The Psychic Paramount
Gamelan Into the Mink Supernatural



by ProfessorVeerappan USER (6 Reviews)
February 27th, 2013 | 6 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Review Summary: A Transformation from human to droid.

The Psychic Paramount is Ben Armstrong (bass), Jeff Conaway (drums) and Drew St. Ivany (guitar), three lead instruments individually and together.

From the first song this album starts with a blast there is this resonance of madness in the air as the first song Megatherion starts with the heavy layers of bass transforming into crazy crafting of maddening guitars syncronizing precisely to tear you apart
as the trip begins into the second track Para5
the rapid palpitations and heartbeats rising into caustic crazy flowing
post-rock scenarios creating in front of eyes in the mind
aloud the creations popping out
the menacing tunes destructing every thought
till the third song begins which is is ***ing fast and intense drumming where there the crazy solo's leaves you nowhere but just flipping it out as if in a night club with loads of people stacked and your on some crazy trip to escape the triad behind you the music would accustom perfectly making you run hey wire.
Nowhere to reach just constant madness of ripping loud solo's dropping atoms of blurred out vision
transforming into this constant ray aiming at you just at you out of the million standing just it's going to hit you only
submerging into the ocean there is dense moment in the 7.46 Track.
Leaving you nowhere into the fourth song X-visitations which I think the name is ***ing flipped out with
Industrial type music being noise flipping and tearing the ears out its a 9.28 min song which is just blurring into noise dronning into obscurity resonance being so strong literally makes you keep the volume silently low but no we are here to rape the mind out ]
full volume ripping the *** out of the ears
X-visitations seems crazy going up and down in waves making me going out of the ***ing mind the psychedelia aspect of this song is just so strong the reverb the bass layering the noise created haunting the listener to think twice as if we are safe or no "
A clear crescendo feeling free falling into blankness outrageous volumes is surely going to deafen the *** out of you .
this is constant noises blurring the vision in darkness the effect that the sound makes on the perception is clear that it's leading us into sheer darkness where nothing meets nothing and we are all at one.
there is no level of tolence and the fear to lose is still valid but there is nothing to fear as we have lost everything already.
An alienation is being created in between at 5.30 - 6.25
that fall and rise is a sensation of free falling into circles spiralling down
face flat dronning into massive erosion of the mind as at 7.10 there is still moment where the sound falls dronning downwards dropping low
noises that are just ***ing crazy at times suddenly just split the brain in two, making the ears rip apart gives the feel of
Sun O ))) or the collaboration with Merzbow
Sun Bake Snow Cake an hour of pure drone
The Psychic Paramount is just the same sensation with the sense of vague into nothingness feel
down into the last song of the album the title track Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural a 10.06 min track
which has just build up to just tumble you down immediately as it's going to pick up with the agressive riffs being played the slow drums beginning as the layers of bass slaps along making you feel running alongside a pathway that just never seems to end the experimentation being to pull the listener into the zone to act upon what one thinks to realize that there is nothing to live for or to live up for what we all think is real and worth it
to scream out aloud that we are all doing is wrong or right wants to make you think twice.
The entire song is uplifting and taking you somewhere out side alien progressing slowing with all the instrument's combining and layering heavy outlit of massive distortion and crushing riffs with the layers of bass slapping all the way
agressive drumming coming alongside creating this unity this assertiveness building as you realize its already 7.43 contorting visions bring the heavy psychedelia moment at 8.05 sharp emerging out of nowhere destruction notes dronning down and then this collapse at 8.35 into just obscure radio type noise
bringing the entire build-up this to standstill transforming into nothingness
just plain crush thump at 9.37 and a drastic fall controrting instruments layering madness.
Over complete trip
Hear it Flip it .

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February 27th 2013


cool another review for this band. tasty

February 27th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

absolutely this album is an eye opener

Literally .]

popping visions

February 27th 2013


2 Psychic Paramount reivews in one day, sweet.

Someone needs to review The Franco-Italian Tour now.

March 1st 2013


I'm going to check out this album right now.
Right now.
R I G H T N O W.

March 1st 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

oh yes man ^

you will surely like the noise and psychedelia they have induced which is fucking crazy

flipped out shit.

November 8th 2013


some shaddy ways got me to this artist
fucking intense album
Gamelan Into the Mink Supernatural
indeed mad as fuck album
Experimental as fuck .......

review that amaze

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