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March 15th, 2013 | 11 replies

Release Date: 2013 | Tracklist

Review Summary: Melodic addiction that is sure to "Be your best friend".

My theory is that originality + rhythmic and melodic familiarity = Great music. While the indie/garage rock genre is no new territory, the Palma Violets may have very well conquered it. “180” is the very first Palma Violets album and it is pretty damn impressive. This London band produces a psychedelic sound that is reminiscing of the 1960’s. This and a garage band attitude. To quote them “I wanna be your best friend” and this album could very well be.

The “Palma Violets” are a four piece band which is appropriate for the genre. The bassist/vocalist is “Chilli Jenson” His bass playing compliments the rhythm of the drum beats very well. His vocal style is very raw and emotive . The vocals could easily be compared to those of a 1960’s garage band such as “the seeds” or "The Zombies".
The Guitarist and vocalist goes by the name of Sam Fryer. He’s guitar produces a pleasantly psychedelic jangling sound. An occasional wailing sound can also be heard. One cannot help but think of the early recordings of “The Who” when hearing the sound of his guitar. He has some skill but most of the songs consist of rather basic chords. The keyboardist is called “Peter Mayhew” . His playing is the main factor in the band’s psychedelic sound. Without it the band would sound like just an average indie band. The keyboard playing actually reminds me of that of the early punk band "The Stranglers".
The drummer is Will Doyle and he’s drumming is pretty basic but in this case basic is good.

The lyrics are really pretty clever but it’s so obvious that the band’s aim is to make them easily to sing along to. This will most definitely make for excellent live shows where the audience and band feel a sense of unity. Unity in song that is! The album consists of many instances of repeating a certain song line to make it stand out. This is a winning formula and pretty much fail-proof.
For Example: “You got me Dancing in the sun” x 4.

Of course there are plenty of ohhhs, ahhhs, heys and yeahs throughout the entire album. What else would you expect from the genre" They’ve got a recurring theme of using elementary poetry. Elementary poetry is of course rhyming.

“The Human race
He always wins the race
In outer space
Get out of Space"

The intros to the songs are very strong . They sort of just pull you in.
The opening lines of the entire album are no exemptions
“I see Alaina in the distance Shouting out a word
Oh how she runs through presistence
oh her mind is so absurd"

In conclusion this is a fantastic album that is hard not to love. I am addicted to the latest musical drug that is “Palma Violets”. I suggest you try it. One hit and you will be hooked.

My rating: 4.5 /superb

Sounds like no other British indie band at the moment.
Winning melodies
Clever lyrics
Easy to sing along
An addictive psychedelic sound

Beatle-esque back ground singing

Recommended tracks:

Best of Friends
All the Garden Birds
Tom the Drum
Last of the summer wine.

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They'll be your best friends, but will we?...

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March 15th 2013


Album Rating: 1.5

I've listened to the album a few times now, and I can't get over just how mediocre it is. :/

Also a little constructive criticism to further your writing. Besides the formatting problems and the disjointedness of the review in general (bring up points but don't expound on them), there really isn't a need for anything after your conclusion. That's why it is a conclusion: you should state all of your pros and cons inside of the main body of the review.

March 15th 2013


Yeah so... this review is pretty bad. Not to be hating on you, but it feels disjointed, like Ziio already pointed out. You just make a bunch of points, which u don't expand upon at all. And your main point seems to be, that the genre is bland and tired, the lyrics are forgetable and basic, as well as the songwriting and instrumentation... and that's supposed to be like that and just fine.

By those standards, I agree, Palma Violet is a great band. But by my standards they sound like a washed up version of The Vaccines, who are a washed up version of the Strokes, who are already a washed up version of themselves 10 years ago.

March 15th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

I agree with the rating you've given but I don't see any comparison to 60's bands like the Zombies and I really don't hear any 'Beatles-esque back ground singing' either! The reason I like the album is because of its raw energy, it's not about complex song writing or developing a new genre, it's just about having a good time, which is why their live shows are so explosive. Just my opinion of course!

March 17th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

This site seems very elitist and I will think twice about writing a review. This whole approval

percentage thing is a bit pointless. it says 128 read it but 0 out of 2 said it was not helpful.

God forbid but some people are actually new at this review thing. Thanks for the advice, It was really

helpful but there is no point on writing any more since nobody reads or rates half the reviews.

March 17th 2013


March 17th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

The coding didn't work correctly. Music should be about passion and emotion. Not competition and this site encourages it. It's should be about art and not cynicism. I am very new and all I see is apathy here. I am just stating that this site probably intimidates new users. The last post proves what I said even further ,Just by a gesture.

March 17th 2013

15783 Comments [2]

March 17th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

It still doesn't work and looking at your profile you have not even written a review so can't relate.

I am not leaving and letting a few cynical bastards win.

Contributing Reviewer
March 18th 2013


Don't let it bother you mate. lol You get used to it. No site on earth as entertaining as SPUTNIK!

Have a pos to show we aren't all ball bags.

Digging: Big Dumb Face - Where Is Duke Lion? He's Dead...

March 18th 2013


Album Rating: 4.5

I didn't downvote your review, I agree with it in many ways except the ones I listed. Sorry if I offended

...didn't even know you could give reviews a rating

March 19th 2013


herp derp people on the internet are not nice. What a suprise.

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