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by Boxes Of Cats USER (11 Reviews)
March 14th, 2006 | 7 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

So I was hoping I'd be the first to review this CD but it's not a big deal so whatever. Protest The Hero are a new Canadian band that blends thrash medal, punk, alternative and melody into something totally new to the business. Kezia is their first full length CD, but they did have an EP in which they released a video. So here's the rundown of all 10 tracks from Kezia:


This song wastes no time kicking the album right into full throttle, starting with a wind-like sound and background scream for build-up and then jumping right into a rapid metal drum beat and catchy metal riff that proves flexible to change up and leds right into some heavy chords overlaid with mini fills. Right away from there the vocalists make themselves known, sporting both punkish singing and background deep yells. The song continuesusing mini fills and heavy metal chords while the vocalists alternate until about 2 minutes in when it breks down into heavy palm mutes and agressive yelling. The song then really changes up near the end with a crazy palm muted riff and builds from there into a sweet outro with a killer riff and returning to the original song style. I give it 4/5, cool song, good album intro.


The song starts right away with alternation between heavy palm mutes and mini riifs/fills backed by an insane drum line that definately makes itself noticable early in the song. But then out of no where it completely changes gears to a fast-paced acoustic hord pattern with well-done soft singing, but before you can say "Kezia" it's back to the heavy palm mutes overlaid by another crazy riff and backed by deep thrashing yells, but then right back to another acoustic part and again to a heavy part, i quite liek the alternations though. The song then picks up in style with a cool punk drum beat and neat vocal styles overtop of another riff and chord set. The song then jumps into a really catchy rythmic palm-muted sequence. The song then goes back to it's alternations between acoustic melodies and thrashing rythms and quickly picks up into a catchy punk beat with great vocal styles whicht hen breaks down into both guitars playing different riffs then breaks down to punk guitar for a second and picks back up with a punk riff and chords and vocals that add a good balance and provide a good gateway to a finish for the song much like the intro. I give it 4.5/5 really neat song.


Right away the song jumps into a neatly scaled riff backed by paused palm-muted metal chords then leads into an alternation between riffs and palm muted chords, flowing right into the start of vocals with strummed alternative chords and a catchy drum beat, going into more plam mute and fill alternations. Which then cleverly breaks down into separated metal chords with fast and appropiate vocals that add a new element to the song but are strangely repetitive, the chords then pick up but keep the same style which then goes to another break down of more separated chords but with a solid riff. An interlude then starts with both guitars playign the same riff separately that creates a well-done production effect which goes into a really different riff and chord set then breaks into a heavy bass line backed by 2 riffs then goes into a really cool interlude of two riffs overlayed leading into a really cool dark sequence with insane drums and really cool chords overlayed by a similar riff and high singing, which then flows into a really cool part that is similar except different vocal style and chord rythm, which creates a great end to the song. I give it 4.5/5.


The song countsdown with a negative bit featuring a really cool sounding piano, which also shows their potential for more flexibility. This intro definately gets your attention for what is to come on track 4 of Kezia, which quickly builds up a heavy wind effect and jumps right into the song.It starts off with a cool rapid drum beat with metal chords and riffs, which goes into an alternation between fills and palm mutes, where it then speeds up we then here an alternation between hightened screams and the lead vocalist singing in between for balance. The song then gets slower and we here continued singing backed by riffs and palm muted pauses with then leads into the chords picking up between both guitars alternting between strums and palm mutes. Where it goes into deeper screms overlaid by more singing backed by a speedy riff and crazy heavy bass line. Then goes into heavy palm muted chords with singing and more deep yells leading into a riff break with singing and minor backup singing. The song then picks up to a punk style with clever chords, riffs and drums where agressive singign then come sin creating a cool mood in which a brekdown comes in between fills, palm mutes and strums, leading to an ultimately slow part of the song with still metal chords and different vocal styles leading into a similar part except with more continued chords then going into an outro that resembles the intro. I'd give it 3.5/5 it's a cool song but it doesn't present enough of a "wow" factor other than the piano negative bit.


Right away the song jumps into heavy palm mutes and drums like rapid fire with harmonic fills which breaks down to a really cool sounding riff in between palm mutes wher eit pauses and instently vocals come in backed by the original drum line and a new riff then goes into an insane drum, vocal and single chord bit, this picks up with more screaming very briefly then goes back to the same thing, going into oddly timed palm mutes where you hear a second guitar start to come in using cool production techniques. The song then continues with vocals, fills and palm mutes until the deep screamer comes in for backing vocals going into a brief punk bit with slower guitar chords and sorrow-filled vocals then going back to palm mutes and riffs which goes into the songs end with suitable vocals and clever rythm guitar where the song ends just like that. I give this one 4/5, it didn't present any new styles or techniques but still cool.


This is their first video from the album, one you should definately look out for. The song kicks off with great punk chords and drums which then alternates between doubled riffs that keep the pace. The song then goes into punk chord progressions that provide a really cool rythm, where the vocals come in backed by deep screams that go well and shifts to changes in drums and heavy bass at appropiate moments. From here it gets really rythmic with palm mutes alternated between slow chords and nice-sounding backup vocals come in. We quickly hear him sing really high backed by an acoustic rythm then it gets right back to where it left off we then get an instrumental break with both guitars playing cool riffs, the song then really breksdown with alternative chords and the elad guitar pulling off a really awesome solo, which flows nicely into harmonied riffs between both guitars, which then goes into a bass and vocal break with appropiate and great singing, where palm mutes and backup vocals briefly come at moments, leading to a pickup in the song that hits a really good climax with continued chords and an overlayed riff with great singing and backup vocals, which goes right into an interlude with solely a clapping-like sound which goes right back to 2 riffs being played, in which the song ends right there. But wait, there's an outro, this is where we hear a random female singer backed by acoustic guitar, but when she stops singing amazing acoustic riffs are played and finish the song nicely. This one definately gets 5/5.


The song kicks off with a really wierd build-up consiting of a pick slide against the string, which then goes to a really cool riff, chord pattern and drum line which goes to a verse with heavy rapid palm muting and little fills in between overlayed with agressive and quick singing, this continues for awhile, simply changing riff style or pattern, which goes into another part with quick higher screaming and heavy palm mutes, which goes into a really need interlude with a backgeound effect and nicely palm muted chords, where a riff then comes in followed by vocals and metal chord progressions. The song then breaks down into separate riffs leading to another slow guitar and vocal bit, which picks up with speedy drums and a new riff. The song then ends liek it started. Really cool sounding song, I give it 4.5/5.


the song starts off right away with a riff backed by alternations between palm muted chords and various fills. The drums then really pick up and so does the main riff and the vocals come in. Which leads to an alternation of screaming vocals backed by oddly-timed palm muting, leading to strummed chords and hightened vocals backed by a hightened riff. The song then breaksdown with various chords and a rapid drum beat overlayed with someone giving some sort of message leading to the screamers scremaing in unison until we get a guitar break then go to a vocal break with really high singing and minor palm mutes which leads to a climax with chorus-style vocals and chords the song changes pattern but continues in this style but adds backup vocals until the very end. It gets a 4/5.


The song starts right away with palm mutes and a cool-sounding riff where it leads cleverly to the verse in which the vocals come in and the occasional chord strums with rapid drums, onyl to pick-up again with palm mutes and riffs, which leads to a breakdown of strummed chords and insane riff harmony, which then goes into doubled screaming and singing, going back to chord progressions and singing, slowing down to another female vocalist and the occasional chord where he come sin and says "blindfolds aside"" But then you get a cool sounding break down with great violin and riffs which go to rapidly palm muted chords that altenrate between chords hten lead to a climax with great vocals backed by deep screamign and chord progressions which dies down into an acoustic bit with a women singer but when she stops we here background riffs and a bell strikes as the song fades out. I give it 4.5/5, cool sounding song.


So here it is, the closer to the album, it starts off with a cool sounding riff and quick drum tap which goes into cool sounding palm mutes and riffs, which then goes to a verse consisting of quick drums, riffs and vocals, we then get a quick fill and the song changes pace and adds backup screams, where we get the band yelling unison soon after which goes into a really cool verse with heavy bass and niely done drums and appropriate vocals. It then quickly adds some palm mutes andleaves the vocalist hanging for a second but then jumps into a great part of the song with great acoustic riffs and a cool bass line leading to a fast-paced punk bit with alternation of singers which then goesback to pam mutes and riffs, which ultimately goes into a fade out of the song. But an acoustic guitar quickly comes in with a really nice sounding riff that is finger picked to provide an awesome sound which is backed by a second acoustic riff and violin, which fades out and ends the CD. I give this one 5/5, awesome riffs and different parts to it, great closer.

Overall, this was a really cool album, definately blended styles. They are really telented with their instruments and if you like rapid heavy palm mutes, insane riffs and killer drums, this is for you. Some songs either sounded or did start similar or were similar in style which brought it down somewhat but is still a really awesome album. So it gets a 4, look forward to their sophemore effort.

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March 14th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

You descirbe the songs in too much detail, rather than just giving your opinion.

March 14th 2006


Album Rating: 2.0

If describing songs in detail makes reviews bad, then my Thrice review is the worst

review of all time.

How are we supposed to know if we trust his opinon if he doesn't tell us why he likes

the songs.This Message Edited On 03.14.06

March 14th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

There's nothing wrong with going into detail. But he has gone into far too much detail, and not given enough opinion, and it's just so long and drawn out I can't even imagine reading all this.

March 14th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

You didnt spend much time on the actual theory of the album, but my review does that so dont worry. Glad to see someone else reviewing them .

March 15th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Just noticed you said "thrash medal". You might want to fix that.

[quote=reviewer]08 - TURN SOONEST TO THE SEA

the song starts off right away with a riff backed by alternations between palm muted chords and various fills. The drums then really pick up and so does the main riff and the vocals come in[/quote]

The song starts off with sweep picking.This Message Edited On 03.15.06

March 17th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Alright, I just fully read your review. You need to use punctuation. Also a lot of your descriptions are just...wrong. You make it seem like the album is one giant palm muted chord.

Cries Of The Past
October 11th 2006


actuallt. Turn soonest to the sea, does not startwith sweeping arps. there's actually no sweeping in the intro what so ever.

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