tho.

June 14th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

(hed) p.e. is the best rap band in the world.This Message Edited On 06.14.08

June 14th 2008


LOL. I guess I should feel offended that someone is sarcastically impersonating me online, but I can't help but laugh because it is indeed someone just online and they took to the time to do it out of their day. XD go outside.

June 14th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

Who are you, and why are you trying to impersonate me?

June 14th 2008



June 14th 2008


Who are you, and why are you trying to impersonate me?

LOL. Cheers!

June 14th 2008


Album Rating: 4.5

Haha excellent.

February 14th 2009


This album was strongly influenced by world music and classic rock. I don't know where you get "metal" from. The only album of theirs that had any metal influence was Insomnia, which was influenced by thrash bands like Slayer.

This album is punk rock, not metal.

February 18th 2009


Album Rating: 5.0

Great album. Most of the songs on here have such a deep meaning. And then there are other songs that you can party to. It has it all!

August 22nd 2009


Album Rating: 2.5

cant get into them

October 2nd 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

I freaking LOVED this album in high school. This, Soulfly's Primitive and Machine Head's The Burning Red were THE albums of my teen years.

October 23rd 2011


gives me an awesome kick of nostalgia, one of those underrated nu-metal albums that largely got slept on

it's still a fun listen if you ask me

June 29th 2012


Album Rating: 2.5

"Killing Time" is great.

January 22nd 2013


damn The Meadow really reminds me of Brand New. wonder if they got inspiration from hed pe

January 9th 2014


Feel Good is actually a really bad ass song. The other two full lengths I listened to by these guys weren't very good, but maybe I should give this a listen.

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