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A Concept From Fire



by Drunken Viking USER (20 Reviews)
March 6th, 2006 | 17 replies

Release Date: 2005 | Tracklist

Bucky Garrett - Vocals Bucky Garrett is an amazing vocalist on this album. He has his own unique scream and he has great range. His clean voice is simply fantastic, he can harmonize extremely well. His voice sounds so powerful when he is screaming as well. Like I said he has a very unique scream, he can hit very low notes as showcased on "An Idea and Some Rope", but he can also hit high notes in his scream which is sown on almost every song on the album. He blends clean vocals with harsh vocals perfectly. He can change between the two three to four times in only a matter of second. "The Cycle" has a good example of this along with live versions of many A Dozen Furies songs.

Marc Serrano - Guitar Marc Serrano can not only lay down wonderful rhythm tracks but also mind boggling solo's as well. He can create very intense fast pieces such as "The Cycle" but also slower riffs like on "Lost In A Fantasy". Not only can he play fierce rhythm parts, but also ripping leads. While not every lead is a shred fest they aren't lacking in the technical department at all. He has some of the most challenging leads I've heard in metalcore for a while. "Lost In A Fantasy' exhibits an excellent lead. It fits in right with the music, it actually takes back seat to the rest of the band, it's used as more a background effect then the driving force of the song.

Joey Turner - Guitar Joey Turner is the second guitarist in A Dozen Furies, but is in no way any worse or better then Marc Serrano. Like Marc he can lay down aggressive rhythm tracks he can also shred like Marc. On the live version of "Awake and Lifeless" that can be found on the OZZfest 10th Anniversary DVD/CD he plays a great lead behind Serrano's blistering rhythm track. He can also play rhythm amply well and does so on most of the album. I can't tell you for a fact that on the record Serrano and Turner trade off leads, but from the live songs I've seen by them I have the feeling they do.

Keith Reber - Bass Keith Reber though not audible on most of the record can still make his instrument cry and moan like no other. When he is audible you can tell that he is playing incredible things. Though not the lead instrument of the band he and drummer Mike Hunt and guitarists Serrano and Turner hold up a great rhythm section that never fails to impress. On the official A Dozen Furies site there is some videos (or at least there use to be) of just Keith jamming on his bass and it's pretty impressive. Reber complements Mike's drum beats extremely well.

Mike Hunt - Drums Mike Hunt is probably one of the most talented drummers in metalcore today. He uses his double bass pedal to perfection. He doesn't overuse it like some modern drummer, but he does use it a lot. Most of the time though it isn't straight 16th notes played as fast as humanly possible it's doubles and triplets played. He also uses his toms a lot, most of his fills are great, and even when he is keeping a straight beat he doesn't take away from the music with his drumming he adds to it. He and bassist Keith Reber hold up a great rhythm section especially when Joey and Marc are doing a harmonized lead pattern.

The bad about the instruments on A Concept From Fire
-The bass is almost never heard. I can vaguely hear it at points with no guitar but not that well, they need to turn Reber up.

-Almost no solos. There was a very little amount of solos on this record, while I'm glad they didn't overuse the amount of solos a few more wouldn't hurt.

-The vocals are constantly double tracked and harmonized. Not that this is a bad thing it makes Garrett's voice sound great, but on the live shows I've seen he is slightly lacking so maybe they should tone that down a little.

The Big Picture of ADF
Each member of the band fits together perfectly. I can never hear a guitar riff or a drum beat out of place. When they were making A Concept From FIre they must have worked very hard to get everying to fit together. The bass complements the drums, the guitars go great with the feel of the song and the vocals make it all work together. A Dozen Furies blends together faced paced heavy riffs with a melodic element that makes it all work. On ACFF A Dozen Furies make all of the intruments sound so full, whenever they want it to be known that Marc can shred like a maniac, or that Mike can play amazing fills the rest of the band takes a back seat to them. They don't try to all show off their talent at once, they wait their turn.

Recommended Tracks:
The Cycle
An Idea and Some Rope
Lost In A Fantasy
Awake and Lifeless


This album is great, a very good metalcore album amidst the wave of bad metalcore in recent years.

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March 6th 2006


I actually like the idea to focus on each musicians' contribution to the band but it seems as if you're missing how the band fits together in the big picture. Isn't how all of the pieces work together more significant than the shreds the whole is made of?

Dancin' Man
March 6th 2006


Cool idea for a review but it feels unfinished. I hate this album. It feels boring and uninspired.

March 6th 2006


These guys were at ozzfest last year, they where not that good. Its a shame they got to play longer then mastodon

March 6th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

i enjoy this album, i like the review format you went with. but needs some work.

The Jungler
March 6th 2006


These guys won Battle for Ozzfest a couple years ago, that was a great show.
I havent really heard much of them but IMO their were better bands on that show.
Maybe they just arent my type.
Nice review

Storm In A Teacup
March 6th 2006


Nice idea for a review, but as already said, it doesn't fit together well.
I voted for the other band in the finale on the show.

Drunken Viking
March 6th 2006


I slightly edited the review to add what DFelon said about the big picture. This was my first review like this so I'll proably do a few more editing it slightly each time untill it fits together.

Drunken Viking
March 8th 2006


Hasn't anyone else heard this band or album. I know these guys aren't huge but I thought they be bigger then this.

March 8th 2006


I've only heard "The Everlasting Grudge", it was good and catchy...

March 16th 2006


i wasnt that happy about them winning Battle For Ozzfest, they arnt that bad, just not the best there.

Drunken Viking
March 18th 2006


I'm glad they won, besides most people's favorite band Manntis got a record contract.

Drunken Viking
April 24th 2006


You definately should, if you like metalcore that is. This isn't like mainstream metalcore (Atreyu, As I Lay Dying) it's true metalcore.

Drunken Viking
April 25th 2006


Fucking gay, ADF are spliting up.

April 8th 2015


Album Rating: 4.0

First comment in almost 9 years... Amazing record, RIP a dozen furies

Digging: Sever The King - Outbreak

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