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Release Date: 2001 | Tracklist

For those that don't know... Basement Jaxx are really good. And for those who listened to Remedy and thought that it couldn't be topped, they have been proven wrong.... Or have they" At first glance, this album was a sure shot 5. No question. I mean, C'mon, This track has so many amazing songs. But as good as the good songs are, Rooty contains something that every artist eventually runs into: FILLER. Something that remedy didn't have. One would point to the Ludes in Remedy (4 in all), but the thing was, they werent filler, an interlude here and there never hurt anyone (except maybe Eminem). But when there are filler songs, that's when we have a problem. Though luckily only one song is filler. But it takes the album down a peg. But even though the song brings it down, this album never really was not ever a classic, it fooled a lot of people, but it doesn't take a leap forward, and it stays in too few genres to be as good as or better than remedy.


Basement Jaxx Sticks to what it knows best: A house sound with retro pop influences

Basement Jaxx is all about catchyness. And in that regard, this album is better than Remedy because the songs are catchier (Though only mainstream fans who don't really know a whole lot about electronica rely souly on catchiness, rather than the many factors it takes to be a great House musician)


Even though it's great that the Jaxx know their style, I'm kinda of being a hypocrite, because they also aren't. Half of basement Jaxx is the Housey, Retro Pop, funky, jazzy feel. The other half of Basement Jaxx is exploring every possible musical genre while still making the song flow, something that is missing from this album. Like I said, they stick to what they know, but they stick to it too much. The most fun of Remedy was being taken through Genre after genre (Rap, , Jazz, Soul, Salsa, R&B, a little rock, and that overmentioned retro pop House) on this album it's basically Their Style and a little Jazz on "Do Your Thing".

This album is more about hooks than breaks, and Remedy had some of the best breaks and deepest middle parts of any house i'd heard in a while. Basically the songs are Just too short.

The Songs

1. Romeo - 5/5

The album starts out very strong with the unpredictable pulsing rhythms and very nice lyrics. Basically about a relationship fallen apart, but we all know the music steals the show. One of the deeper songs on the album. And Very dance floor friendly.

2. Breakaway - 3.5/5

The song starts out in familiar style, glares of Disco samples, building a lot, but basically it's a simple line " I, I Gotta Breakaway, Cuz no one out there listens to I word I say.. I'm livin the same old s**t each and every damn day" It's not that the song is boring, it's that Basement Jaxx could've done so much more to it than they did.

3. SFM - 4.5/5

Simultainiously One of the best songs on the album, and the biggest dissapointments. Clocking in at a puny 2:39, this song shows what I was talking about. Where did the breaks and trips go" it's basically a nice hook over a great beat. Basement Jaxx trips are like Metallica guitar solos, they are needed on the album. And there are very few on this album. That said, this is a very entertaining song, and definately is danceworthy, but also listenable, plus Basement Jaxx is the only group outside of Daft Punk I know that can alter voice so much and not make it sound lame.

4. Kissalude - N/A

Even though I don't rate interludes, I must say, I really like this one. It's very sweet, and is a great introduction to Jus 1 Kiss.

5. Jus 1 Kiss - 5/5

The deepest song on Rooty. the distortions on it are perfect. It sounds like a perfect example of Basement Jaxx. It's catchy, has great soothing music, a nice drumbeat, and goes deep. definately a hit.

6. Broken Dreams - 4.5/5

Maybe the best lyrics on the album, and a solid catchy beat. Sometimes get forgotten among the other songs, but still very nice and catchy. A simple drum and bass beat with a sapled flute riff in the background.

7. I Want U - 3/5

This was the filler I was talking about. Very annoying vocals, and maybe the only non catchy song by the Jaxx. The album's low point. But for a low point of an album, it's not that bad.

8. Get Me Off - 4/5

Another deep song with a nice beat and a simple catchy hook (im sure you are very sick of the word catchy by now, now you know what I mean by only catchy and not too much else) I very sexual song that has a nice melody to it.

9. Where's Your Head At - 5/5

If I rated it by how i felt about the song, I'd give it a 3/5, because I've played it out and i'm a little burned out on it. But I'm rating it on how good it is, and it's a very good song that showcases the Basement Jaxx formula, they made my least favorite Gary Numan song into a (here we go again) catchy and exciting song.

10. Freakalude - N/A

If I have to say Catchy one more time....

11. Crazy Girl - 5/5

Basement Jaxx's finest hour on this album. Has a bit of 70's funk with a chopped up beat with good old heavy voice editing. And the guitar at the end really is the best part of the album. about as Diverse as Basement Jaxx get on this album. I have no clue why this wasn't a single. It's easily the best song on the album.

12. Do Your Thing - 5/5

This Is Basement Jaxx" Wow! I had no clue until i popped this CD in for the first time, you could've fooled me. That said a very nice song that breaks away from the rest of the album and goes back to 80's acid house with the jazzy piano and the nice singing. Chances are you've heard this song somewhere. A little Electronic break in the breaks, but the piano and singing steal the show and show (yet another) side of Felix And Simon we never knew existed.

13. All I Know - 5/5

This song helps close the album in a great fashion. With inspiring lyrics, and nice hook that's... You know.... Catchy. Very complex, and a nice close to an extraordinary album.

I know I was harsh on this album, but it was just too reliant on Catchy hooks. It didn't go deep enough like Remedy did, and Catchyness wears off after a while, depth doesn't. I'll compare to metallica once again. We're all sick of Enter Sandman, that famous catchy riff. But I can say I've listened to Pulling Teeth twice as much as enter sandman and I'm not even close to sick of it still. Depth matters people. Nothing really gives me goosebumps on the album, where three or four songs on Remedy did.

I enjoted this album, I really did, If you only read the T-B-T portion, you'd think I gave it a 3 or somthing, but it really Is a must have, but Remedy is something you need more.

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March 12th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

I put a pic on it, but it didn't show up

Sorry for using catchy so much, I was trying to emphasize my point that catchiness only goes so far.

March 12th 2006


I have this album, and I give it a 3.

August 8th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

I've been looking for an album similar to Delerium's "Chimera" for months, and this album just pops out out of nowhere and gives me exactly what I want.

February 15th 2009


Rudy did you eat my pie outta my refrigerator.

June 12th 2011


Album Rating: 5.0


August 3rd 2013


Whaaaaaaat, only 5 comments for this house masterpiece?! Where are the Jaxx fans?

This is probably my favorite Jaxx album, although it is a very close call because of
Remedy. Such a colourful and playful (and sexy) album.

January 22nd 2019


Album Rating: 5.0


January 22nd 2019


Album Rating: 5.0

Also, Do Ya Thing reminds me a lot of SSX 3.

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