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Release Date: 2004 | Tracklist

Now, if you have read my previous reviews I go into full detail with each song, state the structure and what they're about on each song. I have decided to ditch that and try summarizing the aspects of each song quickly.

So this is AOF's 2nd album, in many fans' minds and mine, not as good as the first, not a smusically driven and with the partial loss of George's heavy duty screams. However I will agree that promotionally and financially the album was better than Self-Titled, so here it is:


This was the first video from Watch Out. It is a good intro to the CD and a good first single to release. The song starts off as more of a punk/metal type intro until the verse where we hear smartly effected screams. During the chorus Dallas sings overtop of Wade doing an anthemish "Woah oah oah" set. The song has a huge instrumental that revolves around a bass solo and mini guitar fills until the second chorus and the end of the song. I give this song 4/5.


The song I think starts off really cool with both guitars playing neat riffs while George is screaming some pretty cool lyrics. Then throughout the verses we hear Dallas sing overtop of slow riffs and we hear George overtop of the riffs during the chorus. The song sports a heavy bridge with all 3 vocalists and breaks into a solo by wade later on until the last chorus. This song gets 4.5/5, cool guitar, George does well.


This song starts off with acoustic guitar backed by distorted fills and suitable drums while Dallas sings greatly overtop, we then hear a quick interlude with George overtop of Palm mutes and a clean fill. The song then breaks into a crazy solo/riff by Wade and speeds up with different power chords and dallas singing, George comes in as well until a drum and bass break leading to the climax where Dallas sings loudly under George's screams until the end of the song where we ehar from George while the music dies briefly. This song is lyrically amazing and nicely put together, it gets 5/5.


This is a song done solely by dallas, the chorus is heavy with loud singing but the verses are sung very nicely and softly behind clean notes until it speeds up during the second verse until the last chorus where we also hear from wade a bit. The song ends with an acoustic verse that is overlayed with the same thing backwards, out of plac ekind of wakward sounding. I give this song 3/5, no George, don't liek the style as much, Dallas does well though.


The song starts quick with chords and muted fills until both guitars start playing neatly scaled riffs. George sings the verse in between fast chord and riff fills until the chorus where we hear the opening riff and George fill in while Dallas isn't singing. The song then breaksdown to a vocal break done by wade and picks back up to the second chorus, after that the drums speed up and we hear sort of a mini solo/riff and then the last chorus comes around. This song gets 4/5, cool song.


The song starts with a negative bit that sounds really cool, with bend effects and clean riffs/chords, it leads perfectly to the actual song which comes quickly with heavy chords backed by notes by Dallas and agressive screams by George. The song then slows down with cool bass and drum parts while Dallas sings a catchy verse, until the heavy chords pick up again where Dallas shows great range and even yells a word or two appropiately, we also hear fills form George until George gets his little verse and does a very long scream backed by no isntruments. The chorus then comes consisting of the word "tomorrow" a number of times by Dallas until a second verse by dallas like the first and a second chorus leading to another long scream, ending the song. Good song, overplayed, like lsitening to it, great negative intro, gets 4.5/5.


The song starts with clean effected riffs and a man tlaking on the phone until Dallas atarts singing overtop of palm muted, and the song goes back to the phone call and slower guitar, this time Dallas sings over the phone call. The song then goes silent and then gets really heavy with George screaming between heavy chords which leads to ti slowing down with george and wade both doing vocals, the song speeds up again where we hear from all 3 vocalists then dies down to just distorted drums and george screaming "razor wire" a number of times. The song gets 4/5.


Ther eisn't much to say about this song, most of it consists of the same heavy chords under George's screams. During the choruses we hear from all 3 vocalists and during the second verse we hear a new palm muted riff and different effected interludes. it's a cool song but repetitive and nothing special, 4/5.


This, along with Side Walk si probably the worst on the album. It starts with a crazy drum line with george's screams then punk guitar chords come in under some long screams, until the evrse where George screams lines really fast overtop of riff and chord fills, until more punk cords and long screams. We then hear from wade and Dallas until the chords come back with a different style under George's screams. It then reaches the climax with the same chords and long screams except slower until the speeds back up with Dallas and George doing vocalists until the end. This song doesn't sound very good and isn't well balanced, it gets 3/5.


Starts off with a cool drum beat and some clean chords, until the verse with clean palm mutes, riffs and Dallas singing. The chorus comes in which has cool guitar parts and both george and Dallas. We then go back to a similar verse but without any riffs, which ultimately leads to the bridge where George talks fast and does long screams over driving riffs until the last chorus which resembles the first. The song then jumps into a bit by wade and George until the end. Get Fighted gets 4.5/5, more of a fun song.


The song starts with a cool drumroll and then some fast and heavy chords which ammediately die down to the actual song speed, with effected backwards vocals and guitar fills, which leads to the verse with a neat riff and great singing, which then leads to a slow chorus with dallas and Wade singing "wake up" a number of times. The song then quickens and gets heavy palm mutes and we hear George for the first time only briefly to go to a second verse like the first and then a second chorus like the first. To end the album, the song goes into a bit with George and Wade and ends nicely. This song is a good closer, neat sounding, kind of darker, gets 4.5/5.

So overall the album isn't as good as the first, gets 4/5, little repetitive but still cool.

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March 14th 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Thought this was a pretty decent review. You go into a good amount of detail in each song and so forth - I enjoyed reading it! I used to quite like Alexisonfire but I guess that was just a phase - can't say I would sit and listen to more than a couple of tracks at a time now.

Digging: Converge - The Dusk in Us

Two-Headed Boy
March 14th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

Fine review, if completely unnecessary.

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