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January 14th, 2005 | 8 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

2002's Scarlet's Walk is one of Tori Amos' most brilliant efforts. It's a concept album about the journey of her alter ego, Scarlet, throughout America. This probably one of her most consistent cd's...every song is solid. There are 18 tracks, and though emotionally they won't strike you as hard as those on Little Earthquakes, or are as ambitiously composed as on Boys For Pele...these are some of Tori's most deep and clever songs. This is probably her most mature record to date...with nice raw production that gives you this summer feel. It kinda lacks diversity but this record makes you wanna pack your bags and get on a train. It's very easy doesn't depress you like her other cd's.

01 Amber Waves
This song was written about porn star. It's really soothing and has some beautiful simplistic melodies. I love the haunting backing vocals. The chorus is very powerful and laid back at the same time. 4/5

02 A Sorta Fairytale
This song is very accessible and very gorgeous. It's starts out with drums and a simple piano chord progression, until Tori sings the verses. The lyrics are great and a little weird. I love the vocal melodies she sings in the chorus...just really beautiful. The lyrics aren't really deep, which is good because it gives you room to interpretate them your own way. I love the parts with percussion and the acoustic guitar. 4.5/5

03 Wednesday
This song is really's got some ragtime influences to it. It switches from mid-tempo to slower 3/4 tempo with just Tori and her piano. 4/5

04 Strange
This song is more slow and depressing. It seems to be about a lost relationship. It's nothing really special...but not bad. 3.5/5

05 Carbon
This song is gorgeous. It starts with a short jam between Tori's piano and a percussionist. It's a very soothing song with nice piano work, gorgeous acoustic guitars and percussion. The chorus is simply beautiful. The song gives you a feeling as if you are walking through a gorgeous praire just when the sun is going down. 4.5/5

06 Crazy
This is another ballad that's written around a vocal riff sung by Tori. It seems to be about a one night stand...I'm not sure though. 3.5/5

07 Wampum Prayer
A short a-capella track. Tori shows she has a beautiful voice without showing off. Very nice. 4/5

08 Don't Make Me Come To Vegas
This song is very lyrical and it carried by a piano melody, soothing basslines and percussion. It's about Las Vegas...and at one point her alter ego sings about her relationship with some big shot casino owner. 4/5

09 Sweet Sangria
I love this one. It starts with just Matt Chamberlains drums, and then the melancholic melodies of Tori's keyboard comes in. I love the's divided between a layered part and a quieter part, with Tori proving just that really simple beatiful chord progressions can be just as beautiful as her amazing classical influenced piano work. 4.5/5

10 Your Cloud
This is a very beautiful song...the lyrics are very straight forward but still very clever. It's one of those sentimental songs where you want to be with your lover. I like it's simplicity...and the vocals are once again great. I'm a sucker for tracks like this. 4.5/5

11 Pancake
This another lyrically driven track. I think it's about hate caused by religion, but again I'm really not sure, because Tori's lyrics are really deep and thought provoking. But she sings "messiahs need people dying in their name, you say I ordered you a pancake". 4/5

12 I Can't See New York
My favorite song on this cd. It starts out with some beautiful piano playing. When Tori starts singing "from here no lines are drawn" referring to the large array of different cultures in New York. This song is about 9/11. I love it when the drums start, the mood of the song just changes. The lyrics is what makes this song, especially the line "You said you would find me even in death" gets to me. The chorus has no drums and the melody is spine shivering. The wailing guitar adds alot to the seconds verse. The song finishes with Tori repeatedly singing "I can't see New York", since if you look at the distance, the twin towers stick right out. 5/5

13 Mrs. Jesus
This is another good one. The melodies are a bit cliché but I love the vocals. Especially when she sings "and even as I'm climbin' up the stairs I know there is heaven there." Tori is a big Zeppelin-fan. It's a pretty uplifting song, which is a nice change. It's about being strong to live on and not let all the issues in the world let you 'drown in a drop of water' as she formulates in her lyrics. 4.5/5

14 Taxi Ride
This is the poppiest track on the cd, but it's not bothersome. It's got some gorgeous vocals (she really show her range in the chorus) and percussion...and very soothing acoustic guitars. The lyrics are great too. 4/5

15 Another Girl's Paradise
It starts with just another piano melody before it the drums come in. The chorus sounds a bit like Sweet Sangria. Just very straightforward. 3.5/5

16 Scarlet's Walk
For a title track this is good enough. Tori haunting vocals in the chorus are nice. The song sounds as if it's written for closing credits after a movie...but I'm glad "Gold Dust" is the last song on this cd. 4/5

17 Virginia<
This is another solid track in 3/4. I love what the backing vocals add to the chorus. I have a tough time figuring out the lyrics, but they seem to be sexual topic. I love the way the songs ends...great singing. 4/5

18 Gold Dust
This is an amazing's written with the London Simfonia Orchestra. It starts with a beautiful piano interlude until Tori sings "sights and sounds pull be back down another year on a beautiful piano melody. The orchestra adds alot, they keep the song intimate instead of arranged and grotesque. I love how it builds up to the chorus. It almost gives me as much shivers as "Harm Of Will" by Björk. A great way to end the album. 4.5/5

overall: 4.1/5

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May 11th 2004


Nice review, she has always done exceptional work IMO. I really enjoyed her album "From the Choirgirl Hotel" which is the best IMO. Although I have not listened to this album yet, after reading this review I think I will check it out.

May 15th 2004


choirgirl hotel is fantastic, but atm im going through a phase of listening to 'little earthquakes'
a fantastic cd.

August 11th 2005


Yeah, it's pretty solid...I like the collaboration with Damien Rice on it.

The Forgotten Bassist
March 12th 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

I ain't such a big Tori Amos fan, my pals a fanatic and he left this CD at my place one night so I listened to it for a few days.

It isn't really my sort of stuff normally, although saying that I did quite enjoy listening to some of it.

December 16th 2008


Album Rating: 4.0

I can't see New York" was written and produced before the 9/11 attacks, it was originally meant to document "Scarlet" through her travels in NY and how the city had changed. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), "I Can't see NY" is a song about 9/11 now, even if it wasn't intended to be so in the beginning.

September 23rd 2009


Amazing album, one of my faves ever in fact

December 11th 2014


Very overlooked album album in her catalog.

March 25th 2019


I used to pass this album, but when i gave it a chance, man, what discovery! One of my faves now.

So many goosebumps from its songs. And the "simple" ones carve a smile on my face.

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