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March 11th, 2006 | 8 replies

Release Date: 1999 | Tracklist

I was searching this site to find a good review on Remedy, I was shocked that not only was there no review, but there were NO basement Jaxx albums. Some would say this album is on the same level as "Homework" By Daft Punk, and "Moon Safari" By Air. Well this album flows better and covers more ground than "Homework" does, and comparing it to "Moon Safari" wouldn't be fair, because Air were creating their Genre, While Basement Jaxx were perfecting theirs. The Fact about this album is that many, if not all of these songs will burrow deep into your memory banks to the point where you think about them at work and other places. The Rhythms are infectious, the words are simple and don't really tell a story, but that's what's so irresistible about this album. The fact that it's so simple a young child could appreciate it, as well a a man in his 50's. Not to mention how seamlessly this album switches Genres. From Latin, to Ragga, To Club House, Back to Latin, To Trance, somehow it works, it shouldn't but it does.

I know many people that know this cd, and not one of them has a single bad thing to say about it. And that's why it's a 5. 5's shouldn't be handed out like food samples, they should be given to people in an exclusive, talented group. This album is a classic and it knows it.

NOTE: I do not review Interludes, the ratings shouldn't bring down the overall rating, unless they become really bothersome and disrupt the alum. These interludes do not, they actually flow nice and introduce you to the next song well.

1. Randez-Vu - 5/5

The albums opens with a vocoder filled love song with an accoustic guitar solo that sounds like something Esteban would do (I mean that in a good way). All the songs are examples of Basement Jaxx's style, they take all genres and make a song through a house point of view.

2. Yo-Yo - 4/5

Another song that seems to sound a bit like rock with vocoder, actually has strong (but brief) lyrics. A good listen, but overshadowed by the rest of the album at times.

3. Jump N' Shout - 5/5

A very infectious Ragga/House song that sounds perfect with the pulsing beat and shouts to Jump N' Shout

4. U Can't Stop Me - 5/5

The song has a looped part from an oldies song with confident lyrics from Cassie Watson. Very nicely produced. And once again a perfect drumbeat.

5. Jaxxalude - N/A

6. Red Alert - 5/5

This song was a big hit when it came out (at least within the genre). It's definately the most club friendly song on Remedy. The song has an awesome bassline that carries the song along with the vocals.

7. Jazzalude - N/A

8. Always Be There 5/5

A beautiful song that could've been a hit if it were realeased as a single.
Very Trancey and precious, every thing about this song is perfect. You can really feel the lyrics because they are sung with sincerity and Conviction, which a lot of people never expected from a "Techno" group.

9. Sneakalude - N/A

For those that don't know, DJ Sneak is the man who inspired Daft Punk and Basement Jaxx. This and the following song is their ode to him.

10. Same Old Show - 4.5/5

This song is pretty much a dedication to DJ Sneak. It uses his exact style. The Looped disco track, the repeated phrase, and the simple, but effective drum beat.

11. Bingo Bango - 5/5

Easily, Basement Jaxx's Finest hour. This song is brilliant from start to finish, and is a song that definately attracts the repeat button. The most energetic and genre crossing song. It really does sound like a Salsa song... ON ACID. Granted the song they sampled: "Merenge" By Bolivar, was already an excellent song to begin with, they made it even better.everything from the blazing horns to the infectious piano melody, to the soft ending, it's all perfect. If there is ever a true House mix that contains the best House songs, I have no dount that this song would be on that Mix.

12. Gemilude - N/A

13. Stop 4 Love - 5/5

A superb instrumental that brings everything it has. Strong Drum Beat, Great Violin breaks, and just an overall soft feel. One of the better songs on the album. definately shows Basement Jaxx's originality.

14. Don't Give Up - 5/5

A very grungy trance song, with almost haunting, but still great vocals, and yet another beat you can't get out of your head.

15. Being With U - 5/5

A great end to a classic album. This album leaves us the same way it came in, through sensual, loving lyrics. But this song stays in it's genre. With maybe the catchyest hook i've ever heard. It is sure to be relistened.

I think this album needs to be Mentioned with "Endtroducing" and "Homework" I love the listenability to this album, it's good for just spacing out at home, or shaking your ass to at a club. Whatever the occasion, it's perfect for the Jaxx.

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March 12th 2006


Pretty good review. Could use a little more detail on the individual tracks, but for your first or second review, it was great. However, I'm not really into the type of music, and I've never even heard or this band/group.

And I know you from somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it and it's gonna bother me until I figure it out...This Message Edited On 03.11.06

Two-Headed Boy
March 12th 2006


Nice review, you described the songs well in the minimum length.
I've heard so many songs by Basement Jaxx, and they're all so memorable...

March 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

This review needs some work. You described each track with just a few lines of info, giving us just a vague idea of the song. Try adding on more details about the song instead of giving us a minimal amount of info about the track.

'Rooty' is easily better then this. I enjoy this album from time to time, but it doesn't get much play time because I prefer Fatboy Slim, the Prodigy, and the Chemical Brothers when I want this type of music.

March 12th 2006


Album Rating: 5.0

Rooty Doesnt come close to this IMO, but A review is coming soon.

Thanks for the CC guys, MY second review is already worlds better than my first.

And Turn The Other Way.

I'm pretty infamous on sports forums.

I used to go to 2k but i stopped. Thats where a lot of people know me from.This Message Edited On 03.12.06

March 12th 2006


Oh yeah! I haven't been to 2k for months. I was nirvana1039 there. You're the one that poisoned my brain with that Avril cover of Chop Suey! Damn, that was a bad song.
Sorry for going off-topic.

February 7th 2021


Album Rating: 4.0

The moaning in same old show is annoying AF

March 12th 2021


I went to Ibiza in 1999.

Vacuous, superficial wankers all trying their best to present an image of themselves which wasn’t close to the person they actually were.
Drugged up souless fuckers searching for things that didn’t exist.
A herd of the blind packaged and shat out onto an island to try and claim a sense of freedom surrounded by product sold at mind boggling prices and consumed for the sake of it.

I fucking detested it. Hated it.

20yrs later and that ‘mentality’ has infected the entire planet.

What happened?

Staff Reviewer
February 11th 2023


“rendez-vu” so silly so fun. A bit boring real good. Good closer on this album

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