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January 14th, 2005 | 8 replies

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ok, this is a great album i bought at a local music store the other day. i had never heard of the band, but i bought it and found it pretty good. i dont know much about the bands history, but from this album their future looks incredibly promising.

track 1: the return of the wizard- starts out with a feedback thing, then plays with a pitch shifter in a really creative way until the vocals come in, with are a bunch of references to the wizard of oz. ends with an ear piercing whole tone guitar solo, then segues into track 2

track 2: my wooden stick- when the solo at the end of track one fades out, it is replaced by one note being hit over and over, it stays like this, with a highly complex and beautiful bassline layed down by Karen. through out this, Winnfield is tuning a radio, and micing it with a lot of delay. quite spooky. Smith comes in singing a capella about building a fence, and then it gradually gets higher and higher in pitch until it just stops.

track 3:kitchen hardware-wow, i dont really know what to say here. led by a GREAT Rhythm with Winnfield banging on some pots, and karen slapping the hell out of her bass. soon, a keyboard played by jeremy adds in this really techno sounding beat. reverb gradually creeps in, and then smith starts coughing(dunno why). ends with atmospheric ambient noise, followed by a blast of feedback.

track 4: pencil in the wall mostly the entire band playing a percussive, and really slow rhythm led by Winnfield. it amazes me how they got this beat down to the length they got it. eventually, certain elements start straying from the rhythm, becoming quite ambient, then abrupty at 3:54, it turns in to death metal with a lot of low growling.

track 5: (nameless)about 1 minute of reverberated and phased out grunting noises, followed by an orgasm run through a pitch shifter to make it an octave higher. weird

track 6: the acid- a 15 minute long jam session that sound a cross between bjork, nsync, metallica, and miles davis. probably the utmost highlight is when mike smith three tracks the vocals, and impersonates chewbacca, does a lovely falsetto, and death metal growls in unison over the same rhythm pattern.

track 7: egg roastin-starts with a rooster crowing, and loops it and uses that for the rhythm. song continues being based off of that and turns into a very catchy pop song. quite conventional, and the most normal thing on here.

track 8: one time i swallowed my dentures and had to get my stomach pumped- despite the long title, this is just 5 seconds of silence, followed by some throwing up. sorta discusting.

and finally, track 9- tin boxes. starts with a video game sounding melody by schmidt on his synthesizer, switches to uptempo polka, then death metal again, then abunch of noise, then a phone ringing followed by 20 minutes of two pmen having phone sex and comparing their penis sizes. quite discusting

finally, i give this album a 3.7/5. it has its great moments, but it is just a little weird sometimes parts of it give me a head ache. it redefines a lot of stuff though, so if you can find it (i'd never heard of them until yesterday), buy it and give it a listen.

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May 14th 2004


Sounds amazing. Was this their only record?

Would you say they're similiar to Mr. Bungle at all?

May 15th 2004


[QUOTE=cytoplasmicblob]they sound a bit reminiscient of mr bungle. overall, i think mr bungle probably influenced them just a little bit, but they do have quite afew original things in there that mr bungle never did. from what i know, this was the only one they released.[/QUOTE]
They seem to be pretty underground. I can't find anything about them on the internet.

May 16th 2004


Maybe it's just some un-heard of local band that just sneaked one of their demo CD's into the music store, sticked a bar code on it, and hoped they could get their music around. IT'S KRAZZZY but it could be true...

May 16th 2004


hey cytoplasmicbob, can you send me any of this music? If you can, post your MSN/AIM here.

May 17th 2004


yeah, i can't find anything either, but it sounds cool.

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