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March 18th, 2013 | 15 replies

Release Date: 2012 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Hinder re-release their debut album. Hinder re-release their sophomore album. Hinder re-release their third -- oh, fuck it.

There's really nothing to say about Hinder besides the fact that they are the lowest level of mediocre mainstream rock today. Hell, Nickelback can't even reach their level of insipid hard rock. If you've seen the progression in Hinder's music, you would that.....um...... nothing has ***ing changed. The only reason why Hinder continues to release this crap (if you can even give them that) is so that they can keep the rock radio airwaves alive, and sadly, with this new album, they have failed in succeeding that goal for the fourth time, by just barely reaching the Top 65 on the Billboard 200, and let's face it, their long-time fans are going to eventually grow up and search for some music that has some intellectual thought, music that doesn't constantly obsess over girls and/or money, music that was produced by bands that make music to make music and not money, and soon, Hinder, in 10 years, won't even be able to crack the Billboard 200. That is, if they continue to make music.

1. Save Me - Annoying song about a guy who has been through several barfights in his life, has abused a lot of women (primarily prostitutes) and constantly rejects the assistance of anyone else. The instrumental work is horrible, when Joe Garvey only plays two chords besides the meaningless cadence in the 'Get out of my face, I don't need you to save me' portion of the chorus and Cody Hanson plays only one beat besides a couple of drumrolls. Unfortunately, the instrumental work is almost the same throughout the entire album. [1.5/5]

2. Ladies Come First - Oh, what's a Hinder album without the overly typical song about meeting a girl at a bar, and having sex with her in the bathroom" I have the answer for you: If it doesn't have that, Hinder didn't make it. [1/5]

3. Should Have Known Better - Painfully boring and generic break-up ballad with a confusing first two lines "Woke up with you back in my bed; We broke up, how'd this happen again"". So, Austin is implying that the girl he slept with has broken up with him, but has somehow managed to end up in his bed anyway. The rest of the song continues with Austin just whining about how he was just drunk and how he should have some sympathy because he had no train of thought at the time. [1/5]

4. Freakshow - I don't think I've ever heard any song as heartless, emotionless, and tasteless as the fourth track on WTTF. The entire song consists of Austin describing women as if they were animals, and taking in droves of money for the 'Freakshow' he has created, backed by horrible lyrics such as "Sister's got the TV on nothin' but reality; Showin' her how to be a dirty little skank.", "Sneak a peek, have a seat, ready sex, here we go.", "Super sweet in real life, super slutty house wife; Fighting for the spotlight, feelin' no shame; It's cool to be a train wreck, put it on the internet; Making sure they don't forget my pretty little face." The only thing that doesn't make this song less than a 0.5 is that the chords are different in contrast to the rest of the songs on the album. [0.5/5]

5. Talk to Me - Once again, another generic break-up ballad, consisting of Austin Winkler whining about how he didn't bother to communicate with his own ***ing girlfriend. I guess she also took the time to listen to the pile of *** that was Austin's music and realized that she should've made a better decision. [1.5/5]

6. Get Me Away from You - So, the follow-up song after the ultimately annoying break-up ballad that was 'Talk to Me', is a strikingly similar ballad but except it's about Austin saying how he's too attached to his girlfriend, and that he should stay away" This is solid proof that this song is just a filler because it contradicts the song prior and has very similar instrumental work. [1/5]

7. Is It Just Me" - Austin Winkler throughout this entire album has been known to contradict himself in a few songs, and this song is no different. The lyrics consist of Austin encouraging everyone to stop acting like raging alcoholics and should stop wasting their lives drinking in bars. Fair enough, but their is one major flaw that stands out in the song, and it's in the chorus. "I think we need another drink." So, Austin's solution to stop drinking is to keep drinking" Sigh.... [1/5]

8. I Don't Wanna Believe - One of the better songs on the album, but once again it's a completely generic love ballad that tries so hard to cover up the heartless and misogynist image of Austin Winkler, where it consists of the overly generic piano, overly generic vocal range, and the overly generic overdrive guitar (which you can hear in any glam metal ballad). [2/5]

9. See You in Hell - One of the more creative songs on the album, where it mentions some of the most well known movie-stars and musicians that have died, such as Marilyn Monroe, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Les Paul. However, just like everything that Hinder does, they have to make it into a generic in-your-face dude rock song about getting drunk and having sex. Just ***ing perfect. [1.5/5]

10. Anyone But You - *rephrases review on Should Have Known Better* [1/5]

11. Wanna Be Rich - ....and here we close out the album with Austin Winkler trying to speak for all of America and how we all want to be rich and drown ourselves in money. *ahem*. Austin TRIES to speak for all of America, but sadly, it's only him. The synthesizer is also meaningless and doesn't deserve to be playing in the song. The song is also backed by terrible lyrics like "Act like a slut, and all the kids will look up to you.", and "I just want to be rich, and star in a porn." Also, the song sounds like it's in the middle of the album, so the album doesn't end well whatsoever. And of all the ballads in the album, the ending isn't one" Austin clearly doesn't know how to set up an album, and it sounds like he just randomly chooses a song then places those songs in the order he randomly picked out. [0.5/5]

So, what else is to say about Hinder, amongst every album which is 50/50 with toothless party rock tracks and boring love ballads" Generic. If this is the only Hinder album you've listened to, you haven't missed anything, because it's the same thing copied onto every CD that they create, which is unoriginal to begin with.

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March 18th 2013


Album Rating: 0.5

Agreed with that summery hard, though I have no idea why you'd even bother doing a track by track of a

Hinder album anyway, because since every track is literally identical, you'd pretty much be describing

the same thing over and over again.

March 18th 2013


reads off as a rant

March 18th 2013


lol had to Pos this.

March 18th 2013


That summary might be one of the best I have read in a while.

March 18th 2013


Funny review.

March 18th 2013


I try.

March 18th 2013


That username

March 18th 2013


Album Rating: 1.0

I couldn't make it past the first track on this, it sounds exactly like every other crap album by

these guys

March 18th 2013


band is beyond awful

March 19th 2013


"though I have no idea why you'd even bother doing a track by track of a Hinder album anyway, because since every track is literally identical, you'd pretty much be describing the same thing over and over again."

He had to fill it with something...I mean...you can only say "horrible" in so many different ways.

I could never do this review, because I could never force myself to suffer a minute of Hinder.

March 19th 2013


"I could never do this review, because I could never force myself to suffer a minute of Hinder."

At least you're being honest.

March 19th 2013


1. Save Me
2. Ladies Come First
3. Shoulda Known Better
4. Freakshow
5. Talk to Me
6. Get Me Away From You
7. Is It Just Me
8. I Don't Wanna Believe
9. See You in Hell
10. Anyone But You
11. Wanna Be Rich

Green Baron
May 29th 2013


Album Rating: 1.0

i listened to hours of Hinder as a kid, funny how times change

May 31st 2013


^ Big mistake, bro. xD

August 21st 2013


This is a shitty review. I wish I could get rid of this. :[

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