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March 6th, 2006 | 13 replies

Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

NOTE: The Actual Artist is ‘The Da Capo Four’, a string quartet signed to Vitamin Records.

Original Album Key:
K= Kill, I ‘Oughta ‘98 / The Beginning of All Things To End ‘01
L= L.D. 50 ‘00
E= The End Of All Things To Come ‘02

1.Poop Loser-(K) Stupid idea to do this song if you call it a song. Bad. period.

2.Trapped In The Wake of A Dream-(E) Great! 1 of the best songs. very eerie and indulging. make sure you listen with no distraction for this one and You will get chills down your freakin’ spine. Wow.

3.Some Assembly Required-(K) I was impressed that they took a good song from Kill, I ‘Oughta. very listenable song but nothing special.

4.Internal Primates-(L)Wow. Very hard song to put into a classical set-up but very well done. bouncy. Good, clangy bass and very intense, a brave attempt at a song that seemed to be impossible at first glance to play with classical instruments

5.Everything and Nothing-(L) Wonderful cover except for the part where Chad is talking, they try to scramble the violin but sounds bad, that makes me not listen to the song sadly, I will skip the whole track just because of that part.

6. Dig –(L) I was unimpressed with what they did with it, didnt sound natural, too forced...but still a good interpretation, the bassist recreates the plucks just like Ryan though.

7.World so cold-(E) Best song to listen to, very melodic. AMAZING scramble when he does the big screams. well layered and they do the outro like mudvayne does the live version.

8.Not Falling-(E)3rd best on cd. great listening, very technical yet very harmonic and melodic. beautiful song with an amazingly fast bridge that implies a fiddle sound as opposed to a violin.

9.Silenced.(E) Cool song. Not the best listen but I really liked the fast pace and violin plucks to intro the song with Greg's guitaring. Something about it is bland though and the screaming breakdown in this song sounds poor compared the other screams in other tracks

10.Cradle.(L) matt's hi-hat intro is done VERY impressively and this song is almost as haunting as track 2 and is a good listen but u have to reallllly know cradle's original album version to appreciate the interpretive version. This is the best song to highlight the musicians ability to turn alternative metal music into a powerful piece of their own.

11.Death Blooms.(L) 2nd best song. wonderful intro; they go up the scale each bar instead of staying the same note like the L.D50 version. Amazingly powerful use of all instruments on this one. And the melodies will make a true Mudvayne fan shed a tear.

12.Severed-(L) 4th best. (Although many may say it is 2nd or 1st.) Piercingly high violin on the chorus and the feel of the thick guitar and full bodied bass makes this song as good as the original LD50 version which is by far the most intricate song Mudvayne has ever made. a brave step by the Da Capo Quartet to challenge this song and they did it heroically.

13.End of all Things to Come-(E) SCARY. The good kind of scary. makes u want to scream for your mother. This song is perfect for the evil violins to kick in and it is one of the tracks that the cello seems to lack until it Hits you hard in the break down and I loved it! A haunting end to an honourable and memorable new twist to one of the most influential, original and integrative bands to grace the stage.

All in all a great album although I would have scrapped poop loser and put on Nothing to Gein!!! my favouritre song, but well done in hindsight. A very listenable album that I can play up to 3 or 4 times er week without getting sick of it. And I hope to find a volume 2 with Nothing To Gein on it, plus I wouldn’t mind seeing Patient Mental and lots of songs from Lost and Found...and i even would have liked to see (per) Version of a Truth and -1 because they deserved to be on the first volume but i guess they just had no room or time.

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March 7th 2006


Wow ive herd sum of this album and i find it hard to listen cus im sooo used to the original by mudvayne. I guess its amazing how they are able to interpret the songs and i agree they shud have put on nothing to gein and -1

March 7th 2006


Hmmm...I might look into this. Good review.

March 11th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

I do recomend people looking into it, download a song or 2 just to see if u like it but it may be hard to find them anywheres..so i recomend looking at a large chain music store. i went to new york city to find my copy and i live in freakin canada, although im sure it would be in toronto, but my school went to nyc. haha..but yes i recommend itr 100% to real hardcore mudvayne fans of the first albums.

March 11th 2006


where's Mudvaynian...I figured he'd be all over this...

March 11th 2006


I hate tribute bands... I'm sorry, but I do

March 13th 2006


I sense that a string quartet taking on Mudvayne isn't as much a tribute as it is a reinterpretation considering the striking differences in instrumentation. I would imagine this sounding like a less wistful and more inexplicably angry Requiem for a Dream soundtrack.

Storm In A Teacup
March 13th 2006


The only time any of these sort of tributes were good was the blue-grass tribute to Modest Mouse.

March 13th 2006


What about Chris O'Reilly's Radiohead tribute?

Storm In A Teacup
March 13th 2006


I've heard of Radiohead, but I don't know who they are.

March 17th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

Withj regards to saying every other song is bad besides world so cold, i think that may be because some ppl do not know all of the non-single songs and therefore cannot appreciate the interpretations as much as a mudvayne fan that has almost 'studied' every song. And i agree that it is not a tribute album, it is most definitely a re-interpretation.

April 16th 2006


Seems like an ill-concieved idea to compose and record a string tribute to Mudvayne.

June 10th 2006


mudvayne is a great band, but i think this album was out of all the poorest one

November 21st 2011


lol man 2006 sputnikers were so lame

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